Saturday, May 7, 2011

D is for....


I had a post started a few days ago for D, I might do 2 D's. 
Thursday started the wedding activities, my sister and I went to lunch, ran a few errands, picked up her dress, picked up another bridesmaid, we got our eyebrows threaded. Then headed for San Clemente. Went to dinner, the bridal party went out, I stayed in the hotel to relax, and read. (BTW Im reading an AMAZING book that Christine recommended, Ive had it less than a week and Im almost done!) 
 Friday was pretty easy going at first, then it was hair and make-up time, and it was go go go go go. 
Wedding was at 5, it was GORGEOUS! Then photos, reception, chasing a 3 year old. At about 10:30 we decided to head home, oddly I felt like I was contracting regularly... I pulled out my handy DROID and  used the Daddy app for keeping track of the contractions. about 3-5 minutes apart!!! I thought it might be Braxton hicks, we got home, I took a shower, they didnt stop, I drank water, Laid down, still no break. I then decided to curl up on bed and try to get some sleep... I couldnt. I called Nick in to take over the tracking... It was WAY consistent and my phone told us to call the DR and head to the hospital. So 1am we called the on call Dr.

The Dr. asked a few questions, one of which was, "Is this your 1st or 2nd baby?" I laughed and said, "3rd" The Dr. instructed us to get to the hospital very quickly! HAHAHA (Both my other girls were early, one 2 weeks, one over 3 weeks.)
Arriving at the hospital I had to pee in a cup, then was being monitored. Labor was confirmed. Contractions kept getting stronger, they gave me a pill to help stop it. We waited what felt like a long time, since that didnt work, they decided to give me a shot. The contractions almost immediately stopped!!! The terrible thing was I got MAJOR shakes, my heart rate went high and it was terrible. She told me before hand that it would probably happen that way. An hour later I was sent home!

PRAISE God! It wasnt time for her to come yet, to soon. I have at LEAST 2 more weeks until its ok. Preferably 3 weeks.

So I didnt deliver, but I thought it was a good D word.... I didnt want to leave you guys hanging to long. 
Nick is making me keep it easy, I go to the Doctor on Monday to see if she wants me on bed rest, to see if Im dilated any more. As of like night Im at a 2. 



  1. so glad you didn't go into labor. Your story sounds familiar. I am praying for you and Nelly and let me know if I can do anything for you. I mean it friend!

  2. I am glad that they were able to stop the labor. (remember, you are aiming for June 10th-my birthday) Wonderful D story indeed. Praying for you, my friend.

  3. Scary!! Sounds like you are just doing too much. What a great excuse to do nothing and let everyone wait on you. Gotta keep that baby in! Happy mothers day lady! And thanks for the shout out!

  4. Oh my! Redeeming Love Sooooo good!

    Scary stuff! You need to ret mama! Hopefully it was just wedding busyness they are SO tiring!

  5. I love this ABC idea! Your daughter is adorable!!!