Friday, August 17, 2012

Coffee Date-tragedy

Good Morning friends.
If we sat down to coffee, I would tell ya that I had so many things to talk about today, so many ideas and just stuff buzzing through my mind. My heart is heavy. Yesterday morning we were told that a family up at the family camp with our church suffered great tragedy. A 10 year year old is in heaven dancing with Jesus and presuming his brother, a 6 year old is as well. Though I dont know this family personally, I didnt hang out with them, or have lunch after church with them. My heart is aching, I have broken down many time just crying, my husband kept asking if I was upset with him. We are all the body of Christ, and when the body stubs a toe, we all feel it.

This mom, who was also hurt, left for a week of fun and play and bonding with her little family, and going home without her boys. Pray, pray, pray they find Jacob!

My mind and heart can not wrap around this, I dont understand, I dont get it, I dont know why. I know our father in heaven has a reason for everything. To fathom this, to try to understand what this mother must be feeling, I just cant. So will you, please, PLEASE just hug your little ones, brace them, and pray for this momma bear!

I pray you all have a wonderful weekend , filled with laughter clinging to your loved ones, we arent promised tomorrow..

You can read a news article here.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Weightloss Wednesday

So here I go, back on track. Ive been great this past week, changing my eating. Like eating TONS of veggies! I feel so good! Since my last venture into weight loss, I have gained a little, back, I need to get a move on so I dont gain it ALL back! How sad would that be! So here I am, kinda starting over, new numbers new goals. I posted on Facebook that I wanted a treadmill, and someone came out of the woodwork and is letting me use theirs! Im STOKED! So until next week when I really get into a weightloss post, enjoy some photos I havent posted for WIWW.... I took photos then never linked up or did anything with them! Also a little bit of a photo dump...
Oh MAN Im a goof. Clutch Vessel Handmade

My lunch lately, spinach, kale, tomato, bell peppers, green onion, cilantro, avocado, cucumber, seasoned with chili pepper, cayenne, a little garlic salt and lime juice

Nail decal from Long Changed


 My photos went wonky, some are repeats I think, out of order, I got frustrated and am leaving it as is! HA!! some were taken in my kids messy room as Nick left before I could ask him to photo me, some were out on a walk, some were old I dont remember..

Monday, August 13, 2012

Manic Monday

Hey guys!
How was you weekend?

Mine was good! Friday night we headed to a BBQ {My hubster really wanted to go} I love the Young Marrieds group at our church. I love that we {I} am getting to know people. I left after being there an hour to hang out with a friend who needed to just get away from the house and chat. I enjoyed talking
~WAIT back up, I also wanted to go to the BBQ, Im not saying I didnt want to be there, I so did, I just wish I didnt double book! ~
Saturday wonderful friends of ours {the mom and family behind Vessel Handmade {she has a post today about her cute Homeschool Room} anyway, they babysat for us! They spoiled my kids with water play and Popsicles! Nick and I headed over to Disneyland to ride big kid rides! It was a lot of fun! Until my old self got on 'screaming over California' I just about hurled! Motion sickness in its fullest! I was gagging the whole ride trying to keep it in!!! AND THANK GOD {FOR REAL} I did keep it in! We left straight from there! It was also a hot day, 98 degrees I think! Drank tons of water!

After DCA we headed to get a bite to eat. We headed over to this little sushi place, which is now a little greek place, so Nick pulled out his handy dandy yelp app. There was a sushi place not to far so we walked over. It. Was. So. YUMMY. Fresh, and just DELISH! {For Locals here is the info its in Downtown Fullerton Kaori, Seriously, check it out!}

We headed back to pick up our children, I love them so much! They went to bed almost as soon as we got home!
Sunday we headed to church, then we went off to play for a bit, Nick bought himself some work shoes a shirt and tie {SOOOO needs them, he waits until there are holes in the bottom of his shoes!}We then drove back to Downtown Fullerton to walk around as we had time to kill before a meeting we had around that area. In the almost 100 degree heat, we got the girls ice cream cones. We had our meeting, headed home and had dinner, OH SO SUPER LATE! We typically eat in the 5:00 hour, we ate around 7:45! We put the kids straight to bed, and watched some TV. We were go go go all weekend. It was nice to just relax for a bit.

Homeschooling Anberlyn is approaching, SOOOO quickly! Its right around the corner, like 2 WEEKS! I have so much to do. I want to finish getting her classroom space together. Clean up and prepare for our first week~! Im beyond excited, and beyond nervous! I have so much to do. Gonna go buy some paint!

Then there is my sweet sweet, Anberlyn, who is testing me! Who is disrespectful, does not listen, does what she wants, argues over the SILLIEST things. I sincerely thoguht I was doing something wrong. That I wasnt parenting her to the best of my ability {and maybe Im not} but I took out my handy dandy I need your opinion app on my phone AKA Facebook, and I asked. I got an overwhelming response, YES its normal, YES its a stage. Yet, I feel like I need to loving rope that in a bit. Let her know its NOT ok. It killed me to find out that she was treating other adults with disrespect, not listening, arguing! It may be 'normal' but its not ok! I dont want to label it normal.

OH, so I posted on Facebook that I needed a treadmill, I have actually posted it twice, and a few days later, I get a message, someone is gonna let me use theirs!!! She said she doesnt really use it, that her kids are older and she is out walking with them, and riding bikes, go go go! How fun! Im SOOOO excited! Im thinking about doing a 5k mud run with Nick in November!! EEEKKKK! ;o) Heres to getting fit!

Wednesday I have a plan, a new weekly blog post. Keep your eyes out! :o)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Coffee, rant.........

This was so gonna be a vlog. BUT I went to book club completely forgetting about our coffee date. I came home remembered, {its 1:00am} and looked in the mirror, I look EXHAUSTED! No make-up, major breakout, just not gonna happen, I would be slurring my words!
So last week Alissa asked us to blog about  
'a dream you have that you feel like God’s laid on your heart and you may not know how it’s all going to fall into place, but you’re trusting Him as you take the journey.'

A big one is adoption! I wanna adopt a wee one so badly. I know God wants me to as well, its just not HIS timing yet! In that, Im trusting Him. 
Trusting Him to bring the funds, to have the perfect little one for us, he or she might not be born yet. Im praying for that baby, whoever they may be!
I know we are to move out of state. I dont know when or where. I know its between two places right now. It may be tomorrow it may be in two years. Its hard to just trust God, to trust that He has my back, that He knows what he is doing. I have a hard time with patience. I want to move, I want more babies, I want to adopt I want to do so much. Here I sit playing a waiting game. BUT I have the BEST distractions! I have my 3 AMAZING girls! Whom I love oh so much. That my father in heaven has entrusted me with. Three little girls HE is letting me borrow! For now, thats good, thats great!

Earlier today, err yesterday I was looking at precious babies, children, awaiting their forever families. Awaiting someone to love on them, children who have nothing and no one, who live in orphanages. Who knows how they are being treated. No one there to cuddle them at night when they are afraid of the dark, to hold them close and let them know its ok..

My heart aches for these babes. I wish I could take them all!

Does that answer the question.....? I dunno.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Box Day

I know I said I was posting this on Manic Monday.. Something came up, and I needed to do a Mani{c} Monday. So here is it today, Box Day

Im a new Sonlighter! This year Im homeschooling my first born! She is 4 to be 5 in just a few short months! 5 is a big deal to me and so bitter sweet. Anyway, she is starting Kindergarten!
I was talking to my friend who works for Sonlight, and he told me that I needed to celebrate 'Box Day', thats its a big deal, and people have so much fun with it! A bit curious I headed over to Sonlights FB page and asked about it! So here I am, writing about BOX DAY! Yet you still have no idea! :o)

Box Day is they day that your curriculum, and goodies from Sonlight appear on your door step. You bring the OH SO HEAVY {In my case 54 pounds} of box into the house. You wait for the kids to go to bed, that was hard! Next time Im gonna have them with me, but the youngest are so little, and the littlest doesnt know how to treat a book nicely, and I didnt want this experience to be stressful, I wanted to bask in the items, to look through it all and not be saying over and over again, "oh dont touch that, AHHHHH DONT RIP, hey hey hey, that needs to stay here!" 8pm came, got those kids into bed quickly, and I RAN downstairs to my new toys!

I opened the boxes, and there is was, MILES of paper..... I unloaded that, THEN there is was
My goodies.... Errrr Anberlyns goodies! AND do you see that box!?! Its a Castle.. Once I get all this stuff in their proper home, the girls can color it and use it for play... OH YES, AWESOME!!!

Here I am, pulling stuff out of the boxes, looking at each item! SO MUCH! Im not gonna lie, a bit overwhelming! Its all basically laid out for ya, they did most the heavy work for me!

I had to put my binder together, it took roughly an hour. During that time I was able to skim through it. Kinda get an idea of whats in store for this upcoming school year.
There it is, complete. 36 weeks of work, laid out for me and done.
Week 1 Day 1 can't come quickly enough!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Her, the 12 year old girl...

I cant stop thinking about her.....

The other weekend, on the girls trip away I did with my girly friends, we went shopping. While at GAP, there was this girl, 7th grade, she BROKE MY HEART!
She was there back to school shopping with her dad and sister. As I walked by I over head her talking to her dad, in tears, she told him, 'There is nothing here I can buy, these are clothes the popular 7th graders wear!' {{Insert HUGE sad teary eyed face here!}}Later by the dressing room her dad was fed up and a bit angry, telling her that they had been to all the stores, that she cant try so hard to buy something no one else has, cuz there will always be something. The girl was bawling her eyes out. I wanted with my whole being to take her, hug her and tell her she is beautiful, to tell her that what others think, really doesnt matter, that fitting in is SOOO hard, but to just be herself and wear what she wants. I wanted to help her pick out clothes, for her to see the 3 of us helping her and caring. I dont know why I didnt. I dont know why I just walked away, this young girl broken and hurting. Now I cant stop thinking about her, and through that, Im praying for her. I may very well never see her again, but my heart longs for hers, for hers to know Jesus, for hers to be filled with love from her daddy, from her siblings, that she wont care what others think, even if she just cared a little less.

Im scared for my girls. I pray they dont face this, but they are girls and Im sure they will, dont we all! I pray I teach my girls to love Jesus, and He will help guide them. I pray pray pray for my girls hearts! Its a vicious world. Girls are so mean.

Its funny how 6 short years {Jr and Sr High} have such a HUGE impact on our lives. That its so important, to us. Yet its over so quickly, these six years seem to kinda shape us, for the next 80 years. These years stick to us like glue. I personally wasnt a huge fan of high-school, I dropped out between my Jr and Sr year and got my GED. I dont regret that at all. I hated the drama, I just didnt love it like so many others did. I had my fun days, taking pictures, staying the night at friends homes. Physical HS, eh. I did love my youth group, was at every event, loved punk rock/ska shows, I had fun in that area. I had way more guy friends than girl. Life has changed so much since then!

I still have trouble with what girls think, even with my greatest friends, Im always thinking, 'crap! do I look dumb!?!? , Did I just say something stupid? Did I hurt her feelings? Am I acting dumb!?' At the end of the day, if they are gonna give up on me for something silly, I dunno if they are the greatest of friends. Right!? You never know, who is looking up to you, thinking the exact same thing....

Do you have memories of the 'Mean Girls'?

Mine wasnt from the cheerleaders or ASB, mine was from the 'goth/punk kids' I dressed punkish, I had colorful hair, but I didnt hang with those people, I hung out with the Bible club and other kids. This one day, the punky girl walks up to me and says, 'If you ever wear your hair like that again, Im gonna beat you...' Well... ok then... My head was nearly shaved I had my bangs, what was I gonna do.... I ignored her... She did nothing to me.. Just glared... oooooooo I didnt care...I just went on with life. The look in her face when she walked up to me, the hatred, the anger... Ill never forget it.

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Mani{c} Monday

A great friend of mine just started a small business!
Let me tell you Im IN LOVE with her product!
Ive been playing with it, and having so much fun, this week Im messing with the leopard on white vinyl. I did a few different things.Take a looksy:
I painted the vinyl, then stuck it on!

I painted them with a nail dotter, thought a toothpick would work great

I chose 4 different colors, waited for it to dry and stuck to my nails,
after filing the extra, I finished with a top coat.

A little smancy

So I did this late, tired, so I apologize for the sloppy work!
My friend, Stefani and her hubby just started making the decals, there are soooo many to choose from! Checkers, lace, stripes, chevron, polka dots, zebra and so much more, a few colors to choose from and you can have it printed on white {shown} or clear vinyl {so you can have ANY color polish under} I know I sound like an add... but for real, I LOVE these things, AND they last! Go take a look at her at LONG CHANGED ! I had a lot of fun doing this, and as cheese ball as it might sound, you should too!! Keep your eyes out for more on this product soon!!

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Wanna win a couple sheets of the nail decals, AND a genuine italian {super cute} leather clutch? OH I know you do... Go head over to Long Changed' Facebook page to find out the deets!!
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Friday, August 3, 2012

Coffee Break {{Vlog....}}

So last week Alissa challenged us to a Vlog, a 30 seconds about me... SOOO I gave it a whirly twirl! So awkward, so silly, I retook the video like 400 times, finally saying, EH, whatevs!! SO here we go!!! Prepare to laugh, and judge my poor lighting! HA

Now that was great fun....... Can we say dorkster! :o)
Im me, and thats the best I can be....! Is that true? We shall see!

Continue to Vlog? Yes? No? Maybe so? {Circle your answer} {Or just comment below}
The dorkiness continues! :o)

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