Monday, February 6, 2012

Week 4 Complete!!

This past week, I worked out 5 days. Did pretty good on my eating. AND lost 2.6 pounds.
YAY! Im doing pretty good!
This next week, I have more plans, to up my game.
I hope it works. I hope I stick to it.
I have a little route I wanna walk in the mornings, with Penelope strapped to me.
There are just 4 more weeks until the end.
I wanna win it! Ive love just over 5% of my body weight thus far... I THINK!
Nick said I should have been keeping track... OOPS! haha
Here are my photos, sorry Im not wearing a tank like all the other weeks.

I move over some rocks from one jar to another! YAY! Ill try to take a picture of that next time as well!
Now to eat some yummy popcorn! ;o)


  1. Nice job! You showed some major self control in the last 2 days with all the yummy goodies in your face. 16lbs is awesome!

  2. Weight loss is so hard. Looks like you are doing great.