Monday, August 31, 2009

a small smile

I know I mentioned it before but I love the count down at the top of my blog!! MY baby looks LIKE A BABY! I got all teary eyed and excited. I keep thinking that time is going SO SLOW but when I think WOW Im 10 weeks,its kinda going quickly, I KNEW I was pregnant 3 days after you know I got pregnant. Technically its been 8 weeks ( i dont like that they add 2 weeks but whatever it makes it seem like its going by quicker I guess)

How am I doing, okay.
Each day is different I ate all weekend which was a HUGE deal! My Medicine is working! though Im still sensitive to a lot of smells and Anberlyn's sweaty feet makes me gag so does going into the kitchen.
TMI I was constipated for 5 days, thats better now and super exciting, I think my body is scared to pass a BM because I bleed each time because of the stupid polyp, it scares me.

Anberlyn is doing great, getting a bit sassy for my liking.

I like to babel, have you noticed.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

tears and cheers!

Today Nick and I watched a tear jerker, I cried and Cried! The movie is called Grace is Gone, the mom dies and the dad has a hard time figuring out how to tell his girls! OH MAN! Im guessing being pregnant did not help! So after the movie was over we decided to go off to Ikea just to get out of the house, I made Nick take a picture of Anberlyn and I because we dont have many of us, lots of them, and if I were to die I would want her to have a photo! HAHA Im crazy this I know!

After we came home from our trip to Ikea we headed to Target, then home, WAY past Anbo's bed time I got her un-dressed then headed to the restroom to pee for about the millionth time, I have been peeing so much with this pregnancy! Anyhow, Anbo made her way into the restroom, so I thought hey I will remove her diaper just for the heck of it, she sat on her little potty, then stood up, then sat down, up and down up and down. I noticed some pee on the floor and was a little bummed, THEN noticed way more pee in her potty! I think she started off in the potty then stood up and the rest ended up on the floor. I pointed and cheered, she looked at me like I was crazy, she had no idea what she had just done, but I was happy! Potty training wasnt in the near future, but I think we may just continue introducing it and letting her sit there when Im there or whatever and let her do it when she is ready!

I LOVE my ticker on this page, I know it takes up the whole top of the blog but I love seeing it and wating the days get closer to the new baby being here, it kinda makes it real as many days, besides the throwing up, I forget Im pregnant and dont feel like this is happening. Im 8 weeks today!!!! a little over a month until the first trimester is over! I cant believe it! I know this is gonna go by fast, I just pray the sickies are gone and I dont have to go to the ER again, i HATE needles (though my man nurse guy at the ER is a PERFECT needle inserter, I didnt feel it, it was great!) and sitting there getting fluids pumped in SUCKED! It was so boring, Nick was there by my side as he always is! I married an amazing man, he truly is unbelievable, God has blessed me with a great husband and even greater father to my children!

Well Im done with my blabbering!