Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Im Tired

Soooo tired.
I cant wait to sleep.
Its a wonderful thought, sleep.
One day, I will be able to, but thats not my today.
My today is my children.
The loves of my lives.
Cuddling in the middle of the night.
These moments are gonna fly by.
Im doing my best not to be upset about it.
Im doing my best to just be a mom.

I have a man, a WONDERFUL man.
He doesnt expect much from me.
He understands how tired I am.
He loved me so much.
He is learning as well.
I know he to is tired.
He works SOOOO hard.

He works, so I can be tired at home with my kids.
He works so I can stay in my PJs all day loving on them.
He works so hard, to give be the opportunity to see each and every milestone.
to be there to catch tears.
to kiss boo boos
to watch imaginations grow.
to watch friendships between siblings blossom.
To hug,
to kiss,
to be a mom!
To be a sleep deprived, headached, body aching MOM.

AND I wouldnt change it for the world!
ONE DAY my babies wont need me every waking and nonwaking moment of life.
ONE DAY they wont need me to suckle their noses, to open their snack, to wipe their bums.

When THAT day comes.....


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Need YOU to choose!

Do you ever wanna take a photo of your hair, and you just dont know how to pose.. What kinda facial expression should you have? lighting? Yeah, I have that problem (keeping nothing from you, scroll down, far, there is like 15 photos):

I do know NOT to take a photo from below, do that and Im welcoming double chin heaven all up on the photo....No one wants that... NO ONE!
My hair is currently, kinda the above color, I think its a little Oranger in person.
Im torn, on whether to change it....
I can keep it the above color for awhile longer, I do really like it.
I can go Red, like Red Red, like yeah, red, not red head orange red, like it is now, more crayon deep red...
OR I can go Black. With red chunks. Thats fun.
Its all fun.

I LOVE coloring my hair!

SO You pick! and I will color my hair whatever has the most votes!

a) Keep it as is for now
b) Crayon deep red
c) Black with colored chunks

Try to comment below here on the blog if you can and not FB, but if FB is all you can do, thats fine!

Thanks friends!