Monday, March 12, 2012


My body HATES me! Like HATES!
The past few weeks, I have been eating relatively healthy, working out and having fun doing it.
This past week, we all came down with a pretty nasty cold. SO to let my immune system rest, I didnt work out, then I said, 'I should just take a week off dieting all together.' and well, I didnt eat a TON of crap, I ate a good amount.

I have never been so gassy, and bloated and just well.... feeling YUCKY!

So I start over today, life change is back on! I lost 24 pounds.... Heres to another 24!!
This part though I think its gonna be harder. There isnt money sitting at the end.
I do enjoy my workout games. I just need to get up and do them!

Next week friends, I will post an update... a photo.. Im using you to keep accountable! DEAL!?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Before & After

Before..... Ate at will.
After........Stayed within a 1200 Calorie diet.
        is my BFF!! SOOOO helpful! Sign up for free and find me!

My BIGGEST help was Herbalife!! A good friend was having a sale at the beginning of my challenge, and I thought I would take her up on it! (I replaced 2 meals with shakes)
I ordered some shakes! French Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate,
Both good, French Vanilla is AMAZING! Tried a few different milks with it, my favorite is Vanilla Almond Milk. I also bought Personalized protein Powder, doesnt taste like anything. I could drink this shake all day EVERY DAY! MMM
I also bought a mixed box of the shakes so I can get a feel for them, and taste a lot of them:

Pina Colada: To much pineapple, not enough coconut flavor. It was just ok
Mixed Berry: I much preferd to add berried to the French Vanilla.
Cafe Latte: Bleh, Buy instant coffee and add it to French Vanilla, Its like a frapp!!!! (blend with Ice)
Cookies n Cream: Has a strange after taste. It was ok...
Dutch Chocolate: Good. Also tastes yummy with Instant coffee added in.
French Vanilla: By far my favorite, Mixes great with anything!!! MMMMM

My Morning shake was French Vanilla Powder, 8 oz Vanilla Almond milk, a tablespoon instant coffee, and a tablespoon of Personalized Protein Powder, added ice and blended. YUM!
My Lunch shake was typically Dutch Chocolate, Vanilla Almond milk and Personalized protein powder.

I took celluloss 3 times a day to help with the water retention and the Mango Peach protein drink mix, YUM, with 15 grams of protein!!

I know this sounds like an add, but its what I did, I LOVED it! SOOOO yummy!
Dinner usually was a protein, with TONS of veggies. dessert was some sort of diet fudgecicle.
Snacks Raw almonds was my main go to, or veggies, they are so low in calories, I ate them like candy.
Check out the products here: HERBALIFE or here:

I worked out some. I got a few wii work out games that are so fun, and brought on a sweat. Also nick bought me a used jogging stroller, so I took a few walks up hill pushing the biggers, and having the littles in the carrier. If you have any questions I would love to answer them. Here are my photos side by side. I didnt see a difference until I looked at these photos together!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Week 8 complete!!!!

Im done! Finished... How did I do... I think I did well!
This past week was hard. I started off really strong.
See I was due to start my monthly cycle last Monday (2/27) didnt come...
took maybe 3097 Pregnancy tests through the week.
Negative, Negative NEGATIVE! I was freaking out. I didnt know what was going on. Im late, NEVER late. Im researching, turns out, which I knew in the back of my head, that because of the weight loss, and the exercise my cycle was thrown off. I started on Saturday, the day I headed up to Lake Arrowhead for the day. I was stressed. We decided to not strain myself with working out, JUST in case. I also came down with a cold, so rest was necessary!

Today I weighed in. I did well. Im off to a great start! ALMOST halfway to where I wanna be!!!!
Here are photos:

Friday, March 2, 2012

Week 7 Complete!

I lost 1.5 pounds this past weigh in!

Im in second place, with 9.47% weight lost!!! OH YEAH!

Challenge is over Monday!
Im praying I dont just stop at that, I hope I keep it up!

See you Monday friends.. Sorry this is late, I was trying to see if there was a way to save the photos.. They just didnt load, not on the SD card, not on the computer, the only thing that loaded were the videos I had taken... WEIRD!