Wednesday, March 10, 2010

She is here!!!

Emersyn Ingrid-Lane came at 36 weeks 5 days, so not expected, we thought we had at least one more week!
Here is the story:
Nick and I went to bed at about 11:45pm on March 3rd it took me about a half an hour to FINALLY fall asleep, 15 short minutes later the 1st contraction started. I laid there thinking it was Braxton Hicks, no big deal, but it continued. I went out to the living room to start timing it, I found this cool site that helped me keep track. They were about 5-6 minutes apart, but not strong at all. I kept track for 3 hours. At about 3-3:30am I decided to wake Nick, so he can help me keep track while I walked around to try to get it to stop (still thinking false labor, as I went to the hospital twice with false labor with Anbo)I also showered. didnt stop.
At about 4:30-5:00 am we decided to start packing our bags, as we hadnt expected to need them just yet. 6am I decided to call the on call Dr. She didnt seem to believe I was in labor, but said to go to the hospital anyway. We woke up Anbo, packed her bags and took her to Auntie Tina's. Then off to the hospital. We arrived there at around 9:00 am, they checked me, I was dialated to 3cm, enough to be admitted. Lucky for us my Dr. was at the hospital at the time, I had just seen her the Tuesday before at that time I was dialated to 1 cm and showed no signs of labor, she came in and broke my water, soon after that the anesthesiologist came in and gave me the epidural, then the nurse gave me pitocin to get me moving, all by 10:00am. Now it was a waiting game.
The nurse came in a few times and checked me, I was progressing, at 1pm I was 9cm, YAY! Then at 2pm I was still at 9cm. She tried to stretch me, but I just wasnt dialating anymore. Turns out Emersyn was facing the wrong way, which explained my back labor, so it was causing me not to dialate. At 2:15, she said that if I hadnt finished dialating by 3pm I might need a c-section as Emersyn was starting to get a bit stressed. (During this whole time my blood pressure kept dropping, She had to give me a couple different drugs to keep it stable)I then texted a bunch of people asking that they please pray, as soon as I did that I felt a ton of pressure with the next couple of contractions, I called the nurse in and she checked me. I WAS AT 10 cm!!!! WOOHOO Praise God!!!! (Prayer works, I have an amazing God that loves me)
She got my feet in the stirrups and we did a test push before calling my Dr. So with the next contraction she had me push, and Emersyn crowned, WOW!!!they called the Dr., she was there 20 minutes later. I pushed 3 times, the dr said here is her head, stop pushing the cord is wrapped around her neck. She un wrapped it a pulled her out!!!!!!!!!!! that was AMAZING, I pushed with Anbo for 3 hours!!!

Our precious Emersyn was born 6 lbs. 14 oz 19 in. long at 3:01pm March 4th.

So far she has just been a pleasant little Angel. She has jaundice and was put on lights to help the levels go down. She is a bit lethargic, and its hard to get her to eat as she is so sleepy, NOTHING wakes her up. She is pooping up a storm which is a good thing.

Anberlyn seems to be adjusting well. She is constantly wanting to give her hugs and kisses and just poking at her. Anberlyn is learning to be nice and gentle.

Nick has a week off work and which is super super helpful! He is amazing, gets up at every feeding with me and everything! He wont let me do anything just rest and get healed up. He takes Anbo out each day to run around and have just Daddy daughter time. Come Monday, well its going to be a very sad day for me. A bigger adjustment having two girls all to myself! YIKES!

Well thats whats going on here!


  1. yay!! thanks for sharing this with us. I was wondering how it all went down because i was soooo surprised when i saw that Emersyn was born on facebook. She is just beautiful!! once i get all the way better, i will come for a visit if thats ok? Congrats, she is just adorable and beautiful and lovely!! I can't wait to meet my snuggly girl!

  2. Congrats Tess, she is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing your birth story.

  3. Congratulations Tess.
    Thank you for sharing your story, it made me tear up reading it. Such a blessing and Emersyn is such a beautiful baby girl.