Monday, March 23, 2009

Silly not so attractive family!

See what boredom does! HEHEHE

Here is a close-up cute one of Nick!
Anbo is ALWAYS cute!
Isnt this the most attractive!!!! Silly mommy!!!! I hope I brought a smirk to your face! hehehe

Monday, March 16, 2009

Family potluck park

This past Saturday we enjoyed some time with the families in one of my mommy groups!
It was a lot of fun, getting to know each other and watching the kids play!

Anberlyn is not a fan of swings!
Here she is climbing with her friend Kaden
Sliding with Daddy!

Chasing the ducks!!!! it was funny, she waddles as much as they do!On the way home, she was out!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

While Im waiting

Im waiting for a friend to let me know what we are doing, we are supposed to go ribbon shopping!

So this past week has been fun, we went to Disneyland, to the park and such! Ive been trying very hard to stay home more and save money on gas! So here are a few photos of our time this week.

Disneyland was absolutely perfect! The weather was cool, no sun shining down on us. We went with one of my mommy groups. The first part of the day was enjoyed with 3 mommies and their children, and then around 1:00pm they left, and I met up with another mommy, whom is now part of our group, I met her many years ago in youth group at our church, Im so glad we have reunited!
Also in our trip to Disney we ran into a friend from Sensaria, that was a lot of fun!
This is after we rode Toy story!

Anberlyn and her new friend Trevor!Anberlyn and I rode the Pirate Ship around the mote at Disneyland, She had went up to a lady hugged her arm then sat in her lap!!!! It was so funny and odd, the above photo is her sitting in this strangers lap, Anberlyn is usually not so friendly, it was so funny, The lady told me they just found out they were pregnant, Maybe Anbo sensed that...Anberlyn sitting with karla (friend from Sensaria)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Anberlyns Stats!

I was just looking at a friends blog and she has his "stats" I didnt know what to call them.
So this is what Anberlyn is doing her likes and dislikes!

Anberlyn is 14 months old.
*Says: up, fish, shoe, hi, bye, dadda, calls me either mom of bob...., dance, baby, car, more,ball
*she can put clothes pins into a milk jug
*Can put toothpicks in small holes
*Loves her balls
*Loves to through her balls
*can stack her rings on her ring stacker correctly
*She dances
*She drinks at least 30 oz of Milk, She loves ham, cheese, yogurt, loves pinto black and red beans. apples bananas and really all fruit and veggies, the one thing I have found she DOESNT like is fish sticks, everything is a go.
*loves her stack of books, Boz says, and brown bear brown bear are her favorites right now.
*non adjustable pants and skirts she is wearing 6-12 months. same with shirts. but she wears 12 month clothing because well thats what I put her in! :o) unless the pants arent adjustable. (adjustable pants are God given! I LOVE them)
*She LOVES slides!
*Not a TV kid. she just doesnt care. (she will watch baby signing time, but doesnt sign)
*Just kidding she signs "more" thats it!
*Wearing size 4 shoe
*Size 3 diaper
*goes to bed at 8:00pm wakes up at 9am give or take
*She has 8 teeth and 2 more are on their way.

I think thats it!

Im in awe

I Love Jesus, for those of you who dont know! and god has placed me where I am at this moment for a reason! There is SOOO very much going on in my life, but more importantly( right now) in my friends lives, I have a few friends so financially burdened they are looking to loose their home, some looking to loose their family, some just struggleing so much right now.

This State I live in, this country is falling apart, and I feel right now God is calling me to get to my knees and pray. I feel like I need to learn from my daughter and put my arms up and ask to be held. Be in complete surrender. I feel That is what each of us needs to do is focus. All things can be done through Christ who strengthens me! I want you to know that I AM praying for you! my heart hurts for you! I pray that you will find comfort in Christ.

Next, Sensaria, I can not begin to tell you what it has done for me!!!! Because of this company I have met some AMAZING AMAZING women! Women I can pray with, women who lift me up, who are real! I kow that this is what He wants me doing right now. As a ministry to teach women how to enrich their lives. I am so incredibly excited to see whats in store! Did you know that Sensaria helps a charity!!! I did but not really until tonight! I think its SO cool!!!! We call it change for CARE. When you are purchasing something you have the option to round up your total to give the change to Care! here is the web-site for the charity that Sensaria supports :

Life is hard. but like I said now is the time to get on your knees and pray!!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mias Birthday Fun!

Today we spent the day celebrating Mia's first year of life! Its amazing how times flies! I remember when she was so itty bitty! and now she is not! Today was a lot of Fun! GREAT food and wonderful friends!!! Did I mention GREAT food! hehe oh and the cupcakes were AMAZING!

Anberlyn had a wonderful time running around the front lobby:

She dressed up in a pretty dress for Mia
She HAD to have all her crayons in the ring! it was too funny!
She is yelling "BALL"
Mia LOVED her ELMO cake! Super CUTE!
Thank You so much for allowing us to be apart of your Special day!

Fun at the Mall!

Last week our friends Ana and Mia called us up and asked us if we wanted to go to the mall and play for a couple of hours!! OF COURSE! We had a lot of fun! as we always do!Here is Anbo wanting Mia to come down the tunnel and play:
Come on Mia!
Lets play in the car:

Running around!

So since Anberlyn has been walking life has been so much easier!
We took her to the park to run around! It was so much fun!
Sliding down slides! she went down backwards on her belly!
She was swinging in the swing! Playing in the wood chips and frolicking in the grass! hehehe

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Officially walking!!!!

So Anberlyn took her first steps January 3rd she took steps all day, some here some there. I thought she would be walking in no time!!!! NOPE the next day it was as if it never happened. Now about 2 months later, She is a walker!!!! So much fun! here is a little video:

Anberlyn is Great, smart and just wonderful! She is an amazing baby girl, and each and every day its something new, walking a new word, a new facial expression, its so much fun!!!