Monday, January 10, 2011

I follow a blog that is so simple. I LOVE it! you see her families every day life in short little paragraphs, You can tell she takes no time doing and it still gives my nosy self something to read! So Im gonna try it!

Here is our past weekend:

Friday night we stayed in and did not much of anything. I love nights like that. We watched a Planet Earth disc
(I LOVE this series, its so beautiful!)

Saturday Nick got up early and ran with a neighbor friend. (He is doing so well with his running) He got home and made us banana waffles. they were SOOO yummy. After that we got ready to go play outside, our condos have a huge field and Anbo LOVES to run and play out there finding sticks and rocks to play with. Our neighbor friends have a little girl, they joined us while the hubbies washed all the cars. the girls had a lot of fun. that night Nick and I had a date, we planned on dinner and a movie, but I still have this stupid cough and didnt feel it was appropriate to sit through a movie hacking up a lung. So we still did the dinner and afterward we sat at Starbucks sipping tea and playing scrabble against each other on our phone. We are nerds! By 7:30 we were getting bored and headed back to the babysitters (my best friend) and hung out there for a few hours. Anbo didnt get to bed till mid night Em shortly after!

Sunday morning we ditched church. Me still hacking up a lung and us getting up so late. We headed to my parents house for a few hours to play and then off to a Christian Comedy night at a friends church. Let me tell you its been a while since Ive laughed so much, it was truly a great time. My favorite of the night was Ron Peason. He was GREAT. I also loved, this guitar playing guy he was pretty funny, when I remember his name, I will update!! Most people loved Tim Hawkins, he was funny, just not my taste I guess. Nick is always telling me I have no sense of humor, maybe thats my problem! After the comedy night, Nick took us out to Golden Spoon since he had a free coupon, Yummy Yummy!

We decided this weekend to put Anbo into an activity. Im trying to enroll her into a 9 week class. She will be playing 3 sports 3 weeks each, Soccer, Tee Ball and Track! It should be fun for her and a great way to get out!
That about Sums it up! I will be doing my very best to post daily!

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  1. YAY for posts daily. I am ready and waiting. hehe! I love it!