Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I got to babysit one of my favorite little girls! (Kristen with Rock-A-Bow's daughter) We had so much fun, Anbo just adores her and they play so well together! We played in the tents, read books, played with balls, and when she seemed to be getting tired, we watched some Diego.

Later on Kristen and I met up at our friend Nicole's beautiful home (shes from Olive Blue). Nicole and Kristen sewed while I gave small pieces of input, helped cut out patterns and just hung out! I LOVE these ladies, so much fun and real!

While at her home I read an article on my phone about a lady whose life was changed by an ultrasound. By watching an abortion take place, watching a baby make its last movements. I was crying my heart was breaking. I have a baby growing within me at this moment. She/(he?) is not a piece of tissue but a miraculous person created by God. This is the article I read: The Ultrasound that changed my life. I think everyone needs to read it. I know some will still be all for abortion, but if this article can save one baby, I think it was all worth it! AND if by chance your reading this and considering an abortion, I will take your baby! or find someone that will. That baby will be loved and cherished. I understand that there seems to be no way out. There are people out there looking to adopt, looking for a baby!


  1. I had so much fun with you girls last night. We must do it again very soon. How about tonight? OH, also, If you know a reader looking to have an abortion, I will take their baby as well. NOT JOKING.

  2. I'm with Nicole. I will totally adopt the baby. Good family here. =o)

    We adore you guys too. Rhi loves time with Anbo.