Monday, July 30, 2012

Manic Monday

Good afternoon... So late, So tired.

I got up early this morning to drop Anberlyn off at my friend Stefani' house as she was gonna drop A off at VBS while I went into the dentist to have a chip fix, which turned into filling a cavity and 2 partial crowns! UGH! Thats only part of my mouth, I need to go back in and get more stuff done! YAY great teeth! I was there from 8:30-12:30! BUT before today... Meaning this past weekend, I had a blast.

Two of my best girlfriends {Kristen and Stefani }and I headed out to palm dessert for the night, we hit the pool, got done up, went to dinner {with a classic rock band} stayed up to 5am chit chatting, headed to the outlets shopped, coffee just a straight up blast! Our amazing men stayed home and watched our adorable children, to let their wives, just have fun! Its was a great time, and I cant wait to do it again!!!

Wanna see some photos, well Im tired and really dont wanna load them all, all the same shot just not! haha head over to Kristens page and look at them :
Vessel Handmade
Thanks friends, I hope you had a great weekend!
Whats your favorite color??

Friday, July 27, 2012

Coffee Date!

Hey guys! Im back! I know, I missed our coffee last week, boy I was exhausted! Last friday I went shopping with my sister in law, we stopped off at this coffee shop in Long Beach, Let me tell you BEST BLENDED DRINK I HAVE EVER HAD! So not joking! It was a Salted Carmel Blended latte with almond milk, My taste buds were dancing and my tummy was growing! I had it again the following day when I headed over to the Penelope Lane Boutique... Huh? OH where do you get this crack in a cup...? Portfolios Coffeehouse, the vibe there was awesome, customer service was to die for, they were quick, friendly and did I mention the coffee was AMAZING! My sis in law loves the blended Peanut Butter Mocha, it was pretty stellar! ;o) I almost want to move, to Long Beach just to be closer to this place!
My Salted Carmel Blended Latte! mmmm

So back to our chat. This week has been a bit calmer. I would talk about how cool our God is. That we have had our van for sale for almost 2 months, with little interest. The other day I prayed over it and POW we get like 10 phone calls for it, in like a 24 hour period! WOW, the guy buying it is a grandpa who moved out here to be closer to his grand kids, and wants a van to tote them around in! So cool!

I would tell you that Im so happy right now! Little things in life are just unfolding and working out, new friendships and old, this homeschooling thing has got me jittery, and Im so excited about it. Ive taken a step back in things I was doing, to focus on my family and those closest to me. Im still trying to figure it out, Im learning to be a friend again. I used to be, as Ive said, such a bubbly outgoing person, who could really care less what someone thought. Things have changed so much in the past few years, the want and need to feel accepted, and beyond that the want and need to feel needed. That feeling, the feeling of not being needed sucks! I KNOW Im needed/wanted in my family, and I KNOW thats most important. I am human, more so, I am female! AHHHH BUT like I said, this week has been pretty great for the most part! Some lows, but mostly highs.

Back to homeschooling, I met up with my mentor and a few ladies this week, BOY OH BOY! Im excited. We talked about a few things, we had a blast. It just confirmed Im doing exactly what Im supposed to be doing! And that I can do it! I love the support that I have, and cant wait for the year to get started!

Remember a few weeks back, I mentioned a friend was pregnant again after a couple miscarriages.... well.... she is STILL PREGNANT! I couldnt be happier for her thus far, and am continuing to lift her and her wee one up in prayer, will you continue as well!?

I have a fun weekend planned! What are you doing?!?!
Thanks for stopping by, see you next week!

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Manic Monday

Did you notice I missed our coffee date on Friday!?!?! Yeah sorry about that!

This past week has been a whirl wind! With CHEA, and Talent Camp, and Nick out of town, and my brother and sis in law and sister in town, and and and and and!!!! Im just exhausted. I had a friend ask if I was ok, just from my voice... MAN! {I was so thankful she noticed and asked, it made me feel loved}

I had a BLAST at Talent Camp, a few of us helped a friend in Martial arts, Im so pro now! My mad skills have been perfected! Watch out Chuck Norris, I got this!
For real though I learned some great things, while helping out the kids, boy did we have a big class, with great kids! And boy was I sore! .
Getting up at 6 am {most nights staying up till 2 or 3} Nick out of town 3 kids to myself wore me down! It wore on my emotions, my mind, physically.
{I went shopping with my sister, heading to MAC is always a blast!
I also went shopping with my sis in law, she bought some SUPER cute vintage dresses! I was in love and a little jealous! {She had a photo shoot with my brother, Ill try to get photos to post. }
I bought some red lipstick, I dont think I rock it, but Im gonna most definitely attempt it! EEEK
OH we also went to a boutique and I bought this AMAZING messenger bag from Vessel Handmade, Its soooo cute {you'll see a picture of it on her post today}, Ill take a photo of it, hey, with my red lipstick! hahaha!
Oh and at that boutique, I made a fool of my self, but mainly to myself, it wasnt really noticeable. So there is this SUPER CUTE person you runs this SUPER CUTE shop, who is married to a guy that used to be in a band that I and my hubster and a few friends, listened to in highschool, I went to many of the shows, and they were there and are just by chance friends with one of my favorite artists. Like drawings and tats and stuff. So we are standing there talking, I look back, my eyes get big, I take a step behind Kristen and feel my whole body get hot and my insides turn... WHAT IS THAT! WHAT THE HECK, I dont do that! I was so embarrassed, I met him, shook his hand, and that was that, he and they are so great, so nice... The worst thing is I ALMOST wore a shirt he designed, it was out, it was on my bed I was SOOOO gonna wear it that day... I am more than thankful I didnt, I would have died.... hahaha Let me tell you I felt silly.. I STILL feel silly! Just sayin... and Im leaving it at that! haha oh man oh man!!!!
So Saturday {the day of the boutique, the end of the week} my loving and wonderful hubby told me that he misses me! I wanted to cry! We live under the same roof and so havent been seeing each other. Sunday he went bowling and to a baseball game with his family and Anbo, tonight he will be out with his buddies I have plans a couple nights this week, and not just silly plans. Then Im going out of town this upcoming weekend, just one night. AHHHH
I need to plan a day with him, just us.. Maybe in September for his birthday. Its so hard to ask anyone to babysit my 3 kids, and know they will enjoy doing it, I hate to be a burden on anyone. To feel like we can enjoy ourselves and that the person babysitting isnt to tired or worn out and just cant wait for us to come back. {shameless plug...? HAHAHA kidding, kidding} You know what Im talking about...  right.. :o)
Ive never been so tired for so long, it was easier having a newborn, my eyes were heavy for days. Just put on a happy face and go! Im doing better now!
Im excited to spend the day at the aquarium tomorrow with friends and my sis in law{Nicks sister}. Im super sad that also tomorrow my brother and his wife head back to japan! Ive so enjoyed spending time with them :o[

How are you doing?
Have you ever met someone and been 'star struck'? Tell me about it. How about babysitting, do you have a hard time asking for a sitter, or do you have someone you can always count on?

Monday, July 16, 2012

Manic Monday

This past weekend my hubster and I {along with some other great friends} attended the annual CHEA convention. I loved it so much. I was unable to see all the speakers I wanted to see, but there was something more to it that just put my heart at ease! Something about seeing all the people there, all the different walks off life, all different styles! I stopped and talked to one lady with long bright pink hair who is in the roller derby, and a homeschool mom, SHE ROCKS! Different ages, races, all kinds of extremes! LOVED it! I loved feeling like I was in the right spot, that God had led me there. I wasnt overwhelmed, I wasnt intimidated, just the opposite. 
My favorite part was how into it my husband was! It was so great! My heart was so happy!
I cant tell you how excited I am for this next venture in life!

One lady I listened to, talked about how to homeschool doesnt mean you have to live in a pigpen.
Though I didnt get much from her {She told a lot of stories no information I can take with me} BUT I did take that I should decorate and make my home FEEL like a home! I havent decorated my home, because I didnt know how long I would be here! Could have been a couple short months... Its been almost a year... She said to unload and decorate right away.. Create a living space.. So I think that will be my next project..
I have all these ideas.. now to act on them.
Pinterest... Here I come....

I was sooo kinda not really, but a little sad to hear that one of the Kardashians named their little girl Penelope! Its a name I always liked almost named my 2nd that, and I knew {AFTER having her} that it was becoming popular again, but now... now its gonna be huge! I know Im being silly... but shouldnt she have named her Diamond Star Gazer Kardashian Disick ... or something!? {{I soooo had to go look up all this, I know nothing about the Kardashians, except they are famous and have worked with OPIs Nicole nail polish line....}}HAHA Im SOOOOOOOOOOO just kidding her name is beautiful she is beautiful, I love it!!

I think I mentioned before what a crazy week I have.. I have so much to do. I have so much laundry to fold. I have lots of dishes to wash. My girly time decided it would be fun to come a few days early, I think just to make things a little more difficult! So here we go!!

What do you do to relax?

Friday, July 13, 2012

Coffee Time

{My coffee is still brewing........ ARG..... I throw it in the freezer for 20 minutes after it brews, remember, I dont like hot coffee...}
Sitting down to coffee this morning, my heart is a little heavy. This week an acquaintance shared that she suffered a loss, a loss of her unborn baby. Another friend has had a few miscarriages and shared with me she is again pregnant, and oh how we are praying for that sweet precious baby. Another baby is in the hospital this week getting tests run to see why she is not gaining weight.

These precious, sweet babies of God. Each formed in the hearts of the momma, in the heart of our God. Each has a special spot in His heart. My heart aches with them, my heart is stressing with them, my heart is praying for them. {{Will you as well?}}

{{For You formed my inward parts;
You covered me in my mother’s womb.
I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Psalm 139:13-14a}}

I would share that another friend just reached the next step in her process to foster {{to adopt}} how I leap for joy for her and her new venture in life, so excited, and praying for the little baby girl or boy that will enter that home! What a wonderful home it is!
Ive mentioned my friend who is in the adoption process to adopt a sweet girl with down syndrome, she is still working hard at raising those funds, and God, I believe, is blessing her in ways she has never imagined {Collins Clan to the right}
OH and another friends sweet precious beautiful little girls adoption was finalized this week! Little babies are all around me, I love them so!
{{Can you feel my baby fever!?!?! haha I just keep saying December, December, December, that's when we start trying for #4}}

Im reading a great book with my book club, Mission of Motherhood, I love Sally Clarkson and her heart. I love her love for children. I attended a conference of hers, MAN I highly recommend anything of hers. You will learn so much!

Oh friend, last week after we met for coffee, I took my kids to the dentist, it was A's 4th time and E's 2nd. A has a cavity!! ARG, I take her this morning to get it filled! I haven't told her exactly whats happening, as she is a panicker, I did tell her that the dentist will be fixing a tooth, and it will be a little more work than just a check up. Im not excited about it! She will do fine Im sure. OF COURSE the kids decided that today would be a GREAT day to wake up super early. I was planning on awaking them around 8, OH NO, why mom thats to late, we wanna wake up at 5:45am.. Not the best day for that kids! The younger's are off to a babysitter while A gets drilled into. Im praying that they are great and not cranky, tired little's.

I'm so excited that tomorrow I get the opportunity to attend CHEA, a homeschooling convention, Im excited that hubby is attending with me! Im excited that my little brother and his wife fly in tonight, as they are visiting from Japan! Im excited that my sister in law will also me visiting from Texas this week, my little sister will also be driving down {she lives 6 hours north} to visit! My nieces are also visiting from South Carolina, HELLO FAMILY! What a busy week, OH and Im volunteering with VBS at my church next week, A and the youngers will all attend as well! Im tired and excited thinking about it! 

Yesterday I bought new shampoo and conditioner, I LOVE what I had been using, but thought, hey lets just try something new... BIG mistake! I HATE the something new.... Why didnt I stay with what I loved!?!?! my hair feels greasy and gross.... Just sayin... Have you done that...?

How are you doing? Anything exciting coming up this week for you?

Welp, Im off to finish making my coffee, and panic about A's cavity! EEEEK I love our time together friend, have a wonderful rest of your day!!

**Sorry Im so jittery and bouncing around so much, kinda where my mind is, ALL OVER the place! I really do speak like this, jumping from thought to thought. I will start talking about something we talked about 3 hours ago, like we were still talking about it! Drives hubby nuts!!! haha

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Manic Monday {{Flies}}

Source of phot
Flies, I HATE flies!
Its fly season here in my area of corona! There are horses near by, and because of that, FLIES!
Our home is relatively clean, not nasty, a little cluttered, yes, but nothing to exciting for a fly!

From the last couple weeks, Ive learned a lot about these terrible, disgusting things.
They sleep, yeah, I know, weird right! Later in the afternoon/evening, they chill on the screens, not moving much. THIS is when its kill time! They are off guard, they arent paying attention, I killed 5 in less than a minute!!! They are slow in movement and just chill.

Morning, they are WIDE awake, zipping around, attacking your face cuz you killed their friends the night before! When they land, its in a sunny spot, on the carpet or couch, you try to smash them, they are all caffeined up, there is no way you can catch them!

Mid day, they are a little more relaxed, normal flies, killable if you have some speed to you. I HATE THEM! Gonna try some fly strips, or something! I know they wait for us to open the door and fly in!
I bought an extra large fly swatter at the dollar store, mainly as a joke, but its come in quite handy.
They are evil!
Whats the point of them?!?!How do they complete this cycle of life?
Eat poo, and drive me insane, is all I can think of!!!

How do you get rid of them!?! Do you have a secret?!

Would you mind clicking here and seeing God at Work!

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Friday, July 6, 2012


You scream, I scream, we all scream for.... COFFEE!!!!

Sometimes, its like ice cream! Its yummy, and just sometimes whats needed!
So if we sat down to coffee this week, Id let you know, that not much has happened.
Pretty easy going week. Our Fourth of July was uneventful, went to my parents house for lunch and was home by 4. No fireworks. No sparklers. Just sitting at home! How was your fourth?

Tuesday I went to Disneyland, I was going to meet a friend there, and be there by 9am! I left my house at 8:45 {{OPPS}} so I would have gotton to Disney at like 9:15-9:30 {just parking, then I walk in} I made the mistake of taking a different route to the freeway, which was WAY backed up, NEVER will I do that again, it took about 20 minutes to get on the freeway, by the time I got to Disney, parked and walked in, it was after 10am! I met my friend, whose kids were ready for their morning naps, so we rode a ride, let them run around a bit, then she left, and I was there


With my three. {{It wasn't bad.}}

A lady stopped me and told me I was doing a great job! WHAT A COMPLIMENT! Its typically, 'Wow, you've got your hands full...." Which yeah, Its work, but I love it, and I cherish those moments...for the most part, and when I have 5-8 kids, yeah I may have my hands full... Right now its just 3...
So in line at a ride, the family behind me heard me say Emersyn's name, they asked which one was her, and they had an Emersyn as well, spelled the same way. The grandma went off and bought her family churros, and handed them out, looked at my kids, and went back for another one for my kids! It was so nice! My kids had the biggest smile on their faces! In line for that ride was a mom, who had six kids with her, and her hubs, I asked her if they were all hers {she gave me THE LOOK, like 'yes they are all mine', waiting for me to say THOSE WORDS 'you've got your hands full'} I told her how cool I thought that was and what great kids they seemed to be, and we chit chatted for a few moments about it. After that ride, I gave the kids their lunches in the stroller, and made the hike back to the car, so the kids could come home to rest before Anberlyns dance.

Anberlyn has been in dance for a while now, and her first dance recital is this weekend, Im beyond excited! She looks so grown up on the stage! We have to put make-up on her, Id let you know, Im not so excited about that, she is so little, and so beautiful, I understand why they do it, I just dont love it!
Id let you know, that earlier this week I was a personal shopper for a friend, she stood in the dressing room, and I just brought her clothing, it was so much fun! The reception/give you a number in front of the dressing room lady, I dont think was very happy about it, she kept giving me dirty looks when I would bring more clothing!

Id say that I have had progress with myself, just being me and trying my hardest to not think about who is friends with who, and who is doing what. Trying not to care what others are thinking about me, and just becoming who I wanna be, this little smidge of me will most likely be brought up a few times, sorry about that, but its whats going on in my head! Isnt it in a lot of peoples heads rather females!? Though I know that goes on in our mens heads sometimes as well, they just dont dwell on it as much! I just need to embrace those who wanna be my friend, who reach out to me as well, and not me to them always. I know life is busy, especially with kids, but one way friendships, to lay it out there, suck! haha DON'T GET ME WRONG THOUGH, I fail, oh do I fail! There is a balance, its finding it.

Sitting here, enjoying my homemade blended drink, there is a wonderful cool breeze blowing by, I love cool breezes, and what a cooler week it has been, I love it! I love sitting with you and chatting! Let me know how you are doing!

Whats YOUR favorite Coffee drink/treat?

Monday, July 2, 2012

Manic Monday

Mondays are gonna be whatevs I may babel or ramble, or who knows, its MANIC! Crazy man CRAZY! ;o)
So I'm a freak... So I've been told.
Wanna know why?

*At restaurants, I hate having my back to the main door, I prefer to sit with my back closest to a wall, where little no no people will be walking behind me
*When I eat buttered popcorn or french fries, or anything greasy, I wipe my hands off between each    piece.
*If your gonna wear fancy shoes or are dressed up with shoes that show your toes, have them painted, not chipped. Even just pick a darker color and paint over the chipped nails, if your in a rush.
*I haven't taken the girls to Chuck E Cheese cuz it grosses me out, yet I'm not a germaphobe.
*I dip my potato chips in ketchup.
*I LOVE running errands as a family, all 5 of us! 
*I don't like the cookie crumble frapp from Starbucks.
*I want lots of kids. 6 at least.
*When I eat a hotdog I like to have cottage cheese and Frito scoops along side! {Frito's and cottage cheese, ROCKS}
*I don't like hot drinks. I prefer them iced, and if its SUPER cold out, maybe luke warm, kids temp.
*I'm scared of the dark.
*I REALLY like my hubby, and LOVE spending time with him!
*I ALWAYS wear a tank top under my shirts, ALWAYS.
*I'm addicted to tanks/spaghetti straps and cardigans.
*Rain and 'gloomy' weather makes me smile.
*Not a fan of the beach. Hate the sticky feeling and sand in weird places, but I think its GORGEOUS!
*Closet doors must be shut, for me to be able to sleep
*Don't like bikinis, not cuz I don't have business in them, but because I feel we {as Christians} should be protecting our brothers hearts and minds.{really dislike, baby, toddlers and kids bikinis}
*My first kiss was on my wedding day.
*I LOVE hot Cheetos with spicy nacho cheese.
*We don't and wont have a TV in our room, or the kids room.
*Gonna homeschool our kids
*Plan is to adopt later on {though there is this little boy who is so precious, I wish I could adopt him now!}
*I like to pick, anything, zits, scabs, teeth, paint, my arms get it the most.
*I love Jesus.
*I could do without ice cream, not a fan. {though I have moments were I crave it}
*Don't listen to much non Christian music, if I do, its typically Country. {Not that country is better than the other crap out there, oh and show tunes! love show tunes}
*I'm oblivious to a lot of jokes.
*I'm not comfortable talking to men, especially friends hubbies {I'm working on that}
*I'm scared of needles, but cant wait to get my first tat!
*I smell things... Weird things... Not so much anymore, but after every phone call, Id have to smell the phone.. Its been a while since I've done that.
*Im a bit claustrophobic.
*I HATE when Im driving, and I can feel the cold air from the ac on my arms, but not my face and Im breathing in warm air!
*Im paranoid, check under my car, and back seats, before getting into them, especially at night. Try to always walk out with a friend, and will drive a friend to their car. When dropping off friends at home, I watch them until they get into the house. I check my locks often.... yeah.....
*I wanna be a runner, looks relaxing.
*I get emotional and rarely express to anyone whats its really about.
*We don't have debt, nor credit cards
*Always sleep with at least a sheet
*NEVER can I sleep with socks
*Can not sleep in pants, has to be shorts, hate getting twisted up
*I LOVE my kids oh so very very much!!!!

OH, not a freak for the last one... good I'm glad!

All bagillion things I listed, helps make me.... me... If you really know me, which not many people do, I am a goof, Ill 'booty dance' {if you call it that....} in parking lots, I'll mosh, I'll tell you how it is, I'll be honest if you ask. {Ive had a SUPER hard time with any of that lately, as I think Im afraid of loosing my friends...} Im trying so hard to let go of that and Just be me. Its a tough one!

But hey, wanna boogie!?!?!?!

{{ I know Im not a freak, haha, we all have funny things about us!}}

What are some of the things that make you weird?