Wednesday, April 6, 2011

 HAHA I found this post, I never posted. It looks like I didnt finish it either, I was preggo with Emersyn at the time. I had Emersyn at 36 weeks 5 days:

As of today Im 35 weeks pregnant. Its truly hard to believe. My body is not liking it. I went shopping for fabric with a friend and didnt do so well, I had to sit. Today I couldnt walk across Babies R Us without being in loads of pain. So Im gonna do my very best to take it very easy for the next few weeks. No walking a lot, until at least 37 weeks, then bring the baby! Preferably after the 7th cuz I have maternity photos that day!
Tuesday I go in for an ultrasound to see how the baby is growing, at my last check-up the Dr. Said I was measuring a few weeks larger than I should be. The U/S should be able to show us more. Im very excited to see her, to see if she has a large head like her sister. I do know she is very active, and constantly,especially at night, she is trying to escape!!!
Over in our home we have been battling the sickies. SO not fun! Im gonna cough this baby out! I went to the Dr. earlier this week and have an upper respiratory Infection, so she put me on Antibiotics, I took Anbo to the Dr. the following day, she too has it and is also on Antibiotics. Tomorrow I take the last dosage, but I feel I see no end in sight. I pray I wake up in the morning feeling amazing!
One week from today is my baby shower Im super excited, as I get to celebrate this next chapter in my life with friends and family! Then after that, a baby! (Im sure I have mentioned that)
Oh Anbo, my sweet sweet girl! How she puts the biggest smile on my face. Dancing is her new thing, taking my hands in hers while swaying and singing......

How funny!

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