Friday, September 21, 2012

Coffee Date

Everyone is talking about the PSL Pumpkin Spice Latte from the bux, I really,  like REALLY dont care for it. I love pumpkin. I love Coffee Beans pumpkin , as it tastes like punkin pie. Its a Grind has one called Pumpkin Carmel pecan, ummm hello, that sounds amazing, I gotta try it! Whats your favorite holiday drink?

If we had coffee today I would tell you that, well I dont know what I would tell you. Not much is on my mind. Homeschooling is going ok. I have the stuff to do their classroom, I just havent gotton around to actually doing it. I have paint to paint things, paper to make things... Just not motivated.

This past week  has been a good one, Monday we did a Princess Prep school with Anberlyn and a couple friends. Its teaching our little  ones manners, to be polite and love God, it was fun! Tuesdays my oldest has dance, she LOVES it! Loves dancing her heart out for Jesus, and really loves doing it with her friends! Wednesday my princess had her first night of Awana! I SOOOO forgot to take a photo! I will next week, in her cute little vest! Then Thursday we did a park play date with some moms in my school group! I love those ladies! I'm getting so much from them, even if they dont realize it! Then later today we are going on our first field trip!! Anberlyn doesnt know yet where we are going.. I will let you in on that Monday, maybe Tuesday! Later on its family night, gonna hang out with my man! This weekend Im doing hair and makeup for a little photoshoot. Im excited! Hopefully it will turn out great!

OOOO Wednesday evening I headed out with a couple girlfriends, I had a lot of fun getting to know them better, and just getting away for a couple of hours. Friendships are hard, Ive mentioned that, its taking a step, putting yourself out there. Waiting around to be pursued, is so not gonna work. Especially if everyone is doing that! Im learning, Im not alone, and that sooo many women just sit and wait for people to come to them! So Im taking a step out, to make true genuine friends. Ones that will pursue me and I them, a two way friendship. One where we get it. Where if we dont talk for a few days, so what!?!?! One where we understand when the other has so much going on that its hard, one where we can ask for help!!! Im sooooo terrible at that! I sooo cant ask for help! ! ! ! Im good at offering, and I truly mean it each and every time I do offer, and no one ever takes me up onit... but Ive noticed, people have offered me help, I have never really taken anyone up on it!!!

I think though I need to take it a step further, and just do.... Words mean little, just show up at a friends house with a meal, with a mop and broom, with willing ears, a shoulder, hands to work. I wanna help, I HATE seeing my friends struggle! HATE it!
Hey, be a friend.

So thats my coffee date... kinda random...

Will you say a prayer for a friend, and her pregnancy. God knows whats up..

I know last week I mentioned a vlog, HA, you dont wanna see me right now... nope!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Weight loss.... kinda.. not really

The last 3 weeks, I havent lost any weight. Its fluctuating a pound up and down, whitch doesnt really count. Im watching my food for the most part, and to be honest, not working out! A friend gave me an amazing treadmill, and it just sits and laughs at me!

I have my very yummy shake every morning, and here is where I go wrong, I make the kids lunch, then I dont eat, I freak out and Im afraid of eating the wrong thing. HAHA I know what to eat, I just dont eat... Then dinner comes around, and I eat enough for both meals.... My body freaks out and then holds on to everything I just ate! AHHHHHHHH

So I know this, and I gotta make a change, have my lunch planned out, ready to go and easy, but healthy.

Nick and I use a meal program for out dinners, we do low carb ones. Not cutting out the carbs, but cutting them low. We also decided to changed most the food we eat, going organic for the most part. We are trying. This isnt an easy road. I know is will take a while for us to get this to be our new life style and Im sure there is gonna be bumps in the road!

So next week C25K is hitting the road. I did a full week of it a few weeks ago, and did fine. This upcoming week I have a friend doing it along side me! You run 3 days a weeks with this program, 2 of the days we will be solo running on our treadmills, and one day a week we will be hitting the pavement! 3 days a week Im hoping to do other workouts on the oher days  and taking one day a week to just rest!

Weight loss is no fun. Its a battle, that I wanna beat, for my health and the well being of my beautiful children!

So next week, lets see more loss! Im going to go to some situps!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Coffee Date!

GOOD MORNING Im {{Linking up with Alissa}}

{{My coffee treat of choice {{this is a slight dream, Im actually drinking my morning shake with instant coffee mixed in...}} this morning, a Carmel Frappe with half toffee nut no whip {hurts my tum} extra carmel {If Im gonna have a treat, Im gonna over do it a little}, soy {member milk hurts the tum} sprinkled with sea salt!}} mmmmmmmmmmmm whose gonna bring me one!?!?!

If we sat down to coffee this morning. I would tell you though exhausted, its been a much better week! We bought a homeschool planner and it has helped me SOOOOOOOO much! What was taking a couple hours to complete is taking, a fraction of the time!! Its the little things!

Last week I had so many of you Email me, message me, send me a sweet text, gave me a little cheer up gift, boy o boy was I a blessed lady! I thank you for your kind words and prayers!

Then I asked about night terrors...... MAN! You guys have been through a lot as well!! For those of you not my bud in the Facebook world, Anberlyn has been having night terrors.  Its not fun. Waking up SCREAMING as if someone is stabbing her in the leg! {{Maybe a toe}} non the less, its bad. When you go in, she doesnt know your there, she is still sleeping, yet screaming, afraid, its heart breaking, with all your might you want to scoop her up and rescue her from her fears, to make everything right! With the replys and the little research I did, you cant wake them, it makes it worse. You let them go through it, and you just be there to comfort. ITS SO HARD!

{{How true is this in our lives, as a believer, in Christ, how He is watching us struggle, how is is watching us scream in pain..... You see the connection! I feel like He just yelled down at me, "hello there little lady, I get it! I get it, I can help..." UGH}}

Nights have been rough, life doesnt slow down for us. Im constantly exhausted, waking up at night kinda doesnt allow you to get a good nights rest.

Im blessed though. I have an AMAZING hubby! He wakes up every morning and does the dishes before work! He does the laundry a few times a week, all I have to do is fold and put away {which sucks, but not the point!} He works so hard, so that I can stay home with my babes! He is on board with homeschooling, he is so supportive, and so perfect for me! AND top top it all off, he is SOOO cute! He gives me butterflies and makes me smirk! teehehehe
God has blessed me! OH SO MUCH! I am one lucky little lady!

Have I mentioned how amazing my homeschool group it!?!?! They are so supportive, they just amaze me! As we had a moms night out this past week, they just blessed my socks off, with knowledge and wisdom, with experience! Im so glad Im apart of such an amazing group of women!!

I wouldnt be crying this week.. Much.. I would be a bit over friends who are hurting, over sickness and pain they have! I would ask you to pray!
God  knows. He knows whats up, whats going on, just pray!
for the broken and the lost, for the weak, the needy, those suffering!

Thanks friends! I hope your week has been great and that you have an amazing Weekend?? Do you have plans?
Im heading to Disney tonight, then a little Disney tomorrow with the Fam, THEN a friend is babysitting so Nick and I can enjoy Disneyland at night! Im stoked!

Next week... Maybe a vlog....hmmmm
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Monday, September 10, 2012


Posted on FB tonight, how perfect.

A sweet friend noticed (as I put it out there on FB) that I was having a rough week to say the least.

She came up to me tonight and secretly handed me a little gift! I was so surprised and beyond blessed! She warmed my heart and just has me smiling ear to ear! To know someone was thinking about you, and just wanted to give you a smile, it sure does work! Im so thankful!

Here is what she gave me:
a small pail, some note pads, stickers, a key chain, gift card and sweet sweet words in a card!

Arent those stickers ADORABLE! LOVE!

Thank You Friend!!!

I love when God nudges a heart! :o)

Lets make a goal, go encourage someone today! A little treat, a quick email, a kind text, a simple card in the mail!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Coffee Date

If we sat down for Coffee this morning, today, I would have red swollen eyes, tear pouring from my eyes and they would be the prettiest color blue you ever did see, cuz when I cry my eyes become a bright turquoise color! I so wish they were that color always, it would be awesome.
You would ask what was wrong and I would do my best not to ignore the question, but how could I, Im a mess!!!

Im beyond stressed and overwhelmed! Hubby is looking and waiting on a possible move within the company, with a possibility of taking a different position here.. The unknown and waiting on that has me just frazzled! On top of that, I started homeschooling Kindergarten this year, I have no idea what Im doing, I have it all laid out and I just stare at it! I think Im doing a 'just wing it' approach, and ITS NOT WORKING! I just received a homeschool daily planner in the mail. I filled out next weeks work, Im gonna try to prepare for the day, the day before, and I pray and hope I just get a routine down.

My youngest doesnt help, she is 15 months and just wants to be in it all! Climbing on the desks pulling paper out and throwing it everywhere, I try to give her activities, but she wants to do what her sister is doing! The middle does well, for the most part.. When I finally get the biggest down and we start working, she wants to be done with it so she can do what her sisters are doing, and I understand that!!

Our goal this weekend is to get the classroom put together somewhat! So she can do work there, and the youngers can play in their bedroom next door, or play downstairs. I need to figure this out somewhat! Im not sleeping. Im exhausted, Im stressed, overwhelmed and just cant take it!

I didnt want to share this, I want you all to believe, that Ive got this!!! Honestly though, I dont! I dont at all! This is hard, much more difficult than I thought it would be! The work isnt that hard, its not to much, I love the curriculum!

About now, I would be crying all over again! I just cant stop. My body is shutting down, and just want me to curl up and sleep, Im snapping a lot easier and arg. I think I would ask if you had a tissue, as I ugly cry for you, not making eye contact, yet oh so thankful your listening to my babble.

I finally told my hubby last night how much Im stressing over the homeschool and his job thing, he wished I would have told him sooner, Im really really good about putting on a front, not letting anyone know how much Im struggling! Who wants to share with someone that they are failing, that they just cant do it!

The good thing though, its showing me how much I truly need to rely on God! How much I need to turn to him and rest in His arms....

Thanks again friends, now lets eat some cupitycakes!!! Chocolate!?!?!?! Or a tattoo! I REALLY wanna get one! {or 12}

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Weight Loss Wednessday!

Not much to report on... I have lost some poundage. you can look to the right, where Im keeping track. I have a lot more to go! Gotta be a hot momma to my hot man! :o) Not just that, I wanna be healthy and be able to run a muck with my 300 kids!

To tell ya the truth, Im exhausted, physically, mentally, spiritually, Im just straight up drained!

I dont know what to do!

Not where I thought my post would go, but there it is! I dont think I have much more to say! Another day of tears, stress and praying for rest!

{{not a pity post, just how it is.}}

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Disney day

Yesterday, Labor Day, the kids woke up, Anberlyn came into our room to wake us and let us know that Emersyn had climbed into Penelope's crib, Nick mumbled, "I got up with them yesterday, its your turn." I reluctantly got up. As I walked into the girls room, Anberlyn was also climbing in, or trying to get Emersyn out... I dunno, I was out of it, dizzy and just not feeling it. I grabbed the littlest and told the olders they just needed to hang out in the room for a bit and read, which they did! I sat down with my precious girly for a few minutes, then put her in her chair, gave her some food, and RAN to the bathroom to throw-up! (Im not preggo!) I went upstairs told Nick and plopped down on the bed and was OUT, like out COLD! He got up and took care of the kids and let me sleep till 11am!!! 

I spent all day outside the day before {Sunday}, not drinking enough Im assuming, I went to bed with a migraine, I never get enough sleep and to top it all off started my you know...girly time... yesterday (3days early!!), I think all that added up to just needing to vomit and go back to bed! After I woke up a bit, I was great! We decided to head over to Disneyland, our app said it wasnt really that crowded! It was right! we had a blast! I love my little family, and I LOVE spending time with them! !

My lovlies for our day out

Nick didnt approve of her hair!! {I was just messing around}

Nick and the girls driving

I love them, their favorite is getting maps! Planning our trip! I LOVE it!

Pretty girls, Anbos cheesy 'smile'

Watching the food cook!

Me and my girls!

She stuck her finger in something and said, "ewwww, uck!"  then stuck it in her mouth with a slurping sound and licked it up....BLEH

Do you see Mickey!?!?!

Then I thought, CHEESY FAMILY photo opportunity! Then noticed later there was a big smear over Nicks face! OOPS! hahaha

Em and Anbo LOVE Mickey! Can you tell!? HAHA

Making faces! Its a small world!

We ended the night at downtown Disney dancing and being silly! I loved it!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Manic Monday~IM BACK

Did you miss me?!?!

Computers died, phone didnt let me blog, nook, I just hate touch screen for large things.
I couldnt get to you guys, I hated being away!

The computers died the same day I started homeschooling my daughter I took it as a sign to get off technology and focus on her, and that I did. We have completed 2 weeks of school, though exhausting, Ive enjoyed it! I still dont have a routine, its still all jumbled and thats ok, it will all work its way out..... I hope, someway!

Did you see my new blog title!?!?!?! I thought it was cute! My hubby and his 4 girlies, though this morning as I was thinking about it, it kinda sounds sister wifey.... EEEK but Im keeping it! At least until it says 5 ladies and a mister, or maybe 4 ladies and 2 misters (SO not as cute...) Ill figure that out when the time comes!One day I will figure out how to really design my little blog, without using cheat sites....

We are working on the school area, trying to get it together, we are clearing out our 3rd bedroom for it, a separate space, we are having a hard time with the littlest climbing on desks, getting into things and screaming, when she cant eat crayons and tear up books. So Im hoping that moving things around will help solve that.

Anberlyn is loving it so for the most part, we take lots of breaks due to the above, and I think she would do better if we just went straight through.. I think I would do better as well!

The past 2 weeks nothing really has happened, Penelope had her 15 month and she is in the 5th percentile for weight and 10th for height! Cracks me up, that girl, that girl! I love her lots. Emersyns vocabulary has BLOOMED! Like a full on talker, I cant believe it! Still waiting on the littlest little to start walking, it would be awesome!

Right before I lost contact with y'all, I had a few blog posts lined up.... In my head of course... Im hoping to get these thoughts and feelings typed up soon.

While your waiting, check out my friend Christines blog, she is The Pilgrimage, she is raising funds to bring her little girl home, she is also battling a lot in her family right now! Pray for her, donate if you can! Thanks friends!!!