Saturday, September 26, 2009


The thought didnt really even cross my mind growing up. As I knew homeschoolers they were the pale anti-social kids in the corner. Not until my best friend started homeschooling her children did I realize I was WAY off.

Homeschoolers today do everything a "normal" kid could do. They have school dances, clubs, band, drama, everything. The difference is I would be the one doing the teaching. Not really alone, your with a group, helping you out and leading you. The kids can interact with the other kids in the group. Their are many different ways of doing it and I am on the quest to find the one that best fits me.

There is something about protecting my daughter from the unnecessary crap of the school systems and other kids that I wanna do. Am I gonna shelter her from the world, hide her under a rock and not let her see the light of day? Of course not. But if I can raise her and teach her to be like the many home schooled people I know today I will be one blessed mommy.

I feel this is what I am supposed to do for her and my other child. I have talked to school teachers who have said that they wouldnt really want their children in the school system. Oh and private school is not any better if not worse than a public school, as its where parents send their children as a last resort after they haven been expelled from other public schools. I went to a private high school for 2 years as well as a public high school. (I wasnt expelled from the public school, I chose to go to the private school)

Let me Mention some experiences I had.

7th grade:
I was in Spanish, this particular Spanish teacher was lets say different, a bit crude. He enjoyed cursing at the announcement over-com, drawing students on the chalkboard peeing in urinals and just plain grumpy old guy who thought he was funny. To most 7th graders he was funny, but not appropriate at all!

8th grade:
Math, I was failing. I kept telling my mom it wasnt my fault that I was trying but I didnt understand. She didnt believe me thought it was just an excuse, so she set up a meeting with him. This is what he told her," Im sure Tess is a bright student who could tackle this, but I cant handle my class so therefore Im not teaching them."

History, was a joke. We had a cowboy for a teacher who couldnt speak in complete sentences, and the whole year was spent learning the states...

9th grade:
English, hahaha This teacher could care less, most the year was spent playing truth or dare, kids making out in the corner and such as this poofy haired young glasses wearing teacher "looked" busy at her desk.

10th-11th Private School
was ok, the teachers cared, but it was so easy I just kinda kissed butt and walked out of there.

I got my GED, I hated school and was over it. I moved out on my own this year.

So I wanna homeschool Anbo and baby to be. I wana know who is teaching my child. :o)

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  1. Hey girl,

    I know we've talked about this before but there are a TON of AMAZING homeschooling blogs out there. I follow a lot (mostly found through the Tot School that I participate in; check that out because it's awesome and Christ-based). I'll have to send you some links of my faves.