Friday, September 11, 2009


Today Marks a day in history. Where were you that day? I remember I was fast asleep, and I heard my mom yelling, "We are under attack, We are under attack!!!!!" I kinda woke up heard her and thought to myself "ok mom, its just ants get the bug spray" ( I thought ants were attacking the apartment) Then I heard her scream "I just saw it hit the other building, we are under attack" Then I knew it wasnt just ants. I jumped out of bed and found my mom crying in the living room.

We sat in front of the news in disbelief for awhile, then got ready for school. At the time I attended a small private school. When I arrived at school there was this sort of calmness, people dropping of their children not speaking much. The sanctuary had quite a few people in it, knelt down praying, for the safety of our country, for the hearts of its people.

We spent the day that day at school watching the news, talking about what was going on. It was a very relaxed day.

I remember people gathered together on the streets of Anaheim waving flags, holding up signs. This lasted a short few weeks. I thank each and every person who was there that day, the firefighters, police men, troops, normal everyday people doing what they could to help and comfort one another.That day it didnt matter who you were, what you believed, who you voted for. All that mattered was getting you out, putting your arm around the person next to you to get them across the street.

So again I say Thank you to our troops, to the armed forces, our firefighters, to the people doing their best to keep me and my family safe! Thank you for fighting for my freedom!

And to my little brother who is in training for the air force, We are proud of you!!
(My family with my little brother)


24 years ago today my mother in law gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Jodi is an amazing person today with a passion to help people. She is very smart and just as beautiful as the day she was born. Today she is in Virginia attending school in DC to be a PA. She is working so hard, she has seen and smelled (ick) things I hope to never see or do with my sensitive tummy (a PA is a physicians assistant she has helped in surgeries and has smelt burning flesh, BLEH) She has been married a year and a half, and has a spunky dog, Lacey. She has accomplished much in her life and I know there is still a lot more to come. I know I am very very proud of her, I can only imagine how proud her parents are.
(SIL & her hubby)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JODI! With many more to come!

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