Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Desk

I just got this desk.

Its 3ftx5ft ITS HUGE! 

Its kinda cool.
I wanna paint it.
White. but not white WHITE.
Leave the top?
might line the inside.
See the green?

The whole desk was that color, the owner refinished it.
Kinda bummed me out, the green would have been RAD!
It will go in our new room.
This is our new room.
So white seems like a good color.
Im gonna paint our dresser as well.
Its currently stained black.

Our room has always been just a room to sleep in and put our clothing.
I would like it to be a bit of a retreat.
For nick and I.

I picked out sheets for our bed.
they are charcoal gray.
Looking at fabric to recover our current pillows.
These are fabrics Im kinda looking at.
Keeping kinda masculine, still feminine.



I have no idea what to do as headboard.
Im trying to stay with the cheap or free.
The desk was free.

We shall see!
Im excited.
Praying we made the right choice in homes.
I go looking,
I found one $200 cheaper than the one we got.
I just need to stop!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Hello there

I know I said I had this AMAZING creation, I thought I was a genius, I typed a blog telling you all about it! I havent taken photos, its just sitting there. soon.

You see we CRAZY people have decided to move. AGAIN! The rent at our new place is $150 cheaper, they pay for water, SOOO its about $190- $200 cheaper. IT has a garage, ATTACHED! Its bigger. Im excited. Its in Corona, like a half mile from where we were before. Not the greatest of neighborhoods, but the little community looks nice.

Packing is NUTS!
Stressing me out more than you know.

So for September I had lots of plans lined up.
MOPS, every other Tuesday
Dance for Anbo, every Tuesday.
A moms group every other Thursday
and finally a Womens bible study every other Tuesday evening.
There is also a Corona mops I went back and forth about going to.

I was SOOOOOO stoked about each of this things
First I got put on the waiting list for mops, Im in now! WOOT
Decided last night to hold off on Dance for Anbo, her potty training, is well, GOING DOWN THE DRAIN once again, SOOO frustrating.
Moms group, I just figured its to far now that Im moving, so I did that to myself.
The womens bible study that I was more than excited about, well they decided that they dont want nursing mothers there as a distraction, with the move, I think she will just be to far away if I decided to go to the study, she is only 3 months old.

My goal was to get to know people, throw myself out there. join groups, join Bible studies. I just might have been trying to do to much.
Gods putting the brakes on.

Doesnt change these dumb girly emotions. I cant stop crying. Im RIDICULOUS to say the least.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Once upon a time I was an outgoing could care less what you think type person!
Then I married Nick, who is kinda to himself, shy and just not an outgoing person.
Her rubbed off on me, instead of me rubbing off on him.
I now keep to myself, have a hard time making friends and all around not the same person.
The friends I had having taken a step back, OR I have. I kind of secluded myself during my last pregnancy, and I still am. I think 3 kids not only scares me but scares others around me.  I separated myself from friends, I wasnt giving my friendship, Im still not, and just isolated myself.

Nick and I sat and talked and talked and talked recently. It was a wonderful time of laughing and tears. Lots of emotions. It was long overdue, as I have been holding so much in. Since giving birth to the last one I was battling the baby blues, I was put on the pill, as to not make any babies right now, and that made it SOOO much worse, I was crying day in and day out feeling extremely alone and just miserable. I stopped taking said pill, and I feel OH SO much better. Im not crying so much. I regret not sharing this with others and dealing with it alone. Nick didnt even know, he just thought I was tired.

So I have made a pack with myself, Im putting myself out there. I will get to know more Christian women. I have signed up for a ladies Bible Study, MOPS, and we attend a Young Marrieds service at our church. I have been making new friends there, and I can not wait for those friendships to grow stronger! I want to re-get to know old friends, and just all around be surrounded by Jesus FREAKS! HEHEHE

I think part of my isolating myself was because I wasnt 'known' for anything, I have friends who are known for their AMAZING voice, for their talents in sewing, for their teaching skills, for their baking skills, and I FELT that I had nothing, one reason I think I started loving nail polishes so much.

I want to be known for loving Jesus, for raising my kids to love Him, To be known for loving my husband, for being a homemaker and a wife, OH and a mommy (for being patient!)! Those are my goals, and Im gonna take it one step at a time! Tackling it all at once, and I think I would fail! My kids are still very young, and rest is important as well!

PS and in the friendships I make, Im praying that their husbands, and my hubby get along, because I want my hubster to have friends as well!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Oh My Heart!

Im sitting here with my laptop, on my couch, a TV in front of me, video game systems placed above it, in an entertainment center.
To my left is our dining room, a bookshelf with puzzles, coloring books, crayons, play-doh, a pantry next to that with food!
Next to that is our Kitchen, a fridge with food, cabinets with more dishes than we probably need!
We have 3 bedrooms. Our 2 older girls as of now, have their OWN rooms. They have way more toys than they need. Way more clothing than they NEED.
We have 2 bathrooms. 2 showers, 2 toilets.
We have 2 cars.
Nick has a job.
I stay at home to play and have fun with my kids, and maybe spend to much time on the internet!
I want more nail polish.
I want a Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag.
I want, want, want, want!!!!

I love things! I love getting new things!

But what about THIS    (<~~click & Read)
Did you read it? or even just look at the 2 photos. Did you watch that video, she is an AMAZING lady! Growing up I have always said I wanted a little black boy. (and an Asian one) I asked Nick once what he would say if I gave birth to a black baby, he said I would be in a LOT of trouble! haha I can understand that. But thats beside the point. Looking at those photos break my heart. I want them! I want to hold them! I want to feed them! We call our younger 2 girls tubby all the time! Big little bellies, and double chins! They eat so much! Now READ THIS! MAN my kids have got it good. My hear breaks for that mother, the baby, the twin sister! What they have to do to get extra food! 
I want to adopt these babies! I want to show them love! I want I want I want! I think this is a greater want than my nail polishes. I think this is actually probably more of a need! I NEED these sweet babies! Jesus loves the little children! We are called to be Christ like. Therefore I need to love on these babies!!!
And this my friend is my goal! 

PS, Anbo just woke up screaming from HER very own bed wanting a drink of water, I walked to the sink, filled up a cup and she drank!!! HOW BLESSED IS SHE! 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Q is for....

Queen Bee Market!

So many FUN FUN vendors! Im glad Im on a budget (or maybe Im not), and am only allowed to take a certain amount of money, cuz I think I could EASILY go broke!!!

Go to their site, check out the vendors, COME and be excited! I SURELY am!!!

OH! AND to make things even WAY better, yeah they are doing a fundraiser! For each can of food you bring, you get entered into a drawing! 10 cans, 10 chances! OH YEAH! Read about it HERE!