Saturday, April 30, 2011


Im noticing a few people doing the ABC blog.
Each day picking a word for each letter.
I think Im gonna do it! To help with my blogging consistency!

I will Start Monday!

See you then!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

31 Days To CLEAN!!

I've been eyeing this and wanting it! But Ive been miss frugal lately and even though its ONLY $4.99 I weigh EVERY purchase!!!

Check it out here:

Amazing right!!!

WELL check out this blog, it gets WAY WAY better : OH YEAH

Spread the word!

I cant wait to get the book and start using it!

Check out this video:

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Apple Song

This is one of my favorite songs, and one of my favorite bands in High School!

If I were an apple hanging on a tree,
I'd give myself to the first green worm,
And together we would be.
He'd make a little hole and live inside of me.
He would be my best friend, and he'd keep my company.
But I am not an apple hanging on a tree.
I am nothing but an empty human being.
But Jesus wants to come and live inside of me
And be my best friend and keep me company.
He wants to show me His way,
And He will never leave me,
And He will give me ears to hear,
And He will give me eyes to see
The perfect plan He has for Him and for me.
I'm glad I'm not an apple hanging on a tree

A silly song I know! I LOVE it!
He is Risen, He died for you and for me! Make Him your best friend!
There is nothing you have done that can keep you from Him but you not giving yourself over to Him! Our Father in Heaven LOVES you and wants you to accept Him!

Have a wonderful Easter, and know today is more than a bunny!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Family Park Day!

Today we had a wonderful day at the park with other couples with kids! I LOVED it!
There were 6 couples and their children! I Loved the fellowship and getting to know one another!
I hope we do this WAY more often!
Though, Im EXHAUSTED! 
Em fell, so I jumped up to fast slipped and hurt my knees, I felt pretty darn dorky! Em was fine! Anbo had a BLAST in the wood chips getting disgusting!
Nick was a wonderful daddy and a huge help, as always!!!

Here are a few photos taken by Kristen's hubby:

Em loved climbing on the chair!
Girls Just having fun!
Yeah thats my sexy man!

My Dirty DIRTY girl!
Steven was kind enough to crop my tubby face out!

Unfortunately coming home was not a blast, or maybe it was......
Anbo's tummy is hurting her, she had a very runny accident, 
(Em had a icky diaper as well or THREE!)
Anbo was screaming in pain, she said her tummy was hurting and was begging to go night night! It was so sad! Praying she is better in the morning and that it was just all the dirt she consumed today! Until next time!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nelly. Penelly. PJ. Penny Poo!

She will be here before I know it!
It has gone by SO SLOWLY! Its still going slow!
I can not wait for her to be here, but at the same time, Im so not ready!
3 kids is a lot, Em is still so little.

I really wanted to do something different for her room decor.
I REALLY wanted to do an array of pinks and grays/silvers. 

Reality set in, and I decided to do the same colors as the other girls. Purples and Greens, splashes of pink. BUT for Nelly I think I will add gray (as I found a fabric I really kinda love) It also has some other colors in it!
I decided on this because I really do not know who will end up sharing a room, or how living arrangements will be, and if all the stuff kinda meshes together, thats even better!

THOUGH that doesnt mean I cant work in the gray and pinks in other areas of her (and my) life!
A friend is gonna make her a blanky in gray and pink, (doesnt have to be apart of the decor, just to keep her warm) Things like that!
Im excited.
Im scared.

A lady at the womens retreat was so honest with me.
She said, adding a 3rd child was the hardest. you no longer have one for each arm!
Other people keep saying after 2 kids each one added is nothing.
My young marrieds pastor has 6 kids, he said, oh wow your popping them out faster than we did, they will be close in age. I will be praying for you.......
   I dont know if I should find that encouraging or if I should be terrified!
He then went on to talk about all the diapers.......

My life will once again be turned upside down!
A venture Im excited to have!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Anbos Room.

As you walk in.

I realized last night I never posted photos of her room. Its changed a few times since the beginning. So here are a few photos:
Painting done by my sister, Laundry basket for each girl and a toy box.

Bed was built by my hubby and Kristen's Hubby. Quilt is Emersyns, Anbos is in the wash.
Add caption

Lamp I added the ribbon. Toys are contained in the colored buckets.
Reading corner.

The verse board is TERRIBLE. Birds from the ceiling were $.50 each at ikea. I painted the 2 birds on the right, from dollar tree picked up by Jill! Vase was all metal, I decoed the tissue paper onto it, and painted the "cage" around it black.

Closer look.

Bow and headbands. I have another bow holder coming my way.

The Orange Tree will be painted... one day. Behind the photo is a CD player.

Bird cage was a like green, painted it and hung birds inside.

Curtains, Anbo has a tent that is usually in front of the window, BUT she had a messy accident in it, and its in the wash. I will post a photo of the tent below.

Letters I bought for a dollar I painted the circles then glued the letters to them.

the 2 smaller pillows were made by Kami, and the rectangle one was made by Nicole!

Buckets contain dolls, these fit PERFECTLY under her very tall bed!

reading corner.
This is the tent that is usually between the bed and the reading area in front of the window. Its so cute!

Monday, April 11, 2011


Do you ever wanna just curl up in a ball and hide, because you have said or done something dumb?

Im pretty socially awkward.
I say dumb things all the time.
I say to much all the time.
Or I dont say anything at all.
I try to hard to be accepted, then pull away cuz I feel dumb.

I dont know that I said or have done anything recently, but I just have that feeling like I did.

People often think Im snobby, stuck up or upset, this is because when I dont feel comfortable around other, I shut down. This happens especially with groups of people who already know one another or when they are close and Im an outsider, not in the "click".

Its so funny how life is always related to "high school" when HS was only 4 years of our life (for most, more or less for others) What an impact it has on us, and our lives of 80 years (again give or take).

I dunno.
I guess at this moment I feel over taken, over whelmed and just a bit defeated by life and friends in general.

So if Im missing on FB or other social groups, Im feeling down.
Im sorry Im a crazy preggo lady!!! CRAZY!!! :o)

This is also probably the enemy attacking me where I feel weakest as I just came back from a retreat, where I focused on God. He is trying to tear me down.

I will try to write an overview of the weekend soon.
Thanks for listening!

Friday, April 8, 2011


Im off!
I will be spending the weekend in Murrieta Hot Springs at the Calvary Chapel Bible College!
I havent been that excited, and even as Im writing this Im not!
Its a BEAUTIFUL campus, I LOVE it there, and I dream about relaxing in the hot springs, but this preggo belly wont allow it! My footsies will though!

A weekend away from the family to most sounds amazing, for me, its bittersweet. I LOVE spending the days with them! I LOVE spending time with my hubby and the kids together, as it usually just me and the kids! Also this pregnant lady like to stay close to home. In my own bed, on my own couch. I dont know what the bed will be like there, I havent been in MANY years. On my way I will be purchasing a leg pillow in hopes it helps my hips, my belly wedge is already packed.
Then there is sitting while people talk. OH BOY! i cant sit long, I will be sitting on an isle seat and getting up regularly!

What I am excited about is getting away from it all, and having time to grow closer to God, my creator! To rest in Him! I pray I come home a refreshed mommy and wife, perfect for just before baby #3 gets here!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I worked hard to update the look of my blog.
I think I worked harder than I should have.
Im not happy with the dark blue behind our photos.
I wish I did it lighter.
TO much work to fix it.
Im lazy!
BUT Im pretty happy with what I did do!
I cant wait to do something different later on!


What do you think!?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

 HAHA I found this post, I never posted. It looks like I didnt finish it either, I was preggo with Emersyn at the time. I had Emersyn at 36 weeks 5 days:

As of today Im 35 weeks pregnant. Its truly hard to believe. My body is not liking it. I went shopping for fabric with a friend and didnt do so well, I had to sit. Today I couldnt walk across Babies R Us without being in loads of pain. So Im gonna do my very best to take it very easy for the next few weeks. No walking a lot, until at least 37 weeks, then bring the baby! Preferably after the 7th cuz I have maternity photos that day!
Tuesday I go in for an ultrasound to see how the baby is growing, at my last check-up the Dr. Said I was measuring a few weeks larger than I should be. The U/S should be able to show us more. Im very excited to see her, to see if she has a large head like her sister. I do know she is very active, and constantly,especially at night, she is trying to escape!!!
Over in our home we have been battling the sickies. SO not fun! Im gonna cough this baby out! I went to the Dr. earlier this week and have an upper respiratory Infection, so she put me on Antibiotics, I took Anbo to the Dr. the following day, she too has it and is also on Antibiotics. Tomorrow I take the last dosage, but I feel I see no end in sight. I pray I wake up in the morning feeling amazing!
One week from today is my baby shower Im super excited, as I get to celebrate this next chapter in my life with friends and family! Then after that, a baby! (Im sure I have mentioned that)
Oh Anbo, my sweet sweet girl! How she puts the biggest smile on my face. Dancing is her new thing, taking my hands in hers while swaying and singing......

How funny!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


As a mom of girls, I LOVED this. As a woman I NEEDED this. I think we forget. I think that because Im married I feel, hey Im off the market it doesnt matter anymore, forgetting that it might be a HUGE struggle for another man, for my friends hubby for the men I walk by. I have NO IDEA who Im hurting. Not that I think I dress immodestly, but i dont know. watch this video, I think its great!
There are other videos I may decide to share as well later on.

Monday, April 4, 2011

MMM Chai!

My new addiction!
I have always LOVED chai lattes! MMM
And I have used this product in the past. Some reason I bought it a few times and left it in the dust!

Then last week at a moms night in, the host shared some of this delishiness with me.
I am HOOKED once again! Its so yummy mixed with milk, or really strong all by itself, my friend says she mixes it in with her coffee!
The carton cost's about $4.00 makes a bunch. So if you think about it, its WAY cheaper than buying it at Starbucks.
The product is......{Drum roll}

Ive yet to read the instructions on how they say to make it, I just kinda wing it, I like it strong! MMM

Now while I was at the glorious Target picking this item up I saw another item I MUST try!
Starbucks has this Tea Latte called Vanilla Roobios, Its SOOOOO yummy! (They add vanilla syrup to it, I ask for a pump or two less depending on my mood, sometimes its just a bit sweet for me. ) anyway, they now have the concentrate:

I simply cant wait to pick it up and give it a try! It was also going for about $4. (maybe $4.50)

I cut Soda out of my diet, and have been drinking tons of iced tea, unsweetened, So the above are just little sweet treats to kick the cravings of the POP.