Friday, July 31, 2009

update on me.

welp the dr. didnt give me medication, but advised me to eat high protein high fiber meals. It has help me a lot. Im still nauseous but Im feeling much better.
I had some heavy spotting yesturday morning as well, the Dr. sent me into see the ultrasound tech, we couldnt get a heartbeat, which is probably cuz its just a tiny bit too soon, but just in case she has put me on basically bed rest I guess. Im supposed to keep it easy, no errands, no picking up Anbo, just relaxing! Nick has set up shop at home, he has been amazing! God has blessed me with a great man, and Im truely thankful for him!

So if you need me, Im on my couch! :o)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oh Boy!

The Joys of pregnancy have kicked in! Which is why we decided to share the news of it, we were planning on waiting a few more weeks to let everyone know.

This past Sunday started the nausea, which limited me to the couch, moving made it worse.
Today the joys of throwing up kicked in! Im super scared. My pregnancy with Anbo, was to put it lightly, HELL!!! I had lost 22 pounds in 4 weeks with her. I do not want this to happen again! Throwing up started today, tomorrow I have a Dr. appointment and Im praying they will give me something to make this all easier, I need to be able to work with Anberlyn. Feeding her is the hardest, I cant look at food. Welp, writing this is making me feel really icky and I have to take care of it! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009


We are still alive over here! actually getting stuff done! Here are random thoughts.

Anbo and I have been at the pool many days! Im a white white person, but that is slowly changing with my new addiction to the pool! I do wear sunscreen, and I dont lay out ( SO BORING) but a tan I think is in the works! Nick is not happy with that, he likes me at my whitest!

Coke! I LOVE coke! I stopped drinking it for about 6 months, it is re-entering my life! I am proud of myself today, I longingly looked at McDonalds thinking a Large coke sounded AMAZING, ice cold and bubbly! BUT, I drove on. I got home sliced up a juicy lemon squeezed it into a large cup and filled the rest with ice and water!!! So much better for me, and more refreshing!

Thats all for now. My phone is ringing, my daughter in awake!

After not updating this, its getting a little overwhelming to try and figure out what I should put up! I will in the next few days add some photos from the last few weeks.