Monday, August 31, 2009

a small smile

I know I mentioned it before but I love the count down at the top of my blog!! MY baby looks LIKE A BABY! I got all teary eyed and excited. I keep thinking that time is going SO SLOW but when I think WOW Im 10 weeks,its kinda going quickly, I KNEW I was pregnant 3 days after you know I got pregnant. Technically its been 8 weeks ( i dont like that they add 2 weeks but whatever it makes it seem like its going by quicker I guess)

How am I doing, okay.
Each day is different I ate all weekend which was a HUGE deal! My Medicine is working! though Im still sensitive to a lot of smells and Anberlyn's sweaty feet makes me gag so does going into the kitchen.
TMI I was constipated for 5 days, thats better now and super exciting, I think my body is scared to pass a BM because I bleed each time because of the stupid polyp, it scares me.

Anberlyn is doing great, getting a bit sassy for my liking.

I like to babel, have you noticed.


  1. So happy for you! I hope your smell and food sensitivity goes away for you. It will go by so fast...just ask Anberlyn!

  2. I'm just so happy for you guys!! Praying and praying and keeping you in our thoughts!!

    Let's get together soon!