Monday, May 30, 2011

N is for.....

Guess what I did this morning!
I gave Birth!

More on this to come!!

Question for you: How much did your kids weigh at birth?

A: 7.2
E: 6.14
P: 6.10

Sunday, May 29, 2011

M is for.......


I think Ive written about this before. But its dear to my heart.
Im a woman, I have {almost} three daughters.
Its my job as a mommy to guide my daughters.
To teach them to guard their brothers heart.
To guard their eyes.

Its SOOOO hard. The clothing they have out there, even for infants and toddlers!
REALLY they need to have bikinis!
There is absolutely no way I would ever buy that for my little one!
Ive heard, well they are just babies, I wouldnt let my teenager wear that,
well what are you training them to do?

(Tankinis are different, as long as the belly isnt showing, I dont care)

The dress' for little ones are low cut.
shorts are short.
Its so hard!

I was watching 'Little Couple' and the wife said, "They are making so many clothes for little kids that are worthy of being adult clothes, it makes me happy, but I dont know how appropriate it is for kids"

How cool would it be for our daughters to have so much respect for themselves, that they crave to be modest, that they crave to please our father in heaven. That they wanna keep something left to the imagination for their one day hubbies.

I LOVE when my hubby says, "Oh you cant wear that out unless you wear a sweater or an undershirt!" Sometimes I dont see it! He is protecting me! He LOVES ME! He is not controlling me.

This (jibberish, I have a really bad headache) post stemmed from a blog I read this morning. I REALLY want you to read it! :

"Tell her Mama!" 

If you read the same post HERE she has added answers to a 
twitter poll she did, just scroll to the bottome!! 

Question for you:
Whats your favorite dessert?

Mine is Creme Brulee'!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Random Ramble Rant Rave!


Im officially 37 weeks.
Im still grasping onto the fact that Im pregnant.
Still kinda dont believe it.
I dont think Im in denial.
Just busy, I have 2 others.
My middle isnt even a year and a half yet.

Across the room I see a box of Pampers NB diapers.
To my right is the Rock n' Play.
She will be here soon.
Three will be tough.
BUT I can do it!
I have an AMAZING hubby!
He will be taking a week off work!

Ive decided, and hopefully I stick to this,
not to post on FB when I go into labor.
To wait, until Miss Penelope is in my arms.
Privacy... Less stress...
Not to here my cell going off every 3 minutes asking for an update.

Once she is here though, you all will know!
Ive been asked if I would like visitors.
I would love it!

Whether in the hospital, or in my home.
For the most part you are welcome.
Unless your a creeper stalker I do not know.
I really would appreciate if you do not come by!
Some say we look alike....
OH and warning would be nice!
more than a 10 minute warning.
give me a few hours notice.
I may not be dressed.
There may be poo diapers all over the place.
Might be stuff piled to the ceiling.
I might smell bad.

And I know, a new baby good excuse.
but decency isnt bad either.
Nick took today off work.
Its slow, and he didnt mind a four day weekend.
So we are gonna go play.
Thinking the beach.
A long walk.

Ive kinda been stuck inside.
My Dr. wanted me to take it easy, not do to much.
No early early baby.
BUT I can now!
Im gonna take advantage of it, before Im stuck with a newbie!

Something that DRIVES ME INSANE!
PLEASE oh PLEASE dont reprimand my children,
when Im A FOOT away doing it myself.
If Im not in the room, or for some reason not paying attention
And my child is about to kill someone, or herself,
then by all means, please say something.
But NOT when Im there, already taking care of it!

My eldest daughter,
She is creepy.
ok not really....
well kinda..
She says weird things.
Does weird things...
and levitates!:
Kristen pointed out her concentration!

My whole little family is still sleeping, the back door is open.
No one is outside.
all I here is the morning birds chirping away.
nice morning crisp air!
Im liking this.
maybe this is the calm before the Storm!
BABY today!?
She can share a Birthday with my best buds hubby!
Add caption

Have I mentioned, we have a big field where I live.
Its pretty.
There are trees you can sit under, and a mass of grass the kids and run around and play in!
Its pretty coolio!
In the evening there are hundreds of bunny rabbits!
Anbo loves them.
I let her go out and 'try to catch one'
HA they are so fast. Its pretty cute though.
And when it gets dark....
There is a family of coyotes that come out to 'play with the bunnies'
A mommy, daddy and eight, yes EIGHT cubs!
kinda scary!
Bunny Hunting
Well this little Random Ranting Raving Ramble I think is long enough.
I think I have more to say.
BUT not really!
just kinda jibber jabble!

hmmm a question for you..
Whats your favorite movie?
Comment below!!!

Thanks for reading my Looney Tunesy ness!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

L is for.....


Im EXHAUSTED! I cant think of anything to write. Baby is making it very hard to sleep, Im getting MAYBE 3 hours a night. My hips are KILLING me. a little more than 3 weeks till D day! So out of my laziness here is a song, I LOVE it and its always been a FAVE!:

All the chisels I've dulled carving idols of stone
That have crumbled like sand neath the waves
I've recklessly built all my dreams in the sand
Just to watch them all wash away
Through another day, another trial,
Another chance to reconcile to one who sees past all I see
And reaching out my weary hand I pray that you'd understand

You're the only one who's faithful to me
All the pennies I've wasted in my wishing well
I've thrown like stones to the sea
I've cast my lots, dropped my guard searched aimlessly
For a faith to be faithful to me
Through another day, another trial
Another chance to reconcile to one who sees past all I see
And reaching out my weary hand I pray that you'd understand
You're the only one who's faithful to me
You're the only one who's faithful to me

And here is Nelly a few weeks ago, this was NOTHING compared to what she does:

Now off to NAP! :o)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Tater Tot Tuesday

 Im Linking up with Rock A Bow for Toddler Talk Tuesday!!! YOU SHOULD TOO!

UGH Sorry no photos! My computer is not being my friend!

In the car on our way to Target, Anbo was in the back seat of the car. She started asking me,"Mom do you want to smell cars with me?" I told her that I didnt want to. She asked me again, I again told her no. She then asked Nick,"Dad do you want to smell cars with me?" Nick also said no. After a few minutes she asks me,"Mom can we smell daddy?" I said "ok, when we get out of the car we can smell daddy...." I sat there a bit confused. Then Anbo started to spell,"D-A-D, Whats next mom in smelling daddy...!!!" HAHAHA

Emersyn's new trick is removing her diaper, thank God its only been pee diapers so far.  Well Em took her diaper off while playing with Anbo in Anbo's room. I here my eldest yell, "MOM I SEE EMERSYN'S BUTT!!" I wait a few minutes, then Anbo comes out wearing Em's diaper and she says, "Look mom Im dressed up like Emers!" (Anbo is wearing nothing but Emersyns diaper!!!) Im laughing hysterically, when Anbo says," Emersyn peed in this diaper its all wet!" EWWWW

Anberlyn went to her first real dentist appointment, cleaning and all, she did GREAT no cavities! Im praying she (as well as all my kids) inherit their daddies PERFECT teeth!

On our way home from my parents home, Emers was EXHAUSTED! Anbo was cracking up as Em's eye's were opening and closing. I was watching em in the mirror and cracking up as well. At one point Ems eyes rolled back in her head and all you could see was the whites of her eyes. Mid laugh Anbo let out a small shriek and started crying, she kept saying, "Emers is scary! Emer's scared me!!" She wouldnt stop crying... I couldnt stop laughing!!!

Anbo listens to the "fish" (A Christian radio station) a lot on the radio. She say's "Its mommies music!" She knows a lot of the songs, which is super cute and talks about Jesus constantly. Today she is talking about how Jesus is God, and how she has LOTS of friends like Jesus. She says Jesus has the most friends!

Emersyn is WALKING! WOOOOO!! At this point she is still crawling and walking. When big sister gets near she drops down to her knees. I think she is scared Anbo will knock her down!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

K is for.....


Lets travel back a few year, back to the year 1995 (maybe 1996) I attended my first purity conference held at my church. We had to get a signed consent form from our parents because there was images show I NEVER wanna see again, MAN STD are brutal. That has nothing to do with anything, just thought I would share.

Anyhow this lady spoke. She was (and still is) GORGEOUS, she talked to us about how she saved her first kiss for her wedding day. How she waited for the Lord to bring her the man of her dreams, and when he was found, their love was way beyond a physical lust. She had so many wonderful things to say, I remember sitting there in awe. I remember wanting what she had.

So that day I made a promise, a promise before God. I was gonna save my first kiss for my wedding day. I got made fun of. I got guys trying to take it away from me. I dated. ( I so should have just waited for God to bring my man to me!!!) It was a hard few years. I was passionate though, I shared my passion with fellow youth, I spoke at little conferences. I shared that I wanted to give my future husband a full gift, bow and all, not a gift that had started to be given to someone else. I tried not to give my heart away to other guys. I did. Its tough. THAT kiss though was saved!!!

June 28th, 2003 I gave my man that kiss! Was it an out of this world kiss.... NOPE HAHA. It was only a quick peck, a ton of people staring, a little bit of pressure. BUT LATER that evening, I got that kiss I was waiting for! It was magical! It was AMAZING and I will NEVER forget it!

Nick is the one and only person I have shared a kiss with, he is the one and only man I have shared my body and WHOLE heart with!

I would not trade that for the world! I thank God for keeping me strong.

Friday, May 20, 2011

J is for...


I had a hard time trying to figure out what 'J' was gonna be, as I thought I was in labor last night (over 2 hours of contractions, and pressure) I thought I was gonna use J as 'Just Born' my way of announcing the arrival of my newest baby girl..... That didnt happen.
Then I was gonna do 'Jumping Jacks' and talk about my husband 'inch loss'. He has been working out like a mad man, and the inches are just falling off him!
So then my "J" was gonna be Jealous! As I am a bit over his looking AMAZING and me a preggo blob next to him!

Then as I was scrubbing the tub,  it hit me, Jackie! my J will be Jackie!!! I was so excited that here I am writing mid scrub.(I hope she is ok with this....)
I met Jackie a few year back, pre kid. Her hubby was the young adult/married pastor (or something like that) Nick and I joined a young marrieds small group at the church we were attending. The group we were in was held at their home. At that time, I really didnt get to know them all that well. Soon they moved, we moved, never to be seen again.......

But now years later, via Facebook, we have kinda reconnected kinda. Are we BFF? no. Do we talk? not really. Do we read one anothers blogs, CERTAINLY! I read her blog and smile. She is real, she tells it like it is, she has her happy moments, and her sad. She also reads my little blog. She comments, she encourages, shes great!

She has lived a life that makes me look up to her. I feel like I can turn to her, ask her questions, get advice and I think she would gladly do so. I havent tried, yet. I get so much out of what she writes.She loves Jesus. She has 3 AMAZING children, who love Jesus. Her hubby... well... he loves Jesus as well!

I pray I can only be like her, to raise my children like her. To love and trust in the Lord as she has done. Has she had her short comings... Im sure. As we all do. Our short comings only make us stronger and trust in our Father in Heaven that much more.

So as I had many thoughts on J, I think I picked the best one! I know my words are jumbled and short and I think thats ok!

Thank You Miss Jackie,!!!!

Read her blog HERE!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I is for...


I am by no means an in shape person, Im over weight. This started happening when I agreed to marry my wonderful hubby! We went from being out and about always doing something to lets just sit and watch TV! Im Insecure about this weight gain. After Nelly is born, my great plan is to loose weight, to join my hubby on his weight loss journey.

My security lies withing my hair and make-up. Those things make me feel good. They put a smile on my face and make me feel like I can face the world!I get complimented on those things, people notice when I put the little bit of effort into it. AND ITS FUN!! I LOVE IT!

This past week, my flat iron died. My heart broke a little. This item, takes my bed head away. Makes getting out of the house much quicker. 3 minutes with it and Im THRILLED!
I cried. The thought that now my getting ready to walk out the door went from 15 minuted to 45 or so!
So yes, I was a little dramatic but I feel like it was ok.

Some people like to paint on a canvas, some like to take photos, or find great joy in sewing. I find it in hair and make-up!

Im learning to find my security in the Lord. I think it takes time! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tater Tot Tuesday!

Taking a break from my ABC's.
Tuesdays will be a place where I write up what my children have done or said, over the past week. Im linking up with Kristen at Rock A Bow , she is doing Toddler Talk Tuesday! (Notice my linky button on the right~~>)

May 6th my little sister got married!
at her wedding was dancing.
Anbo had a BLAST dancing.

She kept coming up to Nick or her Papa asking, "Dad will you marry me?"
It took a few minutes, we realized she was asking to dance.
Now days later she is still asking us to marry her!
She is not grasping the concept of getting married.

This past week I have been trying to get the girls to play outside more, so we have been spending lots of time on our little patio! One of the days I went inside to grab my book while leaving the girls to play, I came back to Anbo yelling that Em had a snail, I looked at my 14 month old, she looked at me, I took a step closer to her to get the snail which she had just spit into her hand, as I got within a foot of her, she SHOVED it into her mouth and started sucking! GAG!  I quickly scooped it out and threw the poor thing into the bushes!

Anbo told me that Daddy is her friend, and Im Emersyn's friend and that means I cant talk to her.... I thought that was supposed to start later, like teenage years.

Emersyn is 14.5 months old. She WILL NOT WALK! She knows how to. She does things walkers are supposed to be doing. She will walk 5-10 steps at a time. She can stand up from out of know where (since like 10 months old) BUT will not walk. She has been pushing things around to walk, box, bikes... I think she thinks its fast to crawl, WHICH, she is a SUPER fast crawler! (she has SUPER small feet. I dont think that helps)

Anbo is constantly telling us that Jesus is her friend and that she talks to him!

We were outside playing and Anbo came across a dead rolly poly, she had it in her hand, looked up at me and said," Oh No its not moving!" I told her it was no long alive, it was dead she looked confused, looked up at me and said, "You need to get it batteries!"

Anbo, Im pretty sure is finally potty trained! (Hope I didnt jinx it)

 Anbo has a natural curl to the ends of her hair. Its cute, BUT can be a huge pain. She LOVES to sleep wrapped under her sheets, which is a cause of some MAJOR tangly bed head in the mornings, she also chews on the ends of her hair. So this week, I decided to cut it. I cut it pretty short in the back, its longer in the front.
 I wish I would have taken photos of her narely bed head. I like her hair short, its oh so much easier to deal with! you see how its curling up behind her ears, its a bit longer.
This is the back, you can see the bagillion of layers. Its very well conditioned here and laying very softly.

So though Nelly isnt born, yet, nor is she a toddler, Im gonna make mention, SHE IS A MANIAC!!!!! She moves and rolls so much, it keeps me up at night, and it feels like she is bruising my insides! TERRIBLE STUFF!

I hope you will ALL link up with Toddler Talk Tuesday with Rock-a-bow. Your kids are grown up? Link up with a memory of them!
It doesnt have to be a long post, I went over board I think! haha

Monday, May 16, 2011

H is for.....

Hungry Hungry Hippos to be exact!!!
Right this moment Im hungry for a few things.
I would LOVE an ice cold crisp apple! (The sugar rush would probably keep me up longer)
I also think breakfast burritos are one of my favorite things.

Im most hungry for a stronger relationship with my Father in heaven.
My life has been lacking there a little lot bit lately.
I just finished reading Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers.
       ~AMAZING book! HIGHLY recommend~
Any how, this made me realize that Im worshiping the wrong person. I LOVE my hubby greatly, he is truly my best friend and I think the world of the guy! I simply can not imagine my life without him. God loves me best! haha (JK)

I think its wonderful that I think and feel these things about him, BUT I need to be putting God first, He needs to be my BFF, I so dont talk to Him as much as I use to, Im certainly not getting into the word. I need to! A thought came across my mind, one I almost got sick to my stomach thinking about. My God is a jealous God, what if He took Nick away from me so I would put my trust in Him?
I desire a closer relationship with Jesus. I need to put that desire into action.
I need to be more hungry. I need to crave!

And so it begins. . . .

What are you Hungry for?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

G is for....

My G was originally for 'grateful' but blogger did something and it erased the whole posting, its gone. it didnt return. I wasnt thrilled with the post so hey a re-do!!

ok, back to Girls I have almost 3 of them!
I love them dearly,
I love dressing them up,
I love playing with their hair,
I love the sweetness and the love they have.
The tenderness.Compassion. warmth.

I can see it already though, as my 3 year old is getting older, the competing has started! The bickering!

Im a girl. I know how we work. I know we compete. I know the jealousy. The need to feel wanted, to feel loved. To feel accepted. Cherished. I KNOW THIS.

My prayer for my daughters is that they find and love Jesus, and that they find everything they need in Him! I pray that as their parents we guide them, we protect them. We help keep their innocence as long as possible! 8 year olds getting botox IS NOT OK. Padded bikinis and thongs made for 8 year old, again NOT OK! My daughter needs to be able to be a kid for as long as possible, she will be a grown up for a very long time! My motto for my kids is 'Sheltered, but not naive!'
Im afraid of what they are gonna have to go through, what this earth is turning into!

At 8 I hope my daughters are playing house. Being princess'. Playing cops and robbers.
Not worrying about botox, or the shape of their bodies!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

F is for....

They are hard to come by. True ones that is.
The ones I have I love dearly.

The past few months I have been a terrible friend.
I know, I know, I have a lot going on.
Being pregnant takes a TON out of you.
BUT a simple how are you doing, whats going on...
anything to just let them know I am thinking about them.
I have been so selfish and self engorged.

With #3 coming, I feel like Ive made myself such an outcast. What am I gonna do! I feel set aside.
WOW this post is getting strange!

Earlier today I was thinking about how I got my brows threaded last week.
(BTW such a wonderful wonderful thing!!!)
I thought it would be a GREAT thing that maybe to make a thing out of it, once a month, maybe a Saturday morning, leave the kids at home with daddy, and get a cup of coffee, get our brows done, maybe a pedi. be home in time for lunch to spend the rest of the day with our families. What do you think? whose in? (Work it into the budget somehow)

I think friends are a huge part of our lives.
People you can trust and confide in.
Having love and support.
There are just so many things friends are great for!

For my dear friends that are reading this, I love ya!

(again if this is a strange post. its 1am and Im extremely TIRED!!!!)

Monday, May 9, 2011

E is for.....

My second born!
My precious precious girl!

This little girl has the sweetest personality.
She loves to hug, and give kisses.
She was born at 6 pounds 14 ounces. 19 inches long.

Born with just skin and bones.
She had no bottom. It was flat. non existent. It didnt fit into this family.
Now 14 months later, she has a little bubble. She is still a wee one. Small for her age, and I LOVE EVERY little piece of her tiniestness (SOOOO not a word!)

She makes the cutest faces, is SOOO happy, social, and I love her to pieces!

Im sure I should have tons more to write, Im just so tired, as is my life lately, and my brain just doesnt work correctly right now.
Here are some photos of her first year: