Friday, January 28, 2011


So not long ago I found out that one of my top customers with Sensaria started selling for another company!!! I was mad, not at her, at myself! Why hadnt I asked her to work with me, to be on my team! It was all my fault. I accepted that.
Isnt it the same with Christianity! When I see someone go and follow something false, shouldnt I be upset? Shouldnt I be asking why I hadnt gotton to them first? I shouldnt support them in the decision to follow whatever it may be. I shouldnt congratulate them, but yet pray, pray that they see the truth, the true light and way!
And in that I am realizing that I need to surround myself with the like minded, people who love Jesus, who will support me and lift me up, who will pray for me and hold me accountable. People who will help strengthen my walk with Jesus. At the same time be a witness and not compromise my beliefs. I NEED to be an example to my girls, be a lover of Christ and live my day to day life in that.

That is part of my goal for the new year, to grow stronger than ever before, that a change can be seen. We have committed ourselves into a small group, I just joined an online 4 week Bible study (Im waiting on that) and am going to try and be a better mom to my girls, and a better wife to my man! (I have the best man EVER, he deserves for me to be a better wife!)

I pray my girls grow up to love Christ, to respect themselves and to love others! I have a list of stuff I want them to be! and there is only one way to do that, to trust in Christ! I know one day they will go out and make their own decisions, but its my job to do my very best to show them the correct path! So here I go!

Im sorry if a lot of this is jibberish, its late and Im tired!

Lets hold each other accountable!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh Penelope!

I LOVE that movie, Penelope, a girl born into a curse, with a pig nose and ears, who knows maybe a cute little piggy tale as well. All she wanted was human contact, friends, a boy to experience the outdoors. Strong and determined she received those things. She found people to except her for who she is. I LOVE IT!

In 8th grade I also had an art teacher named Penelope, she was short and stumpy, wore thick glasses and was just so very odd. As an immature not so nice Jr. higher I made fun of her along with others, behind her back, her name was goofy, she was goofy, but I learned a lot and had a blast in her class room.

Now why am I telling you all this... Penelope is the name of our 3rd daughter. Yes its been confirmed. After trying for 30 minutes to get her to mover her legs yesterday and her not cooperating, I went in 45 minutes later (The ultra sound tech at my Dr office is the most amazing sweetest lady EVER) we looked and moved her for 10 more minutes, and JUST before we decided to stop, her legs spread!!!

Im very happy to have another little girl around here, Nick I think is a little bummed, but he wont say so. As for a middle name, I told Nick he could choose it, He chose Jean. At first I loved it, but I think I was just very excited. Now Im not sure. Penelope Jean. I like Penelope Jane. We shall see! Either way its a Girl and Im stoked!!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


This came to a dramatic stop the other night.
The past few weeks I have been in LOTS AND LOTS of pain while feeding her, you know when your pregnant and your super sensitive, yeah IT HURTS when your nursing your wee one.

Thats not what stopped me. It was the wee hours of the morning and the nursing was causing contractions, ones that hurt. I pulled Em off and that was the end. I cried, and cried. This time is so precious and special to me. I LOVE feeding her and being so close. I thought I had a month and a half left.

Now the weaning, its terrible. Im pumping just when I start feeling pain, and Im just pumping to take the edge off. I didnt wean Anbo, I dried up all on my own when she was 4ish weeks old. So this is new, its painful both physically and emotionally. I just about died this morning when Em was trying so hard to get to the goods she was fussing and whining, It hurt me!

Ok Im dont ranting!

How are you guys doing?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

today I have a massive headache, so this will be short.
Yesterday didnt entail much. sat at home played with the girls.
Last night was MOMS NIGHT OUT!
We went to BJ's oh how I love these nights! I had a wonderful time and enjoyed every moment of being out.

Homeschooling has been on my mind a lot lately, so I decided to ask the pros!
My church has a homeschool group online, so I asked them, and Im getting wonderful responses.
Im gonna have to sit and process them all soon.

well thats all!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I got to babysit one of my favorite little girls! (Kristen with Rock-A-Bow's daughter) We had so much fun, Anbo just adores her and they play so well together! We played in the tents, read books, played with balls, and when she seemed to be getting tired, we watched some Diego.

Later on Kristen and I met up at our friend Nicole's beautiful home (shes from Olive Blue). Nicole and Kristen sewed while I gave small pieces of input, helped cut out patterns and just hung out! I LOVE these ladies, so much fun and real!

While at her home I read an article on my phone about a lady whose life was changed by an ultrasound. By watching an abortion take place, watching a baby make its last movements. I was crying my heart was breaking. I have a baby growing within me at this moment. She/(he?) is not a piece of tissue but a miraculous person created by God. This is the article I read: The Ultrasound that changed my life. I think everyone needs to read it. I know some will still be all for abortion, but if this article can save one baby, I think it was all worth it! AND if by chance your reading this and considering an abortion, I will take your baby! or find someone that will. That baby will be loved and cherished. I understand that there seems to be no way out. There are people out there looking to adopt, looking for a baby!

Monday, January 10, 2011

I follow a blog that is so simple. I LOVE it! you see her families every day life in short little paragraphs, You can tell she takes no time doing and it still gives my nosy self something to read! So Im gonna try it!

Here is our past weekend:

Friday night we stayed in and did not much of anything. I love nights like that. We watched a Planet Earth disc
(I LOVE this series, its so beautiful!)

Saturday Nick got up early and ran with a neighbor friend. (He is doing so well with his running) He got home and made us banana waffles. they were SOOO yummy. After that we got ready to go play outside, our condos have a huge field and Anbo LOVES to run and play out there finding sticks and rocks to play with. Our neighbor friends have a little girl, they joined us while the hubbies washed all the cars. the girls had a lot of fun. that night Nick and I had a date, we planned on dinner and a movie, but I still have this stupid cough and didnt feel it was appropriate to sit through a movie hacking up a lung. So we still did the dinner and afterward we sat at Starbucks sipping tea and playing scrabble against each other on our phone. We are nerds! By 7:30 we were getting bored and headed back to the babysitters (my best friend) and hung out there for a few hours. Anbo didnt get to bed till mid night Em shortly after!

Sunday morning we ditched church. Me still hacking up a lung and us getting up so late. We headed to my parents house for a few hours to play and then off to a Christian Comedy night at a friends church. Let me tell you its been a while since Ive laughed so much, it was truly a great time. My favorite of the night was Ron Peason. He was GREAT. I also loved, this guitar playing guy he was pretty funny, when I remember his name, I will update!! Most people loved Tim Hawkins, he was funny, just not my taste I guess. Nick is always telling me I have no sense of humor, maybe thats my problem! After the comedy night, Nick took us out to Golden Spoon since he had a free coupon, Yummy Yummy!

We decided this weekend to put Anbo into an activity. Im trying to enroll her into a 9 week class. She will be playing 3 sports 3 weeks each, Soccer, Tee Ball and Track! It should be fun for her and a great way to get out!
That about Sums it up! I will be doing my very best to post daily!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oh the name game!

Its driving me nuts that we dont have a name for this little one yet!
I know there is tons of time but Im not patient.
We had a name, but Im not loving it anymore. Its so tough!

The first 2 have names ending in "YN" it wasnt on purpose, just happened.
Now I kinda want the third to at least end with a "n" Silly I know.

Though its not a requirement.

Nick doesnt really want to talk names until we confirm its a girl on the 26th. (though that not 100% either)

So Heres to the Name game!!!!

Do you have any ideas??