Sunday, April 17, 2011

Family Park Day!

Today we had a wonderful day at the park with other couples with kids! I LOVED it!
There were 6 couples and their children! I Loved the fellowship and getting to know one another!
I hope we do this WAY more often!
Though, Im EXHAUSTED! 
Em fell, so I jumped up to fast slipped and hurt my knees, I felt pretty darn dorky! Em was fine! Anbo had a BLAST in the wood chips getting disgusting!
Nick was a wonderful daddy and a huge help, as always!!!

Here are a few photos taken by Kristen's hubby:

Em loved climbing on the chair!
Girls Just having fun!
Yeah thats my sexy man!

My Dirty DIRTY girl!
Steven was kind enough to crop my tubby face out!

Unfortunately coming home was not a blast, or maybe it was......
Anbo's tummy is hurting her, she had a very runny accident, 
(Em had a icky diaper as well or THREE!)
Anbo was screaming in pain, she said her tummy was hurting and was begging to go night night! It was so sad! Praying she is better in the morning and that it was just all the dirt she consumed today! Until next time!

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  1. Your girls are beautiful!! I am so glad you are recording these kinds of days!! Greats pics too!