Friday, July 13, 2012

Coffee Time

{My coffee is still brewing........ ARG..... I throw it in the freezer for 20 minutes after it brews, remember, I dont like hot coffee...}
Sitting down to coffee this morning, my heart is a little heavy. This week an acquaintance shared that she suffered a loss, a loss of her unborn baby. Another friend has had a few miscarriages and shared with me she is again pregnant, and oh how we are praying for that sweet precious baby. Another baby is in the hospital this week getting tests run to see why she is not gaining weight.

These precious, sweet babies of God. Each formed in the hearts of the momma, in the heart of our God. Each has a special spot in His heart. My heart aches with them, my heart is stressing with them, my heart is praying for them. {{Will you as well?}}

{{For You formed my inward parts;
You covered me in my mother’s womb.
I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Psalm 139:13-14a}}

I would share that another friend just reached the next step in her process to foster {{to adopt}} how I leap for joy for her and her new venture in life, so excited, and praying for the little baby girl or boy that will enter that home! What a wonderful home it is!
Ive mentioned my friend who is in the adoption process to adopt a sweet girl with down syndrome, she is still working hard at raising those funds, and God, I believe, is blessing her in ways she has never imagined {Collins Clan to the right}
OH and another friends sweet precious beautiful little girls adoption was finalized this week! Little babies are all around me, I love them so!
{{Can you feel my baby fever!?!?! haha I just keep saying December, December, December, that's when we start trying for #4}}

Im reading a great book with my book club, Mission of Motherhood, I love Sally Clarkson and her heart. I love her love for children. I attended a conference of hers, MAN I highly recommend anything of hers. You will learn so much!

Oh friend, last week after we met for coffee, I took my kids to the dentist, it was A's 4th time and E's 2nd. A has a cavity!! ARG, I take her this morning to get it filled! I haven't told her exactly whats happening, as she is a panicker, I did tell her that the dentist will be fixing a tooth, and it will be a little more work than just a check up. Im not excited about it! She will do fine Im sure. OF COURSE the kids decided that today would be a GREAT day to wake up super early. I was planning on awaking them around 8, OH NO, why mom thats to late, we wanna wake up at 5:45am.. Not the best day for that kids! The younger's are off to a babysitter while A gets drilled into. Im praying that they are great and not cranky, tired little's.

I'm so excited that tomorrow I get the opportunity to attend CHEA, a homeschooling convention, Im excited that hubby is attending with me! Im excited that my little brother and his wife fly in tonight, as they are visiting from Japan! Im excited that my sister in law will also me visiting from Texas this week, my little sister will also be driving down {she lives 6 hours north} to visit! My nieces are also visiting from South Carolina, HELLO FAMILY! What a busy week, OH and Im volunteering with VBS at my church next week, A and the youngers will all attend as well! Im tired and excited thinking about it! 

Yesterday I bought new shampoo and conditioner, I LOVE what I had been using, but thought, hey lets just try something new... BIG mistake! I HATE the something new.... Why didnt I stay with what I loved!?!?! my hair feels greasy and gross.... Just sayin... Have you done that...?

How are you doing? Anything exciting coming up this week for you?

Welp, Im off to finish making my coffee, and panic about A's cavity! EEEEK I love our time together friend, have a wonderful rest of your day!!

**Sorry Im so jittery and bouncing around so much, kinda where my mind is, ALL OVER the place! I really do speak like this, jumping from thought to thought. I will start talking about something we talked about 3 hours ago, like we were still talking about it! Drives hubby nuts!!! haha

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  1. I hope the dentist goes well! They found a little spot between two of Maddie's teeth last time but opted to watch it (instead of fixing it right away). I was relieved at the time but now I kinda wish it had just been fixed, you know?

    Praying for all the mamas going through trying times!

    1. I thought about opting out... but have friend with kids who have had root canals... AHHHHHHHH scary! So I thought to just take care of it ASAP! Thanks!

  2. OH MAN!!! so sorry TEss! i am praying for those babies... that seems like a lot in one week!

    Agh! the dentist. i HATE the dentist. i should probably take my kids sometime soon. i wouldn't be surprised if he had a cavity too. the doc asked him yesterday how often he brushes, he told her once. oops!

    anyhow, thanks for the plug and the encouragement. AND YAY!!! for Kristen!! that is sooo exciting!

    enjoy your coffee, my weird friend. ;)

    love ya!

    1. The Dentist isnt as bad as I thought it would be! I vowed to be consistent with them, Im SOOOO not consistent! I have crappy teeth! arg!

  3. Welcome to coffee! I love cold coffee too.
    When I took my youngest to the dentist for the first time he had two cavities...needed crowns on both of them. He's been fine ever since...a miracle considering my HORRIBLE teeth.
    I jump from thought to thought my blog to see! ;)

    1. my teeth STINK! ! Yikes for crowns! EEK!! Thanks for commenting!

  4. So glad I found your blog through Coffee Date. I linked up too and did a vlog!! Ahh!! I love that you are going to a homeschool convention...I hope to go to one in the future, they seem very fun and informational. I asked for homeschooling tips in my vlog so if you have any I'd love your wisdom! :-) Have a wonderful weekend! ~Stacy

    1. OH MAN! CHEA {Homeschool convention} was SOOO cool!! Im gonna head over to your blag and check out your vlog!

  5. I'm so dreading the dentist with my kids. It's on the summer to do list, but I keep putting it off. Scary!!

    1. Im sure they will do great! Im trying to be consistent! My parents weren't growing up, and my teeth stink!