Sunday, March 15, 2009

While Im waiting

Im waiting for a friend to let me know what we are doing, we are supposed to go ribbon shopping!

So this past week has been fun, we went to Disneyland, to the park and such! Ive been trying very hard to stay home more and save money on gas! So here are a few photos of our time this week.

Disneyland was absolutely perfect! The weather was cool, no sun shining down on us. We went with one of my mommy groups. The first part of the day was enjoyed with 3 mommies and their children, and then around 1:00pm they left, and I met up with another mommy, whom is now part of our group, I met her many years ago in youth group at our church, Im so glad we have reunited!
Also in our trip to Disney we ran into a friend from Sensaria, that was a lot of fun!
This is after we rode Toy story!

Anberlyn and her new friend Trevor!Anberlyn and I rode the Pirate Ship around the mote at Disneyland, She had went up to a lady hugged her arm then sat in her lap!!!! It was so funny and odd, the above photo is her sitting in this strangers lap, Anberlyn is usually not so friendly, it was so funny, The lady told me they just found out they were pregnant, Maybe Anbo sensed that...Anberlyn sitting with karla (friend from Sensaria)

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