Monday, September 3, 2012

Manic Monday~IM BACK

Did you miss me?!?!

Computers died, phone didnt let me blog, nook, I just hate touch screen for large things.
I couldnt get to you guys, I hated being away!

The computers died the same day I started homeschooling my daughter I took it as a sign to get off technology and focus on her, and that I did. We have completed 2 weeks of school, though exhausting, Ive enjoyed it! I still dont have a routine, its still all jumbled and thats ok, it will all work its way out..... I hope, someway!

Did you see my new blog title!?!?!?! I thought it was cute! My hubby and his 4 girlies, though this morning as I was thinking about it, it kinda sounds sister wifey.... EEEK but Im keeping it! At least until it says 5 ladies and a mister, or maybe 4 ladies and 2 misters (SO not as cute...) Ill figure that out when the time comes!One day I will figure out how to really design my little blog, without using cheat sites....

We are working on the school area, trying to get it together, we are clearing out our 3rd bedroom for it, a separate space, we are having a hard time with the littlest climbing on desks, getting into things and screaming, when she cant eat crayons and tear up books. So Im hoping that moving things around will help solve that.

Anberlyn is loving it so for the most part, we take lots of breaks due to the above, and I think she would do better if we just went straight through.. I think I would do better as well!

The past 2 weeks nothing really has happened, Penelope had her 15 month and she is in the 5th percentile for weight and 10th for height! Cracks me up, that girl, that girl! I love her lots. Emersyns vocabulary has BLOOMED! Like a full on talker, I cant believe it! Still waiting on the littlest little to start walking, it would be awesome!

Right before I lost contact with y'all, I had a few blog posts lined up.... In my head of course... Im hoping to get these thoughts and feelings typed up soon.

While your waiting, check out my friend Christines blog, she is The Pilgrimage, she is raising funds to bring her little girl home, she is also battling a lot in her family right now! Pray for her, donate if you can! Thanks friends!!!

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