Sunday, October 23, 2011


Recently I read a blog, she said something about how she dresses for other women and not for her hubby. I thought about that. I thought about it for a long while. I do the same. Its SOOO hard. Im in a MOPS group, they ALL dress so very cute, the young marrieds group Im in, yup dress so cute. Every where I turn! I of COURSE HAVE to fit in. After that post, I decided to make a little change.

My hubby is a jean and T-shirt kinda guy. SO Ive been wearing just that, a normal every day t-shirt with jeans, and he has complimented me! WOOO A COMPLIMENT LOVE it!
Ive been way more comfortable, and WAY more me.
Its been great!

I had a little bit of a hard time going to MOPS and to Bible study like that... I pushed through it, and Im glad I did.

Here is the blog post I read, in case your interested : On My Mind

Oh and, my hubby also prefers no make-up and natural hair.... I dont think Im ready for that... I LOVE make-up and hair!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hopscotch and Lollipops

So a few months ago a very good friend of mine contacted me and asked me to pick out a few fabrics, she was gonna create a dress line.
Im not gonna lie, at the time I was uber pregnant, tired, sick just plain over, I REALLY didnt want to do it, but I did, cuz I love her. I looked at the first page, picked 3 fabrics that were highlighted that day on the fabric site and was done.
I wasnt thrilled with my choices. kinda blah, kinda not me. I was gonna choose 3 different ones, never got around to it. I felt bad. ACTUALLY I felt TERRIBLE that I really didnt give thought, or put my heart into it, for my friend! UGH oh well.

SO now a few months later, Im not pregnant, well not with Penelope anymore anyway!
The dress line is COMPLETE! We did the photoshoot last week, the dresses are DARLING! Anberlyn is just the cutest in her little dress.
AND I LOVE the fabrics I ended up choosing, they go so well with one another, they are bright, but not overly, they are perfection!

GO Check it out, of course I recommend The Anberlyn dress, but they are all SOOO cute! Go look at them ALL here:


Will you come back here and let me know what you think? 
I would LOVE to hear!
I will post more photos when I get them!

PS Im not pregnant, I just think Im funny! HAHAHA! ;oD