Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Its been pretty good over here! Life is a lot easier with two than I thought. Im WAY active (for me at least)and Ive been loving my Family. The first two weeks are kinda a blur, Nick was home the first week and the second week I did well, I got out an about and had fun. Ended the second week with going out to lunch with my mom in law, Nick and the girls, we went to lunch at Buca di beppo (sp) and it will be my last time eating there, it wasnt that great and service was HORRIBLE, like I said we went for lunch and we were there an hour and a half!!!!
Last weekend, well I guess the weekend before last, Nick and our good friend Steven built the bed for Anberlyn, WOOHOO it looks great, its in pieces right now in Nicks office waiting to be painted along with a few other items.
Monday last week we headed over to Nicks parents house (they were out of town) so Nick could mow the lawn, well it looked like it was just done, so nick did the hedges (is that what its called??) I sat in my MIL comfy recliner and watched food network with my girls! ( I miss that channel)
Tuesday I headed out to Taco Tuesday at El Torito with two good friends, It was so yummy, afterwards we drove over to Old Navy to spend a gift card I received for Emersyn, I bought a few things for her in different sizes.
Wednesday I decided to buy Nick a gift, I still had some money left from my Omi, Nick works so hard for us, so I looked and looked and bought him a PS3, the only place that had one was a best buy in City of Industry. So I put it on hold and made the drive (not long like 30 minutes w/O traffic) Nick loved it, and wanted to return it, haha, money could be used elsewhere, but I made him keep it. He never gets anything for himself, and we kinda had the money! Now we are putting just a little away each paycheck or anything I make cutting hair so we can buy a new TV to go with it.
Thursday I was out and about all day, and that evening we headed back to my in laws to pull weeds from the front planter, Anbo had a blast doing it, I wish I would have taken photos, we also brought their dog out to play with her, it was funny. Anbo kept tellher her " No eat Anbo!" because the dog was licking her face! haha
Friday morning we headed to a friends baby shower, it was a pot luck, me I forgot to make or pick something up, so I drove thru Taco Bell and picked up a few tacos. We had fun sharing the day with Heather and her baby to be. Nick called and said he finished at work and was heading to his parents to wash their cars, I thought Anbo would LOVE that so I drove by and dropped her off as I had a few errands to run
Saturday we headed out with my mommy group to the OC fair grounds, we had fun walking around!it was hot and Nick and I got burned a bit.
Sunday we headed over to my parents home to hang out.
Yesterday I ran an errand then took Anbo to the park, it was a super cute perfect toddler park, the Anbo and I took a walk..
Today was relaxing day, I didnt do much of anything!!!

Sorry I wrote a book, Im feeding Emersyn, a bit bored and typing one handed.. Iknow you wanted to know everything from the past week.


  1. Wow - you have been busy! And you guys are great mow the lawn, pull weeds AND wash cars?! Impressive :) I wish I could come meet that pretty little baby soon...

  2. Aw! You should have asked me! I work in City of Industry - I could have picked it up for you! :)