Monday, February 9, 2009


So Anberlyn's Due date was January 10th then changed to the 6th.
I wanted nothing more than for her to be born after Christmas and after New Years!!! I talked about it all the time, God has a since of humor because Anberlyn was born Christmas Day!!!

It all Started Christmas Eve, I was having some strong contractions, but not regular enough. My sister kept saying that it wasnt it I would be in a lot more pain. So Christmas morning at 4:45am I woke up with contractions these were VERY consistent! We had to be at Nicks parents house at 6am to open presents, so I made to decision to go, I didnt not want to go to the hospital again to have them send me home. So opening presents I was sitting under the video camera, ever 2 minutes you hear me breathing hard, Very funny! My brother in law kept looking at me like I was crazy!!!! around 8 am the last present was being opened, the gift was outside, it was a bike for my eldest niece, Nick got the car half way to the car yet another contraction, I had to stop and lean on a car. (my father in law video tapping it all) I got in the car and called the Dr. (the hospital was in Newpart, we were always afraid of having the baby during traffic hour! nope Christmas day, the freeway is just that a free-way, it was EMPTY) When I got to the hospital I was admitted, I was having contrations in the hall. They checked me and I was dialated to 5 1/2 cmt. It didnt feel that bad, I could talk through the contractions and everything, they asked if I wanted an epidural and I said yes, but I had to wait becasue there was another lady in labor who was dialated to 1 cm and needed the epi as she was in a lot of pain! I got when I was at about 6 cm or so. then it was a waiting game! around 1 or 2pm they decided to break my water, odd feeling, then waited some more, around 2:30-3 I started the pushing process!!!!! no fun I did this for about 3 hours!!!!! finally they brought out the vacuum and vacummed her out, Anberlyn Rae was born at 5:41pm 7 lbs, 1 oz 19 in. her head was in the 95th percentile and is why I had such a hard time pushing her out!!!

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