Monday, March 12, 2012


My body HATES me! Like HATES!
The past few weeks, I have been eating relatively healthy, working out and having fun doing it.
This past week, we all came down with a pretty nasty cold. SO to let my immune system rest, I didnt work out, then I said, 'I should just take a week off dieting all together.' and well, I didnt eat a TON of crap, I ate a good amount.

I have never been so gassy, and bloated and just well.... feeling YUCKY!

So I start over today, life change is back on! I lost 24 pounds.... Heres to another 24!!
This part though I think its gonna be harder. There isnt money sitting at the end.
I do enjoy my workout games. I just need to get up and do them!

Next week friends, I will post an update... a photo.. Im using you to keep accountable! DEAL!?

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