Monday, February 15, 2010

She passed

for those of you who have read my previous post.

My Omi passed this morning at the young age of 73. My dad said that before they took her off life support, she look horrible and uncomfortable. Then they took her off, removed the breathing tube, and she suddenly looked peaceful and like she was sleeping. Her heart rate dropped and it took 10 minutes. My dad said it was nice.

Im so happy it went well, and that she didnt go through any pain. It hurts my heart knowing she is no longer here, but at the same time Im glad she is no longer in pain.

Thank You everyone for your thoughts and prayers, they have been greatly appreciated!

Here are a couple of pictures.
One is of my Omi and Opa last October.
The other is my Omi Dad Opa and Aunt in 1966


  1. HI Tess, this is hard. We love my papa a year ago this month and it was really rough. He was 93 and amazing, the matriarch of our family. Let me know if i can do anything for you. :) Want to go see Kristen again?

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss Tess. I'm happy to hear she at least seemed peaceful at the end. Big hugs.