Monday, February 15, 2010

She passed

for those of you who have read my previous post.

My Omi passed this morning at the young age of 73. My dad said that before they took her off life support, she look horrible and uncomfortable. Then they took her off, removed the breathing tube, and she suddenly looked peaceful and like she was sleeping. Her heart rate dropped and it took 10 minutes. My dad said it was nice.

Im so happy it went well, and that she didnt go through any pain. It hurts my heart knowing she is no longer here, but at the same time Im glad she is no longer in pain.

Thank You everyone for your thoughts and prayers, they have been greatly appreciated!

Here are a couple of pictures.
One is of my Omi and Opa last October.
The other is my Omi Dad Opa and Aunt in 1966

Sunday, February 14, 2010


The past couple of weeks Anberlyn has been so, well STRANGE. Her room has to be a certain way before she can sleep. EVERY toy much be in its exact place. Each bucket lined up perfectly, each doll must be sitting up perfectly. If each item is not in its place at the time of nap or bedtime, ITS a screaming child for us, I mean SCREAMING bloody murder.

I give her a few minutes before going in and see whats going on. Yesterday I went in, and her horse car thing wasnt pressed up against the wall all the way, or the CD's are not stacked properly, its insane. OH and when she cries, she MUST have "tissue paper" to wipe her tears and nose, even if there is nothing to wipe.

these are the "buckets"

Tonight we had one of Anbo's friends over, they played and made a mess, toys all over the living room and her room. As soon as her friend left Anbo was on top of it, she took all her toys into her room and put them away!!! We walked into her room and it was spotless, she was sitting on her floor reading a book... Though I can do without the screaming, and her being SOOO obsessive about it, I pray she keeps this up! She certainly didnt get it from either Nick nor I.

I know when the baby comes, it may all change.

On a not so fun note, I got a call today from my mom stating that she had just dropped my dad off at the hospital to be with his sister and dad in Florida, as tomorrow they are taking his mom off of life support.
Almost two weeks ago my Omi had gone in because she was having some issues, she had gained 10 pounds rather quickly. They found a mass in her intestines, they went in and removed it, finding out it was intestinal Cancer that had also spread to her liver and pankrius(sp). After the surgery she was in to much pain and was put out with meds. She has not really been awake since. she has gained 40+ pounds in this time as the fluids are leaking into her her body. This morning she was convulsing and had to be tied down.
So its time, tomorrow she will be taken off and we will see what happens. My heart hurts for my family, its hard. It will be the first of my grandparents to die, and the first of a family member to die that has been somewhat close to me. Though my Omi and I were not super close, its a lose that I dont want to have. Im so thankful we were able to spend time with her last October, that she was able to meet Anberlyn, that I was able to take photos of her with Anberlyn.
I feel like in a way this is why we are having another girl. When I was pregnant with Anberlyn just short weeks before she was born Nicks grandmother passed away, and now the same with Emersyn.

My Omi with Anberlyn

I thank you for your thoughts and prayers at this time in our life. I pray more my dad, Aunt and Ompa, for a comfort and peace to whats to come tomorrow.

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day, and that you spent it with someone you love!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bitter sweet

Tonight I was lucky enough to see Emersyn again via Ultra Sound. While waiting my mom informed me that My dads mom, My Omi, has intestinal cancer. She gained just over 10 pounds in a week due to blockage. She still doesnt know she has it, she has been medicated, She is in way to much pain to be awake so she is out. My Ompa (grandfather) is afraid that she isnt gonna wanna battle this, that she is gonna wanna just let it take its course and die. Over the past couple years she has been going through a lot of medical issues. She has already beat cancer once, breast cancer.

Last October we were able to spend a few days with her and Im so happy we did. Anberlyn was able to meet her. My dad is having a little bit of a hard time with it, my aunt is on her way there now to be with them.

On that note, Emersyn has a middle name. 'Emersyn Ingrid Lane Benson'
Ingrid is my Omi' name and Lane is my moms mid name. I know its long but its special.