Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Anberlyns Stats!

I was just looking at a friends blog and she has his "stats" I didnt know what to call them.
So this is what Anberlyn is doing her likes and dislikes!

Anberlyn is 14 months old.
*Says: up, fish, shoe, hi, bye, dadda, calls me either mom of bob...., dance, baby, car, more,ball
*she can put clothes pins into a milk jug
*Can put toothpicks in small holes
*Loves her balls
*Loves to through her balls
*can stack her rings on her ring stacker correctly
*She dances
*She drinks at least 30 oz of Milk, She loves ham, cheese, yogurt, loves pinto black and red beans. apples bananas and really all fruit and veggies, the one thing I have found she DOESNT like is fish sticks, everything is a go.
*loves her stack of books, Boz says, and brown bear brown bear are her favorites right now.
*non adjustable pants and skirts she is wearing 6-12 months. same with shirts. but she wears 12 month clothing because well thats what I put her in! :o) unless the pants arent adjustable. (adjustable pants are God given! I LOVE them)
*She LOVES slides!
*Not a TV kid. she just doesnt care. (she will watch baby signing time, but doesnt sign)
*Just kidding she signs "more" thats it!
*Wearing size 4 shoe
*Size 3 diaper
*goes to bed at 8:00pm wakes up at 9am give or take
*She has 8 teeth and 2 more are on their way.

I think thats it!

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