Monday, February 9, 2009

over the years!

Nick and I have had a few years together before having a child, I think it was the best decision! We had to time to get to know one another to run around, do things at any hour! We wanted to go to a movie we did, Movies were our life!!!!! We went at the very least once a week! We tried to visit WA once a year, we accomplished this! we honeymooned in WA, Actually Nick suprised me with a road trip, (he didnt know I hated road trips hehehe) We drove up the beautiful coast of California, well until the car broke down in Carmel, next to Monterrey, we stayed there until his dad brought us a different car. we did A LOT of walking and I took my first cab ride (GROSS) we visited the aquarium and had Denny's a lot! Once his dad came we continued our drive North, straight into Canada, stayed there for a few amazing nights, then back down to Seattle, I fell in LOVE I LOVE Seattle!!!! we stayed a few nights then decided we just wanted to get ome, and we drove straight home, 19 hours! it was fun and memorable!!!

I was working in a home day care at this time and I continued to do so until Spring 2004 I believe, I quit and was jobless, I started Cosmetology school that Summer, that was a hard fun year! a few months in, March 2005, I applied at Starbucks, didnt get the job, and applied again the following month, I got the job! It was the best job I'd every had! I loved it there!!!! it was a tough time though, I was going to school 40 hours a week and working 30-35 a week! Nick and I saw each other around midnight every night it was a hello how was your day goodnight. It was hard, but we did what we had to do.

I graduated Cosmetology August of 2005, still working at Starbuck and having more time with hubby, October 2005 I got a job offer as an Assistant Apartment manager, I got free rent plus pay of $1700 a month!!!!!! it was great!!!! though I got really tired of the Manager and spending 8 hours a day in a small room with a negative man hating government hating lady! it was REALLY HARD. so April 2007 we decided I could quit, we didnt need a 2 bedroom anyhow, so I quit and did Sensaria only! (I had started With Sensaria January 2007) I was doing well. Two weeks after deciding to move into a one bedroom May 1st we found out we were expecting a baby!!!! We didnt tell anyone, it was our secret, we wanted to make sure that I wasnt going to miscarry as I had before.

June 18th is When we decided to share the news with our family, Nick had graduated that day and we had the whole family together, (except for Nicks older sister's family) That was a great time. My dad had found out why I kept giving him an evil eye everytime he took my snacks, my crackers and rice cakes. I was sick and couldnt tell him yet!!!!

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