Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Avon Walk

A few years ago I did the Avon walk with my mother in law. We didnt make it the whole 39 miles, but we did walk a marathon. Blisters and sore legs for days! It was fun. I worked hard and raised the funds. Now its my hubbies turn, which means I get to help out!!! This year he is flying across the country with his momma to North Carolina to walk there. His mom his a survivor. His sisters mom in law is working on it as well. Breast cancer has occurred on both sides of my family. 

Each month up until his walk I will have ways for you to help him out.

Im gonna start Junes out early.

Any profits I make through Doterra between now and the end of June will go directly to my hubbies walk.

So go on, look for something you need and place an order. #oilsforacause

If you want to become a consultant, even better, you signing up, and placing your order helps out majorly as well!!!

PLUS, Im giving anyone who signs up to become a consultant during this time a cool key chain that holds 8 mini drams of oil so you have your essentials with you at all times!!(you can see it here, comes in black or purple, I have one of each one in diaper bag. one in my purse)

If you want to sign up, CONTACT ME if its before the end of May. Theres specialness about signing up then. If you want to just place an order, click my face to the right. It will take ya where you need to go.

Im excited for my man to do this walk with his mom. 39 miles is no fun or easy task!

SO place your orders and get some oils for a cause! If you place an order, email me at the email address below letting me know. I will enter you into a drawing for a surprise item at the end of June!!

Dont know where to start or what to get....??? Email me, Ill help ya the best I can!


Want to donate straight to his site? Do so here: NICKS AVON WALK