Friday, April 3, 2009

Anbos close (my) friends!!!

I think its been fun over the years, I have a couple of friends, who we met in different stages in life.
Here is Anbo with her friends Josh and Chloe(her nick name originated from their dad), Ive been friends with their mom for many years, 8 or 9, I used to watch Josh in childcare. This Family means a lot to me, they have been there for me in thick and thin and are the greatest!
here is Anberlyn and Mia we met her mommy and daddy a few years ago in a married couples group. They are amazing people and LOVE Jesus and you can tell! Im glad they are in our life.
And Anbo and Rhiannon, Nick has known her daddy since they were a year old, so all his life basically, they grew up on the same street, and now that he is married we are all good friends!

I believe God has brought each one of these people into my life for a reason, and each one of them have touched my life in one way or another! I pray that God continues to build our friendships and that we will all be lasting friends!

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