Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nelly. Penelly. PJ. Penny Poo!

She will be here before I know it!
It has gone by SO SLOWLY! Its still going slow!
I can not wait for her to be here, but at the same time, Im so not ready!
3 kids is a lot, Em is still so little.

I really wanted to do something different for her room decor.
I REALLY wanted to do an array of pinks and grays/silvers. 

Reality set in, and I decided to do the same colors as the other girls. Purples and Greens, splashes of pink. BUT for Nelly I think I will add gray (as I found a fabric I really kinda love) It also has some other colors in it!
I decided on this because I really do not know who will end up sharing a room, or how living arrangements will be, and if all the stuff kinda meshes together, thats even better!

THOUGH that doesnt mean I cant work in the gray and pinks in other areas of her (and my) life!
A friend is gonna make her a blanky in gray and pink, (doesnt have to be apart of the decor, just to keep her warm) Things like that!
Im excited.
Im scared.

A lady at the womens retreat was so honest with me.
She said, adding a 3rd child was the hardest. you no longer have one for each arm!
Other people keep saying after 2 kids each one added is nothing.
My young marrieds pastor has 6 kids, he said, oh wow your popping them out faster than we did, they will be close in age. I will be praying for you.......
   I dont know if I should find that encouraging or if I should be terrified!
He then went on to talk about all the diapers.......

My life will once again be turned upside down!
A venture Im excited to have!


  1. I want to see the fabric!! And, you'll rock the three kids. I can't WAIT to see all three sweet, pretty girls together!!

  2. You'll do GREAT! Can't wait to meet little PJ!