Monday, July 23, 2012

Manic Monday

Did you notice I missed our coffee date on Friday!?!?! Yeah sorry about that!

This past week has been a whirl wind! With CHEA, and Talent Camp, and Nick out of town, and my brother and sis in law and sister in town, and and and and and!!!! Im just exhausted. I had a friend ask if I was ok, just from my voice... MAN! {I was so thankful she noticed and asked, it made me feel loved}

I had a BLAST at Talent Camp, a few of us helped a friend in Martial arts, Im so pro now! My mad skills have been perfected! Watch out Chuck Norris, I got this!
For real though I learned some great things, while helping out the kids, boy did we have a big class, with great kids! And boy was I sore! .
Getting up at 6 am {most nights staying up till 2 or 3} Nick out of town 3 kids to myself wore me down! It wore on my emotions, my mind, physically.
{I went shopping with my sister, heading to MAC is always a blast!
I also went shopping with my sis in law, she bought some SUPER cute vintage dresses! I was in love and a little jealous! {She had a photo shoot with my brother, Ill try to get photos to post. }
I bought some red lipstick, I dont think I rock it, but Im gonna most definitely attempt it! EEEK
OH we also went to a boutique and I bought this AMAZING messenger bag from Vessel Handmade, Its soooo cute {you'll see a picture of it on her post today}, Ill take a photo of it, hey, with my red lipstick! hahaha!
Oh and at that boutique, I made a fool of my self, but mainly to myself, it wasnt really noticeable. So there is this SUPER CUTE person you runs this SUPER CUTE shop, who is married to a guy that used to be in a band that I and my hubster and a few friends, listened to in highschool, I went to many of the shows, and they were there and are just by chance friends with one of my favorite artists. Like drawings and tats and stuff. So we are standing there talking, I look back, my eyes get big, I take a step behind Kristen and feel my whole body get hot and my insides turn... WHAT IS THAT! WHAT THE HECK, I dont do that! I was so embarrassed, I met him, shook his hand, and that was that, he and they are so great, so nice... The worst thing is I ALMOST wore a shirt he designed, it was out, it was on my bed I was SOOOO gonna wear it that day... I am more than thankful I didnt, I would have died.... hahaha Let me tell you I felt silly.. I STILL feel silly! Just sayin... and Im leaving it at that! haha oh man oh man!!!!
So Saturday {the day of the boutique, the end of the week} my loving and wonderful hubby told me that he misses me! I wanted to cry! We live under the same roof and so havent been seeing each other. Sunday he went bowling and to a baseball game with his family and Anbo, tonight he will be out with his buddies I have plans a couple nights this week, and not just silly plans. Then Im going out of town this upcoming weekend, just one night. AHHHH
I need to plan a day with him, just us.. Maybe in September for his birthday. Its so hard to ask anyone to babysit my 3 kids, and know they will enjoy doing it, I hate to be a burden on anyone. To feel like we can enjoy ourselves and that the person babysitting isnt to tired or worn out and just cant wait for us to come back. {shameless plug...? HAHAHA kidding, kidding} You know what Im talking about...  right.. :o)
Ive never been so tired for so long, it was easier having a newborn, my eyes were heavy for days. Just put on a happy face and go! Im doing better now!
Im excited to spend the day at the aquarium tomorrow with friends and my sis in law{Nicks sister}. Im super sad that also tomorrow my brother and his wife head back to japan! Ive so enjoyed spending time with them :o[

How are you doing?
Have you ever met someone and been 'star struck'? Tell me about it. How about babysitting, do you have a hard time asking for a sitter, or do you have someone you can always count on?


  1. so funny and i think I know who you are talking about ;) I bet we were at a show together back in the day, pretty crazy! My husband was good friends with a lot of those guys in those bands back then. so weird how life connects! Also, I am a bit star struck by SNL people. I totally walked my four kids to pike place market to try and see will ferrell in the midst of a crazy mob, I'm insane!

    1. AHHHHHHHHHHHH haha, you cant know who Im talking about!!! I felt SOOOO SILLY!!!