Monday, February 28, 2011


I LOVE Coke Slurpee's! I mix it with a little bit of cherry, but more coke than cherry!
If there is a Cherry Coke available, Man Im in heaven!(Thank you target on Tustin in Orange mm Icee)

Hair makes me happy, I LOVE color! I wish I pursued it more.

Eye Shadow is so much fun, MAC is a favorite (prolly cuz I get discounts), but I love loose shadows a lot right now!

Nail Polish! OH MAN, i love thee! It just brings a little bounce in my day! Seeing something bright and fun on my hands a smile to my face! Today they are a sparkly bubble gum pink! Yesterday a fun Mustard Yellow! My toes are currently a very pretty turquoisey color!  Thank you lil sis for those!

Hair accessories are FAB!!! Im working on my collection! I have wonderful friends who are super talented who help provide cuteness to my head! Rock A Bow and Olive Blue (Click the buttons to the right to find them!)

Micro Dermabrasion Creme makes your skin feel baby butt smooth! I LOVE the stuff!
Click to view on my site!
Kenra Hair Spray Is my BFF! I So love it! Ive had a few people try to get me to switch, I have tried their fave, and always come back to mine!
 I do love me a glass of Newtons Kirkland Grapejuice, WITH ICE! YUMMM!
Jellyfish are BEAUTIFUL! My favorite animal. Pink and graceful and just amazing!
I also love Octopi, and the Octopus necklace Nick got me, I LOVE it!

Alrighty thats all for now! I was just bored!

To feel loved.

I LOVE Birthdays!
Everyone has one.
The day you were born.
A day to celebrate the life you have.
The life given to you!

And on that day you want to feel special,
like the ones around you are so happy that you exist!

Maybe Im a little crazy!
I know my hubby thinks so!

I thank everyone for the FB greetings!
Brought a smile to my face!

Now today I will finish up my chores.
Make dinner.
and sit!

oh and later I get to sit and watch Nick work out with his friend!

Friday, February 25, 2011


Nick and I have discussed it, and we think that Em and PJ will be sharing a room.
This may change years down the line, but with Anbo being the way she is, I dont think she would be able to handle having Em sleep in her room. Not just yet.

SO NOW, I want to change up the colors for PJ. I have ALWAYS loved the colors that are currently on my blog. When Nick and I were first married, these were the colors of our room.

So what do you think?

add some yellow?

Im thinking bright and girly!

Im also thinking I want PJ to be the girly girl one. Anbo and Em were and very much are Jeans and T-shirt girls, cute and easy. I think I want a dressy girl. .

I get all giggly thinking about the greens, pinks and maybe a bit of yellow.
THESE greens and pinks. LOVE IT!

Again, Your Thoughts.......

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A bit excited!

My friend Kristen is just AMAZING!
She has been working SO very hard on hand making such cute cute products!
Today she launched her new shop, OH MY! I am in LOVE!
There are products for the young, like my 1 and 3 year old daughters, AND
products for us old mommies, to make us look a little more "with it" HA (like the felt bow headband, LOVE)

She also has a "Children's Artfolio", Kristen kindly made one for Anberlyn's 3rd birthday gift, I LOVE IT, so cute, Im having a very hard time letting Anbo play with it, as I dont want her to ruin it. Im crazy I know!
If you go HERE you can be entered in to win one, its a giveaway for the launch of her new shop.

Go look!

AND to make me SUPER HAPPY, and Im sure it will give Kristen a little smirk as well, go follow her blog, like her facebook, and find her on twitter! ALL these things you can find when you visit Sew Chatty!

Thanks for reading!
Thanks for being my friend!

Now GO SHOP, for your daughter, sister, friend (a surprise gift for a friend is always wonderful) mom, hey pick something up for your grandma or aunt!

Love on someone today! And remember to smile a bit! or bring a smile to someone else!