Friday, September 21, 2012

Coffee Date

Everyone is talking about the PSL Pumpkin Spice Latte from the bux, I really,  like REALLY dont care for it. I love pumpkin. I love Coffee Beans pumpkin , as it tastes like punkin pie. Its a Grind has one called Pumpkin Carmel pecan, ummm hello, that sounds amazing, I gotta try it! Whats your favorite holiday drink?

If we had coffee today I would tell you that, well I dont know what I would tell you. Not much is on my mind. Homeschooling is going ok. I have the stuff to do their classroom, I just havent gotton around to actually doing it. I have paint to paint things, paper to make things... Just not motivated.

This past week  has been a good one, Monday we did a Princess Prep school with Anberlyn and a couple friends. Its teaching our little  ones manners, to be polite and love God, it was fun! Tuesdays my oldest has dance, she LOVES it! Loves dancing her heart out for Jesus, and really loves doing it with her friends! Wednesday my princess had her first night of Awana! I SOOOO forgot to take a photo! I will next week, in her cute little vest! Then Thursday we did a park play date with some moms in my school group! I love those ladies! I'm getting so much from them, even if they dont realize it! Then later today we are going on our first field trip!! Anberlyn doesnt know yet where we are going.. I will let you in on that Monday, maybe Tuesday! Later on its family night, gonna hang out with my man! This weekend Im doing hair and makeup for a little photoshoot. Im excited! Hopefully it will turn out great!

OOOO Wednesday evening I headed out with a couple girlfriends, I had a lot of fun getting to know them better, and just getting away for a couple of hours. Friendships are hard, Ive mentioned that, its taking a step, putting yourself out there. Waiting around to be pursued, is so not gonna work. Especially if everyone is doing that! Im learning, Im not alone, and that sooo many women just sit and wait for people to come to them! So Im taking a step out, to make true genuine friends. Ones that will pursue me and I them, a two way friendship. One where we get it. Where if we dont talk for a few days, so what!?!?! One where we understand when the other has so much going on that its hard, one where we can ask for help!!! Im sooooo terrible at that! I sooo cant ask for help! ! ! ! Im good at offering, and I truly mean it each and every time I do offer, and no one ever takes me up onit... but Ive noticed, people have offered me help, I have never really taken anyone up on it!!!

I think though I need to take it a step further, and just do.... Words mean little, just show up at a friends house with a meal, with a mop and broom, with willing ears, a shoulder, hands to work. I wanna help, I HATE seeing my friends struggle! HATE it!
Hey, be a friend.

So thats my coffee date... kinda random...

Will you say a prayer for a friend, and her pregnancy. God knows whats up..

I know last week I mentioned a vlog, HA, you dont wanna see me right now... nope!

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  1. you are SOOO right about the friendships!! haha! love ya Tess! Looking forward to hanging out again!!!! :)