Sunday, September 15, 2013

Living and Active

Im sitting here munching on chips n salsa. Hubby laying on the floor snoozing away. All four kids sound asleep, its 12:08 am.... I. SHOULD. BE. SNOOZING!!!! but no.. Im here, blogging. scrolling though facebook earlier today I saw an update, I dont remember through who, or what. It stood out to me. It focused on 3 main things, feeding yourself spiritually, eating healthier and exercise.... Only 5 weeks.. I can do that!

Learn more by clicking here ^^
See I have a goal. I want to reach it or come close by my 30th birthday. Thats just short of 6 months away. Its achievable. I just have to stick to it. We have already changed our diets. WAY healthier eating going on here... I just slide into chips and salsa late at night... not good.

So this challenge. Im doing it.. It starts Monday, and Im kinda stoked!!

Now off to bed.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


August 5th. A day that will never be forgotten by this precious family. Taking their two year old into urgent care for a fever that just wouldnt break. To then be sent to CHOC with concerns of Leukemia.

Then he was not only diagnosed with Leukemia, but diagnosed with AML, a terrible rare case.

(Follow his journey HERE)

TWO, this amazing vibrant little guy is ONLY TWO!

He can put a smile on anyones face, its seriously contagious! He is a sweet heart, with lots of love!
He has knocked over my girls with a bear hug! He has more energy and spunk than any two year old!

His parents are amazing loving people. His mom is my mentor in my homeschool group (couldnt ask for a better one) His dad a firefighter, both so incredibly loving and welcoming! Always smiling always happy to see you.

His big brother, oh Jer. He cracks me up. Same grade as my eldest, going through life together. A soccer player and a lover of being active! He is friends with everyone and anyone, just like his brother!

He is also expecting a brother or a sister (my guess is sister, now its in stone!) this spring.

This family loves Jesus, and are stronger than I could ever imagine. My heart breaks for them, sincerely just crushed. I can not even begin to imagine what they are going though.

October I am walking, walking to raise money. Walking to show is family that they have support and love from us! Will you join me in donating to my walk! Or join to walk yourself!!! Its gonna be loads of fun! Click the link below

CHOC Walk in the Park!