Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My, My, My

As I sit here, Im thinking.
I have so much on my mind.
My heart races a little.

My personal life,
My parenting,
My heart,
My, My, My....

The person I used to turn to is no longer right there.
So I keep it in.

Im trying to open up and allow myself to grow close to other people.
Im having a tough time.
People are busy.
People have their lives.
People already have their friends.
People dont feel like Im a right fit for them.

I feel like I lost someone, like a really bad break up, were your heart just continues to break.
You know when you keep asking yourself what you did wrong...
What is it that you need to fix, so it doesnt happen again...
Its getting easier.
The pain is still there.
Probably always will be.

So Im trying to be a better friend.

I had a little birthday party this past weekend, and I got the greatest card! Made and is still making me smile.
A friend Im learning to let in!
Takes time!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Week 6 Complete!!!

Me, my sis in law and my sister.

Holy Moly!!! ONLY 2 WEEKS LEFT!!!

I was told this past weekend, that I need to buy myself new pants, cuz mine are just getting to baggy and falling off me... Not a horrible ting!

As of last week, I was in 3rd place.... Not by much!!!
This past week, I didnt do much as far as working out. I walked a couple times, but thats it.
I kept up with my eating well. Yesterday my hubster and I woke up with a NASTY stomach bug!!!
Im thanking God it looks like it was just a 24 hour thing. I think because of the bug, is why I lost over 4 pounds this past week. Im praying I keep it off!!! :o)
My Opa sent me some money for my birthday, with that I bought 2 workout games things for the wii, and cardio stepper, and some weighted gloves!! I hope they ship out soon and get to my house, I got some work to do!!!
Just out of bed.
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Almost half way!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Week 5 Complete!!!

On my mantle.
AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH Over half finished!!! Last weigh in is March 5th!
This past week has been good. Nick let me buy a used jogging stroller off of Craigslist for my birthday gift!!! (let him off easy didnt I.....) I found a walk, that I like to walk, its about 45 minutes total and just about a mile and a half or so. Its down hill one way and UP hill the other. Its a good work out, especially carrying Penelope in the carrier and pushing the older 2 in the jogger. I have Anbo walk to the first half, but she has a hard time with the hill on the way home, OH and we stop off at the park part way through, and run around. I think I did this 4 times this past week.
Weigh in this morning I lost 3 pounds. BUT on my scale I lost 2 pounds, and Ive based everything I write on my blog off my scale, Im sticking with the 2!!!
Cheating with food hasnt been an option, and you know what, today has been 5 WEEKS no soda!! Im so happy! Still I have cravings for it... So many people said that craving would go away! NOPE! Lies I tell ya, LIES!
Im feeling better, I have more energy for the most part, and soon I will be more fit!!!
At the end of my challenge I will let you in on everything I have been doing! Stayed tuned!!!
Im looking forward to the rest of this week!
I hope and pray you have a great one!

A bummer part of this is, some parts of me are shrinking, that I dont want to be shrinking! :o)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Week 4 Complete!!

This past week, I worked out 5 days. Did pretty good on my eating. AND lost 2.6 pounds.
YAY! Im doing pretty good!
This next week, I have more plans, to up my game.
I hope it works. I hope I stick to it.
I have a little route I wanna walk in the mornings, with Penelope strapped to me.
There are just 4 more weeks until the end.
I wanna win it! Ive love just over 5% of my body weight thus far... I THINK!
Nick said I should have been keeping track... OOPS! haha
Here are my photos, sorry Im not wearing a tank like all the other weeks.

I move over some rocks from one jar to another! YAY! Ill try to take a picture of that next time as well!
Now to eat some yummy popcorn! ;o)