Monday, April 29, 2013

Middle of the night blues

Last night Nick was awake.... Kinda.. We had been in bed, fast asleep for hours. It was roughly 1:30am, I looked over at him and he was just staring off into space, I asked him multiple times what on earth he was doing, to which I got the response of mumbles... After that I was awake... WIDE awake. So I came out to the living room to fall asleep to 27 dresses.. It typically works.. Last night, yeah, not so much.

So here is my mumbles.. It is Monday... Monday Mumbles sounds good..

I scrolled through Facebook, instagram, blogs.... Checked on orders Ive made, thought about crafting...

Then emotions just poured over me!

MAN!!! Being a 30 week preggo, woman, exhausted, up in the middle of the night.... You can only imagine!

Feeling pushed to the side, not important to those, you thought you were important to, having old friends, become better friends, but not wanting to be a debbie downer as they have so much joy in there lives right now, having even older friends come back into my life, ones who just gets you, who dont make you feel dumb, yet comes along side and cry when you cry and laugh when you laugh. Arent those who you wanna surround yourself with? God fearing people, who will support you, love you and be there in ups and downs.. Who though it maybe silly, will acknowledge your worries and your fears, who wont brush them off as being not so important... Why dont I put more into those friendships....?? My hear and mind are all over the place. Its ok though... God working on my heart! Im a mess.. arent we all.....

On another note, I had the privilege of meeting the sweetest most loved precious baby girl this past weekend! Just sayin!  

My hubby is the best. (and pretty darn cute too!)
This past weekend we were in Lake arrowhead, we went on a hike... Not really a hike, but a trail, easy peasy so fun. Nick was teaching the girls to skip rocks... Which for them was just throwing rocks and sticks into the lake. They had more fun then I could ever imagine them having.. Penelope would throw a rock in the water, then 'jump' (her jumping is the funniest thing) and she would yell "I DID IT!" while clapping! I loved it so much! we continued on the trail for a bit and then heading back toward the car. My Inlaws were ahead of me, Nick and Nellie were behind me, the other 2 were running in between the 2, we were maybe 20 feet from the pavement. I slipped, fell on my bum, twisted my ankle. terrible! These old men came running up, asking if I needed help. I politely said no, but they kept insisting, I said that my hubby is not far behind, Id like to sit here and wait. They continued asking if I was ok, I then burst into pathetic embarrassing tears. My Inlaws were there by then, my MIL yelled for Nick, who had stopped to let Penelope watch the dogs.
Nick came a running, he helped me up, supported me to the car, My foot hurt.. A marine came up, looked at my foot, he said he thought it would be ok, just ice it and it up. He was there with a church camp and has 5 kids of his own, he just so happened to be packing up his car next to ours at that time..
We got back to the cabin.. I stepped out of the car.... CRUD MUFFINS! I cant put weight on my foot.... The biggest problem.... The cabin... It was 80 (for real, not exaggerating... they were counted.. I meant to take a photo... forgot) steps steep down... My FIL had a cane.. I used it, Nicks arm around me.. finally getting down, nick helped so much with the kids, catering to my every need, bringing me food, eating dinner with me on the couch. Just full on loving on me! I loved it!
The next day we were leaving... 80 steps... UP! My foot was feeling sorta better, so I put my tennis shoes on and made my way up... took me awhile.. It hurt, my legs are soooo sore.. The side of my foot was/is bruised. my legs are killing me from walking on them funny... Today.. 2 days later, I can tell it will be just fine.. just need to rest it... not strain it.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Haven't posted in 3 months.

Some things happen to the computer, making it more difficult to post, which resulted in getting out of the routine of it. Making it so that when it was fixed, I just didnt want to do it.

Since my last post, my eldest daughter turned 5 and my middle turned 3.

My five year old is pretty amazing, she is smart, teaching herself to reading, catching on to things very quickly. She loves school and learning new things, but gets oh so frustrated when she doesnt grasp something right away. My hubby said today, 'I think she lives in a musical.' She is always singing, putting her stories and imaginary play into song. Its always such a wonderful joy to watch and listen, we often giggle silently as she is going on and on and on! She is very shy, she doesnt like new situations, or being around people she doesnt know. When going to birthday parties she has to stand right next to me holding my hand, until she can absorb everything going on around her, then she can get in and enjoy herself. Still pretty to herself and prefering to be in her own world, she does enjoy having friends around. As a big sister she is amazing, she loves her sisters dearly and cant wait for her newest sibling to arrive.

My 3 year old, oh man is she cute. She has the best personality, making me laugh every day. She has the most gorgeous hair, is tiny and just so petite.
At the same time she is getting to know her little attitude, and testing her boundaries, BIG TIME! She loves to say No to us. Its a joy......... Though at first, with her taking her time talking, I thought she was a bit slower than her sister... I know so bad. She is proving that to be wrong. she was absorbing everything. She watches intently while I teach her older sister, and catches on. Its so fun and rewarding to watch her learn. She is also oh so gross.. She eats anything in site, be it dirt stuff from between her toes. She is the one who could be in a white padded room and come out filthly head to toe. She is almost always the dirtiest child on the playground. She is also so loving and caring, she loves her sisters.

My 22 month old. She is a light. She is always smiling! She LOVES her belly button. always poking it and pulling at it, especially is she is focusing on something. Like story time, or when we are talking to her, or when she is watching a cartoon... She talks up a storm and can communicate just about anything she needs. As with her sisters, she is small and wearing a size or two smaller than her age. She looks like a Kewpie doll, I LOVE it and think its just oh so cute! She is definitely a lovie dovie, her hugs and kisses are the best.  

We also found out the sex of our baby to be. a HE! We will have our first boy. We do have a name for him. The name will be shared at the baby shower.. At first we didn't share cuz we wanted to confirm his boyness. Then I just didn't want to, I wasn't sure which we would use for the first and the middle. Then I knew, and I just wanted to wait. NOW I'm afraid it will be relieved at the shower and everyone is going to hate it... Though I love his name, but kinda thinking about shortening his middle name... I have time.

Another big change is that we moved. We had been looking and just couldn't find anything that would fit our family perfectly. So we stopped looking, THEN while looking for someone else, IT popped up! The perfect home. Its bigger, a little outdated, but perfect. The yard.. Let me tell you, its perfect, and beautiful. Its big and the kids have TONS of room to run and play. Birds are always here, chirping and singing, we have wild bunnies that come and lots of lizards. God truly blessed us in this home!