Saturday, September 26, 2009


The thought didnt really even cross my mind growing up. As I knew homeschoolers they were the pale anti-social kids in the corner. Not until my best friend started homeschooling her children did I realize I was WAY off.

Homeschoolers today do everything a "normal" kid could do. They have school dances, clubs, band, drama, everything. The difference is I would be the one doing the teaching. Not really alone, your with a group, helping you out and leading you. The kids can interact with the other kids in the group. Their are many different ways of doing it and I am on the quest to find the one that best fits me.

There is something about protecting my daughter from the unnecessary crap of the school systems and other kids that I wanna do. Am I gonna shelter her from the world, hide her under a rock and not let her see the light of day? Of course not. But if I can raise her and teach her to be like the many home schooled people I know today I will be one blessed mommy.

I feel this is what I am supposed to do for her and my other child. I have talked to school teachers who have said that they wouldnt really want their children in the school system. Oh and private school is not any better if not worse than a public school, as its where parents send their children as a last resort after they haven been expelled from other public schools. I went to a private high school for 2 years as well as a public high school. (I wasnt expelled from the public school, I chose to go to the private school)

Let me Mention some experiences I had.

7th grade:
I was in Spanish, this particular Spanish teacher was lets say different, a bit crude. He enjoyed cursing at the announcement over-com, drawing students on the chalkboard peeing in urinals and just plain grumpy old guy who thought he was funny. To most 7th graders he was funny, but not appropriate at all!

8th grade:
Math, I was failing. I kept telling my mom it wasnt my fault that I was trying but I didnt understand. She didnt believe me thought it was just an excuse, so she set up a meeting with him. This is what he told her," Im sure Tess is a bright student who could tackle this, but I cant handle my class so therefore Im not teaching them."

History, was a joke. We had a cowboy for a teacher who couldnt speak in complete sentences, and the whole year was spent learning the states...

9th grade:
English, hahaha This teacher could care less, most the year was spent playing truth or dare, kids making out in the corner and such as this poofy haired young glasses wearing teacher "looked" busy at her desk.

10th-11th Private School
was ok, the teachers cared, but it was so easy I just kinda kissed butt and walked out of there.

I got my GED, I hated school and was over it. I moved out on my own this year.

So I wanna homeschool Anbo and baby to be. I wana know who is teaching my child. :o)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Washington, State that I Love

Just over 6 years ago, my wonderful husband surprised me with a road trip for our honeymoon. Packing up Nicks dads older Mercedes and heading up the coast. Little did Nick know, I HATE road trips poor guy, but I took it in and learned to love our little trip. As we headed up Californias beautiful coast we hit Hearst castle such an amazing place to visit. As we were close to Monterrey the car broke down, in Carmel. Being 4th of July weekend there was no one opened to fix it, so we dropped it off in front of a local Mercedes shop and dealt with the un-expected. We ended up going to the Monterrey aquarium, another AMAZING place to visit I reccomend everyone go at least once, it puts Long Beach Aquarium to shame haha.

Nicks wonderful dad ended up driving up with his moms new car and we got to go on with Nicks planned honeymoon! We had to skip out on going the rest of the way up the coast and going through Oregon and Washington Straight to Vancuver Canada. Arriving at nearly 3am I was surprised to see how many people were walking around the streets. The hotel Nick reserved for us was wonderful. This part of our trip was cool, seeing about 5 Starbucks within a mile of each other ( I have it on video its no joke, one set kiddie corner from oneanother) we went to a Gorgeous national type park and just enjoyed being with one another! Time in Cananda was short and pleasent now it was time for the next venture on our trip, Seattle!!!!

As we drove into the city my mouth dropped and I was in awe, the space needle in the distance, it truly was a site to see. We spent a few days in the city, visiting touristy things, the space needle was super neat, pikes place market was amazing I fell in love with it! Fresh flowers fresh fruit and just the atmoshere. We had dinner with Nicks dad and his best friend one evening (his dad was in WA for business) Driving though WA was so pretty, so green, fresh almost. The next evening we headed down to stay with Nicks grandparents. Such a pleasure as his grandmother was so welcoming, so loving she made me feel as if I was apart of the family!

The thing I noticed while in this green state was everyone seemed just a bit friendlier, the weather is cooler and we LOVE rain. We have visited almost every year since and each time there is something new we fall in love with. I would love to bring my children up there. We have looked into it a few times, Nick searched for jobs there when he was looking, It just hasnt been the right time. I pray that one day it is!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Who am I??

I have fallen in love with reading peoples blogs. I know so many very talented writers who just pull me into their words, into their lives. They write and are so open and real, a side of them I didnt know existed, but am glad that Im getting to know.
This got me thinking, my words written on my blog are gibberish, meaningless, your not getting to know me or who I am. Your seeing a few words here and there, Im a difficult person to get to know, I think I tend to hide the real me, in fear of rejection in sounding stupid or dumb Im easily intimidated. Though I am willing to let myself out there, but am scared.
Let me tell you a bit about myself:

I love Jesus, I desperately strive to have a relationship with Him to give Him my life and trust in Him with it. Im having a hard time with it. I know He is there and I know He loves me. I was born a sinner and relationships are hard. He is sitting there just waiting for me to call to him, and I just live my life. Its a battle I am having.

I am deeply in love with my husband, as he is me. He shows me this daily. I try to show him, but I fall very short. He comes home each day to a messy home, dinner un-made, dirty clothes piled high. Me still in my Pjs complaining about my pregnancy, oh woe is me. He makes dinner for his family puts a load in the wash and just loves on us. I thankd God for such an amazing man. I also pray he doesnt get tired of it. I know this pregnancy is short and I cant get back to making dinner and whatnot but until then I just let him know how much I appreciate and love him.

I'm a terrible mother! at least for now. Anberlyn, poor poor Anberlyn. I just dont have the energy I want, the TV has been a life saver. I try to turn it off and just sit on the floor with her, but its so hard. Its a routine that needs to be broken! Her diet has consisitend of various types of crackers, graham, saltine, triscut you know easy, that doesnt make me naucious. As a little girl she is amazing and still loves me. She is my heart!

Woe is me. I complain, complain. complain. This pregnancy has taken such a toll on me and my body, its so easy just to complain. I am thrilled though, I can not wait for March to come and I get to see his or hers beautiful face (or not so beautiful face) and just fall in love again. I remember seeing Anberlyn for the first time. I remember Nick holding her just in awe. I cant wait for that day!

Spiders, Im scared of them! Where we moved, we haave some pretty narley ones, fuzzy ones, BIG ones, long legged creepy ones. Thank God I havent seen any inside since we moved in. There was a couple that took advantage of the vacant space before we moved in, but they are gone now. I saw a long legged creepy one yesterday outside, while Anberlyn and I were playing in the water. (This is no daddy long leg, I can deal with those) I came running into Nick to kill it, he stopped work and came straight out to do so, protecting his girls from the big bad spider!

What else do you wanna know? I love pink, I love hair and make-up. My biggest fear is losing my husband. I want to succeed. I want to be a great friend, Im not. I have very few true friends. I cant wait till the day when we move to WA. Im gonna homeschool my children. I love Coca-Cola. Pistachios YUM!

I dont know what else to write, therefore I am finished!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

for those

who dont or didnt know. I am no longer with Rock-A-Bow. Kristen and I just had differences in opinion and decided for the sake of our friendship to split up. Once the battle of pregnancy is over, hopefully soon I will start up my own small thing, and Im still here if you have any bow needs!

Kristen has re-done the site and it looks amazing!!

Just thought I would share with you! ! !

Friday, September 11, 2009


Today Marks a day in history. Where were you that day? I remember I was fast asleep, and I heard my mom yelling, "We are under attack, We are under attack!!!!!" I kinda woke up heard her and thought to myself "ok mom, its just ants get the bug spray" ( I thought ants were attacking the apartment) Then I heard her scream "I just saw it hit the other building, we are under attack" Then I knew it wasnt just ants. I jumped out of bed and found my mom crying in the living room.

We sat in front of the news in disbelief for awhile, then got ready for school. At the time I attended a small private school. When I arrived at school there was this sort of calmness, people dropping of their children not speaking much. The sanctuary had quite a few people in it, knelt down praying, for the safety of our country, for the hearts of its people.

We spent the day that day at school watching the news, talking about what was going on. It was a very relaxed day.

I remember people gathered together on the streets of Anaheim waving flags, holding up signs. This lasted a short few weeks. I thank each and every person who was there that day, the firefighters, police men, troops, normal everyday people doing what they could to help and comfort one another.That day it didnt matter who you were, what you believed, who you voted for. All that mattered was getting you out, putting your arm around the person next to you to get them across the street.

So again I say Thank you to our troops, to the armed forces, our firefighters, to the people doing their best to keep me and my family safe! Thank you for fighting for my freedom!

And to my little brother who is in training for the air force, We are proud of you!!
(My family with my little brother)


24 years ago today my mother in law gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Jodi is an amazing person today with a passion to help people. She is very smart and just as beautiful as the day she was born. Today she is in Virginia attending school in DC to be a PA. She is working so hard, she has seen and smelled (ick) things I hope to never see or do with my sensitive tummy (a PA is a physicians assistant she has helped in surgeries and has smelt burning flesh, BLEH) She has been married a year and a half, and has a spunky dog, Lacey. She has accomplished much in her life and I know there is still a lot more to come. I know I am very very proud of her, I can only imagine how proud her parents are.
(SIL & her hubby)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JODI! With many more to come!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Waited a WEEK!

Last week something TERRIBLE Happened! Our A/C went out!!
We called they said they would be out in a week, I tried to pull the "Im pregnant and sick" card.
but they couldnt come sooner!

So today is D-Day! They will be here between 10am and 2pm. 2:10pm I get a call, "Im sorry I thought your time slot was 11am-3pm, we are running late will be there between 3-3:30"

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Im so hot and hating this!

3:15, I had just fallen asleep when DING DONG he is here, FINALLY. I waited a WEEK for him to say a fuse was blown and he topped of the coolant. He was here 10 minutes!~!!!!!

but I am happy A/C is running! YAY!!!!!