Wednesday, February 25, 2009


A friend of mine Jill is AMAZING and does so many cool and cute things with her daughter ( and friends) so I stole one of the ideas. Today Kami and I went to fabric Barn aka Ribbon heaven, to get ribbon to make bows. While I was there I saw the wooden dowels SO I grabbed them, I had the milk container already. I was planning on doing this with her tomorrow morning but seeing as she woke up from her nap I decided to give it a try!!!! I pulled it out showed her once how to do it and so was going to town!!!! She is VERY good at it, and she instantly cheered up!!!! So much fun, I cant wait to steal more ideas from Jill!!!! Here are a few photos of Anberlyn, and yes she is wearing the overalls once again!!!! hahaha

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Im done!!!

I was trying to catch up and do every month since day one! and I started mixing up months!!!! OOPS so here is my one blog over view and then I will start from day to day.hahaha

Today February 24th 2009 14 months old.

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December 2007!!!

Day one, 12/25/2007

Monday, February 23, 2009

Month 4 April 2008

Im just going to add a few photos and explain as I have a lot to catch up on!!!

We visited a friend! Her son LOVED Anberlyn!

We went to daddies work:

Our little teddy bear! :

Stick that tongue out!

We went out to dinner, she fell asleep in her bumbo at Don Jose'

Nick and Anbo went to Anbo's first baseball game with their friends Jeremy and Mia.

Auntie Jodi came to visit for Fathers day!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Month 3 March 2008

Great Auntie Susan!
Our Princess!
Not watching TV. hehehe
Sad little girl
Daddies Girl!
Cross Eyed

March Anberlyn went on her first plane ride! we first drove to AZ for Nick to do a short business trio, then flew from Phoenix To TX for her Auntie Jodi's wedding!!!
Here we are at The rehearsal Dinner.

Month 2 February 2008

February was a take it easy month, Anbelryn was sleeping through the night and doing great with formula and smiling! She also started rolling mid February! Anberlyn had a very strong neck and strong legs.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Month 1 January 2008

SHE GLOWS Anberlyn had jaundice, We were sent home with a light system we had to strap onto her, she wasnt allowed to wear clothing (JANUARY) and we couldnt move but a 2 foot radius! it was a tough week we had to wake up every 2 hours and feed her to get her billie count down, had to write down EVERYTHING, the color, texture and size of her poo, how many time she did anything in her diaper, how much she drank and take her temp! it was a LONG hard week but at the same time an amazing one! Nicks parents came by one night with Chili, Our good friends Jeremy and Ana stopped by with Pizza! My family came to visit as did Nicks Sister and family! Jesse T. came and prayed as I was stressing over the jaundice! We also had to go to the hospital every other day to get her blood taken!!!!

I think the first month was my favorite she was so cuddly and just slpt in my arms! When Anberlyn was about 2 weeks old we went on a 2 week road trip to WA state, Nicks Grandmother had passed away mid December and we were going to her celebration of life! It was a perfect time to do this as She was still at a point of sleeping all the time! During the drive we drove through areas were the temt got down to -2 degrees it was so COOL!!!
We stayed at Nicks cousins home a couple of the nights, here we are on their couch! one of our first family photos! Nick made this trip part business so I was alone a lot in hotel rooms!
Anberlyn is a great baby and was sleeping almost through the night at this point! She never cries and is always happy. on this trip my milk production went very very low to were I wasnt really feeding my baby, I was so sad I was only getting drops even while pumping, we switched over to formula on this trip and she was a much happier baby. On our was home we stopped in some city in Northern California, this city is like the artichoke capital, I LOVE artichokes, here is the baby and I in front of a statue of one:
Nick and baby with a view of Pacific:


So Anberlyn's Due date was January 10th then changed to the 6th.
I wanted nothing more than for her to be born after Christmas and after New Years!!! I talked about it all the time, God has a since of humor because Anberlyn was born Christmas Day!!!

It all Started Christmas Eve, I was having some strong contractions, but not regular enough. My sister kept saying that it wasnt it I would be in a lot more pain. So Christmas morning at 4:45am I woke up with contractions these were VERY consistent! We had to be at Nicks parents house at 6am to open presents, so I made to decision to go, I didnt not want to go to the hospital again to have them send me home. So opening presents I was sitting under the video camera, ever 2 minutes you hear me breathing hard, Very funny! My brother in law kept looking at me like I was crazy!!!! around 8 am the last present was being opened, the gift was outside, it was a bike for my eldest niece, Nick got the car half way to the car yet another contraction, I had to stop and lean on a car. (my father in law video tapping it all) I got in the car and called the Dr. (the hospital was in Newpart, we were always afraid of having the baby during traffic hour! nope Christmas day, the freeway is just that a free-way, it was EMPTY) When I got to the hospital I was admitted, I was having contrations in the hall. They checked me and I was dialated to 5 1/2 cmt. It didnt feel that bad, I could talk through the contractions and everything, they asked if I wanted an epidural and I said yes, but I had to wait becasue there was another lady in labor who was dialated to 1 cm and needed the epi as she was in a lot of pain! I got when I was at about 6 cm or so. then it was a waiting game! around 1 or 2pm they decided to break my water, odd feeling, then waited some more, around 2:30-3 I started the pushing process!!!!! no fun I did this for about 3 hours!!!!! finally they brought out the vacuum and vacummed her out, Anberlyn Rae was born at 5:41pm 7 lbs, 1 oz 19 in. her head was in the 95th percentile and is why I had such a hard time pushing her out!!!


So I was pretty sick during pregnancy, I couldnt keep anything down. I couldnt nibble on a cracker suck on ice nothing it would come up. I ended up loosing 22 pounds in less than 4 weeks (if only I could do that now) in all honesty I didnt like being pregnant, I wanted her out so badly! I couldnt sleep and it was just awful! but I thank God every day for my daughter and I would do it all over again for her!!!!

When it was all done I was 11 pounds lighter!!!!

over the years!

Nick and I have had a few years together before having a child, I think it was the best decision! We had to time to get to know one another to run around, do things at any hour! We wanted to go to a movie we did, Movies were our life!!!!! We went at the very least once a week! We tried to visit WA once a year, we accomplished this! we honeymooned in WA, Actually Nick suprised me with a road trip, (he didnt know I hated road trips hehehe) We drove up the beautiful coast of California, well until the car broke down in Carmel, next to Monterrey, we stayed there until his dad brought us a different car. we did A LOT of walking and I took my first cab ride (GROSS) we visited the aquarium and had Denny's a lot! Once his dad came we continued our drive North, straight into Canada, stayed there for a few amazing nights, then back down to Seattle, I fell in LOVE I LOVE Seattle!!!! we stayed a few nights then decided we just wanted to get ome, and we drove straight home, 19 hours! it was fun and memorable!!!

I was working in a home day care at this time and I continued to do so until Spring 2004 I believe, I quit and was jobless, I started Cosmetology school that Summer, that was a hard fun year! a few months in, March 2005, I applied at Starbucks, didnt get the job, and applied again the following month, I got the job! It was the best job I'd every had! I loved it there!!!! it was a tough time though, I was going to school 40 hours a week and working 30-35 a week! Nick and I saw each other around midnight every night it was a hello how was your day goodnight. It was hard, but we did what we had to do.

I graduated Cosmetology August of 2005, still working at Starbuck and having more time with hubby, October 2005 I got a job offer as an Assistant Apartment manager, I got free rent plus pay of $1700 a month!!!!!! it was great!!!! though I got really tired of the Manager and spending 8 hours a day in a small room with a negative man hating government hating lady! it was REALLY HARD. so April 2007 we decided I could quit, we didnt need a 2 bedroom anyhow, so I quit and did Sensaria only! (I had started With Sensaria January 2007) I was doing well. Two weeks after deciding to move into a one bedroom May 1st we found out we were expecting a baby!!!! We didnt tell anyone, it was our secret, we wanted to make sure that I wasnt going to miscarry as I had before.

June 18th is When we decided to share the news with our family, Nick had graduated that day and we had the whole family together, (except for Nicks older sister's family) That was a great time. My dad had found out why I kept giving him an evil eye everytime he took my snacks, my crackers and rice cakes. I was sick and couldnt tell him yet!!!!