Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A queen for a day

the Queen Bee Market

When thinking of someone that is deserving of being a queen for a day, someone who doesnt get much time for themselves, someone who works so hard, who loves Jesus, who loves their family... You see, I have many amazing friends, many who deserves so much, who fit each category and more...But I need to choose just one.. So I thought, and thought and came up with her.... Ok I didnt think to hard, her voice just kinda spoke to me... choooosssssssssseee me! hehe no for real though..

Ive known this person for 6+ years, Ive watched her grow, into such and amazing wife, and from there and even more amazing mom and child of God.

Just recently she and her hubs decided to take on the world of foster care! What a road that is! A road not many can take on. Willing to be heart broken, for what? To show a child love, a hug a God way bigger than the situation. She has an amazingly gorgeous foster child! 

She is a mom of 5 kiddos {{2 of which are dancing the streets of gold in heaven}}! During their waking hours, she is on the floor playing with them, while teaching and loving on her eldest, who she is homeschooling her first year, a preschooler! She also totes them to Disney, to parks, dance classes and field trips. Taking them along to pick up fabric and supplies for her business!

Oh yes, her business, she is an amazing crafter. She runs her own handmade business, consisting of something for just about everyone! From genuine leather clutch, totes, to kids artfolios, crayon rolls, to kids aprons. So versatile, yet great at it all! When does she do all this you ask, OH YES during the time when you or I would be slouched on the couch watching tv, she does this while her kids are sleeping! During naps and at bed time, as to not take away from any precious time from them!

A wife, she loves her man so much! She knows what he needs to be happy, she knows that their relationship keeps the home running, that keeping him pleased and happy, keeps the family at peace, and its not hard for her to do! She is happy to make sure there is a meal on the table, and that he has clean clothes! Shes happy to welcome him with a hug and a kiss! With a 'how was your day?'

She is a friend, there with a listening ear, usually via voxer, (cuz with many children (mine included) its just easier) giving advise, offering prayer, willing to help out in any way!

She is a daughter, to the king of kings, she loves Jesus so much! She isnt afraid to share it, and it just radiates off her! She is happy to help a friend in need! She donates her handcrafted goodness to help someone in need, she does what she can when she can! She attends church weekly, and is well known in her church home!

This lady is a servant! Always serving, so happy to do so! As I said her heart is huge! I cant think of anyone more deserving to step away from her amazing life, to just be poured upon, loved on and just feel even more special than she already is!

OH! Who is this AMAZING lady of God?? Why none other than the hands behind Vessel Handmade! Miss Kristen, the God Mother to my children and one of my bestest friends!


  1. What a sweet sweet entry Tess!! I adore Kristen too. Thanks for submitting this!

  2. your a good friend! such a sweet post about her!