Thursday, July 24, 2014

Seeing GREEN

7 weeks ago, June 2nd,  I made the decision to join Younique, after hosting a party and buying this Magic Mascara!
It was love at first site! My lashes were long, my eyes openned up more! It was AMAZING!!!  I sorta looked into the comp plan, I heard great stories, but for $99 what did I have to loose, I'll make that back and be happy..... HA!!!!
June 12th, just 10 days in I hit the first 2 levels, on the same day! Yellow and Pink! I got a pay raise and was over the moon! June 23rd, 11 days later, I hit blue!!! HELLO!!! The 24th I hit Fast Start! YEEEHAW! 
July 5th I got my first comissions check, YAY!!! I was STUNNED!
On sales we get paid within hours of each sale! Hello instant money!!!
Today, July 24th, I hit GREEN! Thats HUGE!!!! of the 8 levels, Im on the 5th one! Top 1% of the company! HEY do a little dance with me.. ALL from selling mascara on Facebook!!!! 
I have developed amazing friendships, Im helping to save for a house, I am having fun and just plain EXCITED for whats to come!!! Its insane!!! 
Next week I head to Dallas Texas for a convention, which I paid for with my earnings!! I get to dress up and get fancy, I get to hang out with Lash Loving ladies.

My first goal was to have fun! Now that Im doing this and having fun, I didnt realize how much I would LOVE seeing before and after photos! How much I LOVE hearing about how a mascara brought a bit of confidence in! Im BLOWN away! This company is honest, treats their presenters like royalty and a million more things I cant come up with at this moment! 

I want the WORLD to know about our amazing produncts, YES I make money on it, but more importantly, I see a person smile, I hear and see excitement! I just LOVE it! I get giddy ,and thats no lie! 
Im here to share the lash love! Im here to help women! Im here having the time of my life while still being able to be at home with my kids watching them grow! This my dear friends, IS THE LIFE!!!
Heres a video of my demonstrating:

thats my site, you can also find me on Facebook:
Im always looking for friends to join my team, and always have openings for ONLINE parties!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Here is a video sharing things Ive learned about the 3D Fiber lashes!

photo taken right after recording the video

Monday, June 9, 2014

Mascara for Dance

My girl is in dance, I thought Id try my new natural product on her precious eyes! MAN the results were awesome!!! and I know its safe!!!

She will be wearing this the day of her performance!!!

Top- Bare
middle- One coat
bottom- one bare one 2 coats

To find out more go HERE

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Im a nut. I used to sell for Sensaria, I LOVED it! I loved the product. They went under... SAD day! I now work with doTERRA and LOVE their oils and use them daily...

This past week I had an online party with Younique, I had never heard of them, I was helping out a friend. The party was going ok, and I thought I better order the mascara, I got it a few very short days later and MAN OH MAN was I in love! My lashes looked AMAZING! I was kinda wanting to sell, it, wanting to be apart of this amazingness.... it wasnt until another precious friend really talked me into it. I love makeup. I cant wait to start really playing with all the makeup! Ill share my experiences with you.

I decided to make a video of me applying the mascara, just to show you how easy it is. I talked a bunch, and showed you in between coats. Enjoy.....

Link to my current virtual party:My Virtual party!

After Video photo

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Avon Walk

A few years ago I did the Avon walk with my mother in law. We didnt make it the whole 39 miles, but we did walk a marathon. Blisters and sore legs for days! It was fun. I worked hard and raised the funds. Now its my hubbies turn, which means I get to help out!!! This year he is flying across the country with his momma to North Carolina to walk there. His mom his a survivor. His sisters mom in law is working on it as well. Breast cancer has occurred on both sides of my family. 

Each month up until his walk I will have ways for you to help him out.

Im gonna start Junes out early.

Any profits I make through Doterra between now and the end of June will go directly to my hubbies walk.

So go on, look for something you need and place an order. #oilsforacause

If you want to become a consultant, even better, you signing up, and placing your order helps out majorly as well!!!

PLUS, Im giving anyone who signs up to become a consultant during this time a cool key chain that holds 8 mini drams of oil so you have your essentials with you at all times!!(you can see it here, comes in black or purple, I have one of each one in diaper bag. one in my purse)

If you want to sign up, CONTACT ME if its before the end of May. Theres specialness about signing up then. If you want to just place an order, click my face to the right. It will take ya where you need to go.

Im excited for my man to do this walk with his mom. 39 miles is no fun or easy task!

SO place your orders and get some oils for a cause! If you place an order, email me at the email address below letting me know. I will enter you into a drawing for a surprise item at the end of June!!

Dont know where to start or what to get....??? Email me, Ill help ya the best I can!

Want to donate straight to his site? Do so here: NICKS AVON WALK

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

His n Hers

I walk into the garage and spotted my husbands collection. I then giggled! His collection of oil is funny to me! We have enough to last YEARS!! My collection... a little different!
Its funny because my best friend stopped by since her washer died to throw her clothes in my washer and noticed his oil collection!! Same day. I'm easily amused!

As he loves his collection of oils... I LOVE and ADORE mine!

I have been having so much fun learning and researching. Ive been getting emails or text messages from friends and family asking what would work for this or that, and off I go!!! My mind is blown as to what these babies can do!!!

Have a question on what you can use for what....
Email me:
Website to find these oils-

Email me if you want to get more information on a starter kit with many of the oils to help replace your medicine cabinet !

**I am not a Doctor and do not have the ability to treat or diagnose. Anything you choose to use is upon your own discretion.

ALSO, did you see my new button!!! Yeah, up there on the right, my face.... if you click it, it takes ya somewhere fun!!! :o)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Monday- Food.. Excersize.

Ive slacked on my juicing. I MISS it! Ive slacked on eating well. I havent been eating bad, but not my best. My Anxiety problems are starting to come back as well.. Numbing in the face, strange heart beating, feet and hands feel funny. Ive been tested left and right, lots of blood work and an MRI. So busting out my oils (which help a ton), fixing my diet, main thing.... Being consistent!!!

So heres what I did today.

I juiced, carrots, LOTS of green, a beet (and its leaves), cucumber, a chunk of ginger, one apple and a lemon.  Not gonna lie, for the first juice back, it was a little hard to down. I only drank a quarter of it, saving a quarter for my smoothie and the other half for tomorrow.

I was gonna clean up and make it all pretty.... But this is real life!!!

For the smoothie I put some of the pulp in it.... BAD PLAN! BLEH I also added fresh strawberry, the juice an orange from my tree and frozen berries. I didnt add veggies this time cuz of all the veggie in the juice. I also added hemp protein, chia and flax. The pulp made the texture, NASTY! I didnt finish my smoothie, instead froze into ice tray to spread out through different smoothies this week, NO WASTING! I drank about half.


Then to iced coffee. We have a Toddy Cold Brew System. I LOVE it. so I had that mixed with vanilla coconut milk creamer. Its yummy but I try to avoid carrageenan and it has it... I also will often use Vanilla Almond milk. Or plain almond milk with a splash of vanilla extract. (I also ate 1 Irish soday bread biscotti)

Lunch was half a cucumber, Power Greens, unsalted toasted by me sunflower seeds, a lemon, half a jalapeno, carrot and an avocado.  I did tear off a piece of baguette.
After lunch I made a blended Matcha drink with Matcha and plain almond milk. I added vanilla extract and a small squeeze of agave. not bad!


Through out the day and before lunch and dinner (not before breakfast cuz I want my juice to be the first thing in my system) Ive been drinking glasses of water with either a couple drops of Lemon oil or a couple drops of Slim & Sassy.

Dinner was a fail. thin crust pizza, it was easy. I started to feel worn down. I think Im getting a cold. Im gonna try to knock it out and will share with you this week.

After each meal Im hopping on the tread mill for 10 minutes or the stair stepper for 10 minutes. (kids occupied with coloring or dancing, or naps.) I hope to do 20-30 minutes on the stair stepper at wake up most likely before bed. Ive just bumped my short goal on my Fitbit from 7,000 steps to 8,000 steps but ideally making it to 10,000 steps each day.I did not accomplish that.. There will be other days. Its a process.