Monday, January 30, 2012

Week 3 Complete!

I so didnt do that well this past week. I didnt work out as much, and I ate a few things I knew I shouldnt but still staying within my calorie intake. I lost 2.2 pounds. Still good! Loosing is loosing! This week I hope to work hard

 OH! Good ole Pinterest! I saw this, and KNEW I had to do it! There are 2 jars, on (the left) filled with rock, one rock for every pound you want to loose, the other is pounds you have lost, taking from the first jar!!! I still have to label them "To Loose" and "Lost" I havent gotton around to it yet! I like the visual motivation in it!!!
Till next week friends! Thank you for your support and encouragement!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Week 2 Complete!

Not much to report on.
Ive had a few cravings, thats not fun!!
My friend Jessicas home has coke a cola decor.
That was hard, made me want a Coke, REALLY bad!

I also had a hard time when I went out and about, and was STARVING.
Dinner was soon, I waited, but not without getting SUPER aggravated, snapping at my hubby and kids.
Nick had make a protein filled taco salad, so that was super helpful, and I was fine after that! I wanted a HUGE soda then as well. I didnt give in!

I also went to our young marrieds group at church, Nachos were the snack, I have 5 chips with a little bit of salsa!!! Thats could have gone wrong. Saturday, we went to a get together, they had sandwiches, but on croissants! I ditched the croissant, and had the meat with mustard!! Then after the get together there was a birthday party, MAN there was A LOT of food, I mean A LOT! I just ate from the veggie platter, no dip, they also had soda, SCREAMING my name, not I drank lemon water!!!! I did however, eat ONE cake pop! I was proud of myself!!! 

Well, after this past week, I lost 5 pounds!!! Thats a total of 11!!!
Cant tell yet, but here are photos:

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Week 1 Complete!

So, here I am! Still alive.
Ive cut out soda! Its been a week, can I get a chip at 30days?
Addicted! I LOVE soda! 2-5 cans a day!!!! GONE!
AND there is soda in the garage! I havent touched it!!!!
Ive been drinking a lot more water, and lime mineral water!

Ive also done a lot much to my diet.
Keeping track of my calories, and keeping track of calories burned, thanks to My Fitness Pal !
Its been great, you can join in and find me on there, we can encourage each other!!!

Weighed in this morning, Ive lost 6 pounds!
Thats so super exciting! I pray to keep it up!
Waking up sore! Thats a blast as well!
Well until next week, enjoy the photos...
Cant really see a difference YET!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Here we go Week 1!!!

 (ok so I wrote this and took photos on Monday (1/9), and forgot to post! SORRY!)
Weight loss Challenge!
I wanna win....I wanna be thin!

We can do this! Im gonna work hard.
 My meal plan is set. Work out plan is in the works.
I wish I was confident enough to share weight numbers with you...Im not!
SOO, Im gonna share weekly pictures!
At the end we will compare week 1 photo 8 photo.
Hopefully there is a big difference!!!!

Dont make fun! .
This WILL be fun............ OR NOT, but it will be good for me and my family!
I took photos in the striped shirts, but felt that wasnt ok, cuz it makes me look even bigger... so I switched to a stained tank. I didnt know it was stained until AFTER the photo! UGH! AND hopefully posting these photos help me, as this is kinda embarrassing.


Can you tell I fed Penelope recently when I took these photos!!! AHHHH hahaha

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year

Some say New Year Resolution.
I would like to say New Year GOAL.
With that Im gonna write them down, not only that, Im gonna post them to my wall.
To be seen.

I think we as people work a little harder toward goals, and even harder if written down, putting thoughts to paper. Just keeping them up in your head I think leads to failure quicker.

So here is my first draft of goals:

Be a better friend:
2011 (probably earlier) I failed as a friend. I can come up with lots of excuses, Im sure, but I failed and thats just that. I hurt a person/people I love dearly, and to find that out, killed me. It still does. I shed lots of tears, still do a little. I suck. I dont wanna do that again. That was my BIGGEST regret of 2011, SO Im gonna be a better friend. And if Im failing you as a friend, call me out! I get distracted easily. I have 3 little ones, and I have a hard time. So call me out! Smack me upside the head.

Be a better mom!
Being a mom is tough stuff, I absolutely LOVE being a mom. I wanna be a better one. I wanna do more with my kids, get down on the floor and have fun. Parks, outings fun! Let them be kids!

Be a better wife.
I LOVE my man! OH how I love him! He does so much for our little family! He works so hard! He deserves WAY MORE!

Lose weight.
Isn't that everyone's goal? Im tired of being tired. Im tired of shopping in the fat girl section. (I dont though..) My hubster has been working out like a maniac, and he looks good! I dont want to be the fat one next to him! HAHAHA

Work Out:
Penelope has been waking up way early... I dont like it, but I think it will be a good time to get some Zumba and wii fit in!

Save more money!
We have done SO well. We are out of debt. Now we are working so hard on saving! Ok not SO hard, but we need to! I want our emergency fund funded this year, so we can start saving for a house!

Get involved with my church.
Last week I volunteered for winter VBS, I LOVED it so so so much! O want to get involved in some sort of ministry. Nick wants to work with the youth, and I wanna go where he goes, I wouldnt mind working with the little ones either, not older than 1-3rd grade. BUT will go where needed. Where God wants me to be. Praying about it!

MOST importantly, draw closer to Jesus.
My relationship with Him this past year was MAJORLY lacking.
This year is gonna be better! With Nellie waking up early, I plan on doing some quiet time before my work out! Pray. Read. and listen!

 So there you go.
What are some of your goals?