Monday, April 20, 2009

Don Jose's!

So we love Don Jose's and when we moved out here to Corona were worried that we wouldn't be able to go once a month! (they send out a coupon every month for one reason or another!) Well not the case, there is one in Riverside (which we went to for this) and one in Anaheim Hills.
Daddy showing Anbo how to color!
Anberlyn kept dropping the crayons, and we couldnt see under the table, so I would light it up with the flash of the camera.
She makes ducky type faces when she talks, its so funny!
More coloring! they are serious!

Play fun with friends

Anberlyn enjoy getting out and playing with friends!
Here is Mwende and Anberlyn sharing nicely.

CAUGHT! Anbo found someones snack container leaned up against a wall and started chowing down!

BUBBLES!!!!!!Anbo and the boys!


Here is Miss Anberlyn checking out the flowers around the Easter Bunny. We visited for a photo, she HATED it! Oh well, and after she fell onto this white little fence and bled all over her pretty white dress. Thank God Brandi had a Tide Pen, the blood disappeared before my eyes!
Anberlyn got her first fat lip, the guy in the restaurant near by gave up some ice and a small cup of ice cream for the girls!

Here she is at Grandma and Grandpa Bensons home, notice no blood in site! and the fat lip is gone!

She didnt want to take a picture with Grandma and grandpa it was nap time.


When Daddy gets home from work Anberlyn and him enjoy going out side to play ball. I think its a wonderful time and it makes me smile!
In Front of you Anberlyn.
She LOVES to put anything over her head to run around, its very funny at the same time, scary! Im afraid she will fall and bonk her head. Notice she lost a shoe in the process! hehe
Here she is saying "EESE"" aka CHEESE!


Earlier this month we attended a silent auction to help raise money for a friends dad. It was a lot of fun and we came home with a poker table topper chips and cards, and a really cool backpack picnic set!
Here is Anberlyn playing the piano with my mom and nephew.
(the piano was in the room of the auction

Here is my parents and their grand kids.
And finally Rhiannon and Anbo matching.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Anbos close (my) friends!!!

I think its been fun over the years, I have a couple of friends, who we met in different stages in life.
Here is Anbo with her friends Josh and Chloe(her nick name originated from their dad), Ive been friends with their mom for many years, 8 or 9, I used to watch Josh in childcare. This Family means a lot to me, they have been there for me in thick and thin and are the greatest!
here is Anberlyn and Mia we met her mommy and daddy a few years ago in a married couples group. They are amazing people and LOVE Jesus and you can tell! Im glad they are in our life.
And Anbo and Rhiannon, Nick has known her daddy since they were a year old, so all his life basically, they grew up on the same street, and now that he is married we are all good friends!

I believe God has brought each one of these people into my life for a reason, and each one of them have touched my life in one way or another! I pray that God continues to build our friendships and that we will all be lasting friends!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fun at the park

My friend Ana Called me yesterday and asked if I wanted to get together, OF COURSE, I always enjoy her company and her daughters! and it so happens I had just canceled my plans for today, I had a book club but with Anberlyn's Molars I thought she would be a distraction while trying to discuss a book.

I wasnt able to capture the photo, but today at the park Anberlyn fell and hurt herself, and I held her, but she wanted the little girl on the playground to hold her, (this little girl was MAYBE 4 or 5 years old, 2 ft 5 in.) Anberlyn was reaching for her, So I put Anberlyn down she walked over to the girl and wrapped her arms around her! It was SO CUTE! haha, This little girl was not shy AT ALL,
This is the little girl, she came up and sat in Ana's lap, asking us if we wanted ice cream. She wanted me to slide down the slide with her, and was just so talkative, it was cute!
Here is Anberlyn standing at the end of one of the steepest childs slide I have ever seen!
Mia and Anberlyn playing with the stroller
here are our girls before leaving for the day! It was definatly nap time!!!