Monday, May 9, 2011

E is for.....

My second born!
My precious precious girl!

This little girl has the sweetest personality.
She loves to hug, and give kisses.
She was born at 6 pounds 14 ounces. 19 inches long.

Born with just skin and bones.
She had no bottom. It was flat. non existent. It didnt fit into this family.
Now 14 months later, she has a little bubble. She is still a wee one. Small for her age, and I LOVE EVERY little piece of her tiniestness (SOOOO not a word!)

She makes the cutest faces, is SOOO happy, social, and I love her to pieces!

Im sure I should have tons more to write, Im just so tired, as is my life lately, and my brain just doesnt work correctly right now.
Here are some photos of her first year:


  1. She is adorable!! Looks just like her Sis!!
    Keep up... Youre doing great. I still haven't finished my alphabet. Stoped at N. :(

  2. She is adorable and I love that you invent words to describe her! Tinestness - wonderful!

  3. She was/is so tiny. It has been so much fun watching her grow, although it does not seem like a some. Such a sweetheart!