Monday, July 9, 2012

Manic Monday {{Flies}}

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Flies, I HATE flies!
Its fly season here in my area of corona! There are horses near by, and because of that, FLIES!
Our home is relatively clean, not nasty, a little cluttered, yes, but nothing to exciting for a fly!

From the last couple weeks, Ive learned a lot about these terrible, disgusting things.
They sleep, yeah, I know, weird right! Later in the afternoon/evening, they chill on the screens, not moving much. THIS is when its kill time! They are off guard, they arent paying attention, I killed 5 in less than a minute!!! They are slow in movement and just chill.

Morning, they are WIDE awake, zipping around, attacking your face cuz you killed their friends the night before! When they land, its in a sunny spot, on the carpet or couch, you try to smash them, they are all caffeined up, there is no way you can catch them!

Mid day, they are a little more relaxed, normal flies, killable if you have some speed to you. I HATE THEM! Gonna try some fly strips, or something! I know they wait for us to open the door and fly in!
I bought an extra large fly swatter at the dollar store, mainly as a joke, but its come in quite handy.
They are evil!
Whats the point of them?!?!How do they complete this cycle of life?
Eat poo, and drive me insane, is all I can think of!!!

How do you get rid of them!?! Do you have a secret?!

Would you mind clicking here and seeing God at Work!

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  1. I HHHHHAAAATTTTTEEEE flies!!! soo gross. my parents actually have these fly traps that may even be nastier than the actually fly... it's this stick tape that hangs from something - that catches the flies... but then someone always ends up running into them - sooo nasty!

    We just have a fly swatter in every corner of our house around here. we get them really bad in the summer too.

  2. Yes I despise the little BUGS. I use my swatter and I get grossed out when I have to clean up the guts so I usually swat them mid flight and on the hard floor where I can see them. I'm pretty fast, even holding a baby. haha

    The benefits of flies... They feed the spiders! Need a pet spider? :/ They also help pollinate, which kind of grosses me out a bit since they also feed on decaying waste (poo and dead animals).